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Real Azazie Wedding | Capri + Antoine

Capri and Antoine had a gorgeous outdoor wedding with her bridesmaids dressed in her favorite color, Lime Green and Jade. The couple had an emotional ceremony, and we loved hearing all about their big day! Congratulations Capri and Antoine!

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Q: What location did you pick to have your wedding and why did you choose this place?

“Willowick Farm. We decided this place because we both wanted an outside venue with a gorgeous backdrop for scenery. It was also within our budget as well. Everyone loved the venue and we received so many compliments.”

Q: Did you have a particular theme or color scheme? Is there a story behind this color theme and why you chose it?

“Yes, I had a color scheme which included Lime, Jade and Silver. Lime Green is my favorite color so I had to include Lime. I added the other colors because I have always loved Jade with Lime.”

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Q: What was the best/most memorable part of the day?

“The most memorable part of the day is when the doors finally opened and everyone's eyes were on me but the only person I wanted to see was my husband. When I noticed that he was crying, my heart melted.”

Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids?

“I googled for bridesmaids dresses in my wedding colors and I found Azazie. I was able to order color swatches and my girls were able to order with entering their specific measurements. I also loved all the different dress designs that were available. Customer service was wonderful.”

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Q: Any tips or advice for anyone getting married soon?

“Relax, take your time and always choose what you like and want.”

Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process? Why or why not?

“Yes, I enjoyed the wedding planning process very much. I could do it all over again and I would love to help others.”

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Q: Where did you find/hear about Azazie?

“Through a google search.”

Q: Describe your wedding in one word.


Q: Anything else you'd like to add?

“Keep up the good work with the variety of designs and colors. A lot of places don't carry specific color shades.”

Photos courtesy of Jdinsmoor Productions.

Wedding Crush: Fun at the Lake

We absolutely adored this wedding and totally wished we were one of the guests & got to experience it in person. Amber and Nathan held a beautiful wedding by the lake and it was absolutely perfect. We are crushing so hard on this sweet and carefree couple - especially when we saw that last photo 😍

We could just feel the love through their photos, and we can’t wait to share their special day with you! Congratulations Amber and Nathan! XOXO

real, wedding, juicebeats photography, lake, summer, outdoors, fun, bridesmaids, inspiration

real, wedding, juicebeats photography, lake, summer, outdoors, fun, bridesmaids, inspiration

real, wedding, juicebeats photography, lake, summer, outdoors, fun, bridesmaids, inspiration

real, wedding, juicebeats photography, lake, summer, outdoors, fun, bridesmaids, inspiration

real, wedding, juicebeats photography, lake, summer, outdoors, fun, bridesmaids, inspiration

This was definitely one of our favorite weddings! We loved the neutral blues and bridesmaids in Dusty Rose. Everything was kept simple, but still elegant - major wedding crush feels.

All photos courtesy of Juicebeats Photography.

Real Azazie Wedding | Amy + Stephen

Amy and Stephen said their I do’s in Amy’s hometown, while they held their reception in the place where her and her new hubby first met! How cute is that?! This romantic Virginia wedding was filled with purples with pops of pretty peach shades. And how perfect do her bridesmaids look in that gorgeous shade of purple? We’re obsessed!

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Mixed styles in the color Grape

Q: What location did you pick to have your wedding and why did you choose this place?

“Both of our families are from the central Virginia area, so we were married in my hometown of Lynchburg. As a more traditional bride, I always wanted to get married in a Christian church with a center aisle. After searching in a city with a church on every corner, we chose Old Pate Chapel and it was perfect for our day. We chose West Manor Estate to host our reception for several reasons. One is because it is absolutely gorgeous! The other reason we chose it was because I used to work there and actually met my husband there! He was a groomsmen at a wedding that I was working and we would chat on and off throughout the evening. At the end of the night, he came up to me and asked me for my number. I froze on the spot but still gave it to him, and he ended up being the one for me!”

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Q: Did you have a particular theme or color scheme? Is there a story behind this color theme and why you chose it?

“My parents' primary color in their wedding was purple, so I knew I wanted that color to be the primary one. Also, a couple years ago, I saw a wedding in a magazine and the primary color was deep purple with hints of peach, cream, and orange. I absolutely loved it and haven't seen anything like it since, so I used those colors throughout my wedding day.”

Q: What was the best/most memorable part of the day?

“Our ceremony was our favorite part. When the doors opened and I saw my groom, it exceeded every dream I ever had. We wrote our own vows and our pastor performed an incredible ceremony - it is something we will never forget!”

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Azazie Kailyn in Grape

Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids?

“I knew I wanted dresses that were the same color, floor-length, and different styles for my girls, but I didn't want them to have to pay an arm and a leg. When we discovered [Azazie], I knew that was what I had been searching for! The dresses were beautiful and such great quality and the girls LOVED them too!”

Q: Any tips or advice for anyone getting married soon?

“Don't stress about the details, really! I would find I was worrying about little things that I knew no one would even pay attention to, so it's important to take a step back and always try to look at the big picture. Also, remember to focus on your relationship with your fiance. After the big day is over, it's your marriage that you want to last, so pour as much time and energy into that relationship that you can.”

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Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process? Why or why not?

“I LOVED wedding planning and was actually sad when the process ended. Yes it was a lot to do and can become overwhelming if you let it, but I loved putting all of my ideas and thoughts into play for our wedding!”

Q: Where did you find/hear about Azazie?

“My mother actually saw it on Pinterest and sent me the link for it.”

Q: Describe your wedding in one word.


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Q: Anything else you'd like to add?

“For me, my wedding was a dream - every detail was perfect, our vendors were amazing, and we had friends and family members travel in from all over the country to celebrate with us and support us. I have no regrets about our day because I know that we stayed true to who we are and had our favorite people in the world by our side.”

All photos courtesy of Sam Stroud Photography.

Real Azazie Wedding | Megan + Andrew

Megan + Andrew were married in Hillsboro Mennonite Brethren Church in Hillsboro, KS. The wedding theme had hints of dark purple, plum, gold and LOTS of glitter. Her key wedding day tip: Don’t procrastinate!


Q: What location did you pick to have your wedding and why did you choose this place?

“I had my wedding at the Hillsboro Mennonite Brethren Church in Hillsboro, KS.  I chose this location because this is the church I grew up in and it has always been important for me to get married in the church.”

Q: Did you have a particular theme or color scheme? Is there a story behind this color theme and why you chose it?

“My theme sort of turned into simple elegance.  And glitter, lots of glitter.  I took a lot of inspiration from twinkle lights.  My colors were dark purple/plum and gold.  I've always loved the color gold, especially shiny gold, and I've also really like dark purple and they seemed to go together well.”


Q: What was the best/most memorable part of the day?

“The best part of the day was turning and facing the audience and being pronounced man and wife!”

Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids?

“My mom and I had done a lot of searching looking for bridesmaids dresses that would be affordable yet good quality.  My mom stumbled upon the Azazie website and we were instantly blown away by the colors, styles, and prices.  I wanted to have my bridesmaids wear the same color but pick out their own style in the floor-length dressed and Azazie gave us that option.  We also planned to purchase the dresses for my bridesmaids so it was helpful that it was affordable.”

Q: Any tips or advice for anyone getting married soon?

Don't procrastinate!  I thought I had all the time in the world and it creeps up pretty quickly.  Also, just have fun and try not to stress the small stuff.


Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process? Why or why not?

For the most part I enjoyed the process.  I have never been a planner and I'm not very creative and I've never really been into decorating so it was a bit of a struggle for me.  Once I got into the process and things started falling into place, it became a lot more fun.”

Q: Where did you find/hear about Azazie?

My mom found Azazie searching on Google.”

Q: Describe your wedding in one word.


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Q: Anything else you'd like to add?

“My mom, bridesmaids, and I all had a wonderful experience using Azazie.  The dresses fit great and it was easy to return the ones that didn't (some bought multiple to try them on and keep the one they liked best).  The website is easy to use and follow and the the swatches are really helpful.”

All photos courtesy of Vance Fricks Photography

Real Azazie Wedding | Whitney + Ben

Whitney and Ben had a very specific and clean-cut vision for their Chicago wedding.  When searching for the perfect fit for their perfect day, Whitney stumbled upon Azazie.  Our colors ended up being exactly what she was looking for and tied together their whole color scheme, creating the whole-package look that they wanted to enjoy with their loved ones.  Their beautifully modern and personal day was everything they could have hoped for.

All photos courtesy of Christy Tyler Photography.

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Q: What location did you pick to have your wedding and why did you choose this place?

We had our wedding ceremony and reception at the Adler Planetarium in downtown Chicago. We chose the Adler Planetarium because we wanted to share one of our favorite views of the city with our guests, most of which were from out of state.

Q: Did you have a particular theme or color scheme? Is there a story behind this color theme and why you chose it?

Our color scheme was mint and peach, with silver accents. I've always been drawn to the combination of mint and peach and love how they complement each other.

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Q: What was the best/most memorable part of the day?

The best part of our wedding day was being surrounded by all our family and friends, the people that mean the most to us. We were surrounded and overwhelmed with love and support all day.

Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids?

I was so happy when I found Azazie for my bridesmaid dresses. I had a specific shade of mint in mind before I started my search for bridesmaid dresses. It turns out there are many different shades of mint out there, none of which were what I was looking for. Then I found Azazie and fell IN LOVE with the mint color. It was exactly what I was envisioning. I also knew I wanted to let my girls each pick a style of dress they felt comfortable in and that matched their personalities, and I was happy to find out Azazie had a huge selection for them to choose from!

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Q: Any tips or advice for anyone getting married soon?

Hire a day-of coordinator and a videographer. Expenses can pile up quickly when you are planning a wedding, and these are two vendors are often viewed as “optional”. Hire a day-of coordinator so you can enjoy the day with your family and friends without worrying about anything. Hire a videographer because as beautiful and sentimental the pictures will be, there is just something special about having the video. It is fun to watch and relive moments from throughout the day.

Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process? Why or why not?

We made it a point to enjoy every step of the wedding planning process, because if you don’t choose to enjoy it – it can quickly become very overwhelming. We did our best to get everyone involved in the process somehow, which brought us closer to our family and friends.

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Q: Where did you find/hear about Azazie?

After my search for the perfect bridesmaid dresses in Chicago failed, I turned to Google for help. Luckily I stumbled across Azazie through my internet searches, and I couldn't be happier that I did! I found the perfect mint color I had in mind, and loved the wide range of styles to choose from.

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Q: And when asked to give one word to describe their wedding day?

I am at a loss for "a word" to describe our wedding. Hope that's okay :)

Real Azazie Wedding | Roberta + Mike

Roberta and Mike were married in a whirlwind of a wedding, which was unexpected given their three-year engagement.  The two lovebirds kept putting off their wedding as they welcomed two little boys into the world, but couldn't put it off much longer as Roberta's father was diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer.  In a stroke of pure luck, Roberta stumbled upon the Azazie Tracy as an economical, timely, and high-quality alternative to the wedding dress she was originally planning on purchasing.  With Roberta's skills as an event planner put to work, they were able to still have the fairytale wedding they had hoped for.

All photos courtesy of Jenée of Cynosure Exposures.


Q: What location did you pick to have your wedding and why did you choose this place?

My husband and I were married and had our reception at my church. We put up a large 40x80 tent with the help of our family members and friends for the reception. Our wedding (though we were engaged for three years) was planned kind of spur of the moment so our budget was a lot less that what we would have had given a year or more of actually planning. We were able to get the space for cheap since we are members and it has a BEAUTIFUL view of the back field.

Q: Did you have a particular theme or color scheme? Is there a story behind this color theme and why you chose it?

Well, my husband really wanted crimson as one of our colors. When we initially started planning our wedding we were going to have an October wedding and I thought that's great crimson goes with a lot of other fall colors. Fast forward to our planning a June wedding in 3 months I decided to go with a Beauty and the Beast type theme. It's my favorite Disney movie...and I always wanted to be Belle as a little girl. I went with Crimson Red, Gold, Ivory and a splash of Blushing Pink.


Q: What was the best/most memorable part of the day?

So, so many but if I can only choose one, my father-daughter dance. My dad was diagnosed with Stage III gastric esophageal cancer last August. He's had two rounds of chemo and an esophagectomy in January to remove the tumor.

I've always been a Daddy's girl and the thought of my dad not walking me down the aisle or having my father-daughter dance broke my heart. That's why my husband and I planned our wedding in 3 months. I didn't know what a year from now looked like. I needed that moment with my dad and having it will be one of my greatest and most cherished memories.

DSC_0858 wtr

Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids?

I actually chose Azazie for my wedding dress. I had had one picked out and the deposit put down for our wedding we were going to have next fall but when we moved it up it just wasn't in the budget any longer. I wanted something with a full skirt, long train, lace bodice, something elegant and beautiful but it had to have pockets like the dress I originally picked (I have kids, I needed space for binkies and toys, etc.). I looked everywhere for something similar but couldn't find anything in my restricted budget that was quality-made.

When I saw reviews for Azazie bridesmaids dresses I went to your site and looked at your wedding dresses. I found the Tracy and fell in love. I hoped and prayed that the reviews for the bridesmaids dresses and their quality would transfer over for wedding dresses. I got the dress sooner than expected and my hopes were filled as my dress was beautifully made and fit perfectly.


Q: Any tips or advice for anyone getting married soon?

Definitely, research and research some more. You can find GREAT deals on items you want for your wedding by researching and price comparing. Also don't be afraid to DIY items. Most of my wedding items are DIY and I kept receiving compliments and questions on where I got my items. Last, don't be afraid to buy your dress online -just make sure you research! Read reviews, ask questions, get measurements, and find something that will fit your body type before you order and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process? Why or why not?

I love planning weddings. I'm actually an event planner by trade and weddings are my favorite thing to do. Creating a dream and making it real is so fantastic. I get a lot of satisfaction from it. Since it was my own, it was even better.


Q: Where did you find/hear about Azazie?

I am on a Facebook group for brides in my area and past brides recommended Azazie for their bridesmaids dresses out of curiosity I looked and saw the wedding dresses.

Q: Describe your wedding in one word.

It definitely goes down in the books for a fairytale moment.


Real Azazie Wedding | Angela + Kelsey

Angela and Kelsey were married at WinMock at Kinderton in Bermuda Run, North Carolina. They chose emerald green, with ivory and yellow accents for their wedding colors. There is no special significance to the colors but Angela wanted fun and bright colors for their summer wedding. She knew the jewel tone would look flattering on all her bridesmaids and photograph well against the big white barn at the venue.

All photos were taken by Logan Jarrard.


Q: Why did you pick this place to tie the knot?

“The groom and I now live in Atlanta, but it was important to me to be married near my hometown in North Carolina. WinMock is a beautiful, renovated barn. It has indoor and outdoor space, was large enough to fit our many family and friends, and felt comfortable enough to relax and enjoy the day.”

Q: What was your favorite moment?

“My groom and I did a "first look," so we had some time alone before the bustle and excitement of the wedding. Seeing his face for the first time and being able to talk and laugh together was an incredible joy in the midst of a very busy day with family and friends.”


Q: How did you two meet?

“I always like to say that we met the old-fashioned He works in finance, and is an avid whitewater kayaker in his spare time. I was in graduate school at the time, studying to be a physician assistant. Between our very busy schedules, we connected over a shared love of travel, food, wine, and never staying still! Now things are calmer, but I love the sense of adventure that he brings to our everyday life.”

Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids dresses?

“Azazie fit all of my bridesmaid dress needs perfectly. I had 8 bridesmaids, each of different ages, sizes, and personalities. I knew that it would be impossible to find a "one size fits all" dress that would be flattering and comfortable for everyone. Since we all live in different cities and states, we were not be able to shop together. I needed to find an online site, one where I felt confident about the ability to get correct sizing, with a reasonable return policy if needed. I wanted a specific color that was surprisingly hard to find elsewhere (emerald green), and I wanted a good variety of dresses to choose from, in fabric and styles that were complementary to my gown and to each other. Finally, it was very important for me to be budget-conscious. When I learned about Azazie, it was like someone had matched a checklist of everything I was looking for. I loved that they had dozens of dresses that were different enough to suit each bridesmaid's style and personality, but similar enough to look great together. The ordering process was simple, the dresses were good quality (especially for the cost), and my ladies looked beautiful. When I found that I could order sashes for my 2 junior bridesmaids in matching material to bring their look together with the older girls, it was icing on the cake!”


Q: Any tips for brides-to-be?

“Wedding planning is stressful, but try to appreciate the opportunities it brings for you to spend time with your family and friends, during the months of planning and on the big day. Make every big decision or milestone a celebration. Enjoy the spotlight. Don't sweat the details. And get some sleep!”


Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning experience?

“It was stressful. It was difficult to make all the small decisions. I was not a picky bride, but I still had to choose. I tried to keep the focus on making sure my groom and I could be ourselves, and our wedding party and guests had a great time. That made it easier to realize that so many details really do not matter. And in the end, the day was wonderful and the stress was worth it. I would do it again in half a heartbeat!”

Q: Sum up your wedding in one word.


Real Azazie Wedding | Mandi + Matt

Mandi and Matt were married at Cedar Lake Cellars in Wright Ciyt, Missouri. Their wedding incorporated a rustic and shabby chic theme with a soft color palette.

All photos were taken by Lisa Meyer Photography.


Q: Why did you choose this place to get married?

“I had attended an event at the winery a couple years earlier and always thought it would be a wonderful location for a wedding. It was the only location that my husband and I looked at and we both loved it immediately! It is absolutely gorgeous and their staff is amazing. All of our guests raved about how much they loved the location and how helpful and wonderful their staff was.”

Q: What was the most memorable part of the day?

“The most memorable parts of the day for me were when I took a moment to look around and saw that the visions I had always had for the day during the planning process were coming to life right in front of me. The first was when I first arrived at the venue and saw everything set up, I actually began to tear up a little. Another was when I was dancing with guests and saw a bunch of guests standing on the balcony of the barn watching the events below them.”


Q: How did you find Azazie?

“I stumbled on Azazie through searching for dresses online. I saw several styles I loved immediately and then went to a couple wedding forums to search for reviews of other bride's experiences.”

Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids?

“I wanted a very simple design for my bridesmaid's dresses. Azazie had the best selection of classic, simple designs for affordable prices. I also liked that the bridesmaids could order either a standard or custom size as well.”

28235012294_f56cf9efc7_oQ: Any advice for those getting married soon?

“Your wedding day will go faster than you can imagine. Many people told me that but I never knew how true it was until I was experiencing it for myself. I was glad I took the advice to take a few moments throughout the day to stop and take in everything around me. You will get pulled in so many different directions that day and it is so easy to get wrapped up in it all that you don't ever stop to just enjoy it for a while. Also, do not go the cheap route on your wedding photography and/or videography. They really are the only things you have left when everything is said and done!”

Q: Did you enjoy planning your own wedding?

“I really did enjoy the planning process. Sure, there were times it was stressful but it was also a lot of fun! Every decision I made made me more and more excited for the day to arrive. I actually find myself a little bored and missing it now!”


Q: Describe your wedding in one word.


Q: Anything you’d like to add?

“I am so thankful for all the wonderful vendors and people we had around us helping to make this day everything we ever dreamed it would be.”

Real Azazie Wedding | Karli + Blayne

Karli and Blayne tied the knot at Lenoir City, Tennessee at the WindRiver Golf Club. Since their wedding was on May 1 and outside, they wanted to go with a light color scheme and ultimately decided on light purples, pinks and grays for their color palette.

All photos are courtesy of Michael Kaal Photography.


Q: Why did you choose this place to get married?

“When we visited WindRiver for the first time, we fell in love with how gorgeous it was. Our ceremony was on a lawn overlooking Tellico Lake and our reception was a few steps away on a brick patio under a tent in front of a beautiful lakeside restaurant.”

Q: What was the most memorable part of your big day?

“It’s so hard to pick just one thing! The whole day was amazing. Things weren’t perfect by any means but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Some of my favorite memories from the day were my dad’s surprise father-daughter dance idea, then watching my grandparents dance to their wedding song that they danced to 64 years ago and then having them give my new husband and I marriage advice in front of all our guests.”


Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids dresses?

“I decided to go with Azazie for our bridesmaids because there is a wide variety of styles and colors. I picked the color and length of the dresses but let my girls pick what style they wanted because I wanted them to love their dress, feel comfortable in it and pick one they could afford! The dresses at Azazie are affordable, yet high quality.”

Q: Any tips for those getting married soon?

“My advice would be to not stress over the small details. Your big day will go by so fast that you won’t even notice those small details. The day is about you and your significant other’s love for each other. Celebrate, don’t stress!”


Q: Did you enjoy planning your wedding?

At times I enjoyed the wedding planning but most of the time I did not. I had never really thought about my wedding before we had gotten engaged. While planning a wedding there are a lot of decisions to be made that at the time seem like a big deal but really aren’t. Plus my indecisiveness didn’t help the planning process!

Q: Your wedding in one word.


Real Azazie Wedding | Victoria + David

Victoria and David were married at BushBank in Kiama, New South Wales Australia. Their color scheme was shades of lavender and creme with a French vintage theme. There were sprigs of lavender on each guest’s name plate that provided an essence of lavender throughout the room. Other flowers such as hydrangeas, baby’s breath, queen anne’s lace, and roses were used for a French cottage garden feel. Mercury and cut glass vases and candle holders were paired with an ivy fairy light chandelier for a simple yet elegant feel within the entire room.

Although the happy couple's wedding was held in Australia, that didn’t stop Victoria from ordering her bridesmaids dresses from Azazie. Three of her bridesmaids were in the United States and her maid of honor got the fourth dress delivered to her and shipped it, along with the ties and pocket squares, to Australia!

All photo credit goes to The Evoke Company.

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Q: Why did you pick BushBank to get married?

“We picked this location as my husband is from that area and we would often pass the property.  I loved how it showcased what I loved about Kiama; the green grassy rolling hills and farmland that neighbours the beautiful blue sea. I also loved the location as it is family run and the owner Sonya ensures that your experience on the property is personal and truly your own. It is a beautiful historic operational farm that has a bed and breakfast within the main house. It also had several location to choose from on the grounds for the ceremony. We picked the archway that overlooked the farm and had the ocean in the background. The property was ideal for the cocktail hour for guests to wander and play lawn games while we had a pianist play and then trickle into the new permanent marquee that they have built for the reception. We also loved that they had the old fig trees that form an inverted heart that our photographer beautifully captured in one of our night shots.”


Q: What was the best part of the day?

“Best moment of the day was after the ceremony, when we had a done a few photos with our photographer off in one of the fields under the fig trees. He left us to return to the cocktail hour in the lawn and we spent about 15 minutes on our own together for the first time as husband and wife, soaking it all in. It was a great feeling to look back onto the lawn and see all of our friends and family mingling and enjoying each other’s company. It was also serene to look off into the cow pasture and into the ocean and know that this was our first moment together as husband and wife.”

Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids?

“I had four bridesmaids and one bride’s man. Three of my bridesmaids were from back home in the USA and one was here with me in Australia. I wanted a dress that was elegant but not showy and that also flattered each girls various body shapes. Upon looking at dresses online I found the Azazie website. All of the dresses were beautiful and were priced so reasonably. I fell in love with the Charlie dress as it complimented mine so well. I also loved how with the Azazie dresses you could choose from a multitude of colours to fit your specific wedding theme. They also had matching ties and pocket squares. We went with the Lilac shade for our wedding. It was such an easy process getting the dresses for the girls and the ties and pocket squares for not only my bride’s man but also the groom’s party. I am so happy that I found Azazie.”


Q: Any advice for brides-to-be?

“Ensure that you have enough time to source the vendors that you want.  Don't rush the process and accept help from others when it’s given.  Also on the day just relax and enjoy it all and make sure to take time like we did to have sometime alone after the ceremony to soak it all in.  The day goes so fast and you want to make sure you have sometime together alone to reflect and enjoy it al.”

Q: Did you enjoy planning your wedding?

“It was at times stressful especially towards the end getting everything sorted and ensuring all the details were in place. We also had 14 people coming in from the United States so we were also assisting with travel planning for our international guests as well. I was very lucky to have wonderful vendors that really looked after us and had our best interests at heart. We were also fortunate to have wonderful friends and family who helped us through the process and kept us calm and happy.”


Q: Describe your wedding in one word.


Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

“We were very lucky to have a pet friendly venue that allowed our 11 year old Shih Tzu Tobey to be apart of our special day.  He was our ring bearer and in all honesty, probably stole the show for the day.”


Real Azazie Wedding | Karena + Oshaine

Karena and Oshaine were married at a natural park in Hollywood, Florida called Anne Kolb Nature Center. When Karena visited the park with her mother as a 17 year old and saw the greenery, the eloquent courtyard and the beautiful white arch, she knew it was the place she wanted to get married one day. 11 years later, Karena showed the venue to Oshaine who made her dream of getting married there come true.

All photos are courtesy of Complete Weddings + Events.


Q: Did you have a specific color scheme?

“The color scheme was royal purple and yellow. I wanted colors that stood out in a garden. Royal purple looked stunning against the greenery and the pop of yellow reminded me of the radiant sunlight. Having an outdoor wedding felt very natural to me because I love outdoor activities such as sitting in parks, enjoying the scenery and listening to various sounds of nature.”


Q: What was the most memorable part of your day?

“The most memorable part of my wedding day was when my husband and I went to the top of the tower to take photos. As we took a look over the entire park, it seemed like the day slowed down. I was able to take in the moment of this new chapter in my life with my husband.”

Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids?

“I chose Azazie for my bridesmaids because there was a large variety of options in styles and colors.”


Q: Where did you hear about Azazie?

“One of my bridesmaids was in a wedding a couple of months before mine and they used Azazie for their bridesmaids' dresses. She referred me to Azazie and Azazie was the best decision I made for my wedding.”

Q: What’s your tip for brides-to-be?

“Your wedding day may go very fast, find times where you can enjoy the special moments.”  


Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process?

“My husband, my mother, and maid of honor were very helpful in the planning progress. It was very fun planning the wedding with them. We planned the wedding in 6 months, so decisions had to be made quickly but I still got the key things that I wanted.”

Q: Describe your wedding in one word.


Q: Anything else you'd like to add?

“Having a wedding was one of the best experiences I've had and being able to look at the video of everyone having a great time in celebration of our love was remarkable.”

Real Azazie Wedding | Cathy + Taylor

Cathy and Taylor celebrated their marriage at the St. Thomas More in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. They sing in the choir there every Sunday and their choir sang for them on their big day!

Their wedding featured jewel tones, with rich and bright shades of blue, green, pink, and purple! Cathy’s bridesmaids were wearing our Cierra, Annabella and Clara dress while the groomsmaid chose the Kaya dress!

All photos were taken by Zoe Zen Photography.


Q: Where did you have your wedding reception?

“Then we had the reception at the Doubletree in Durham because we wanted to easily host all our out-of-state family and friends in a hotel near the airport, with the added bonus of a beautiful and charming venue for our pictures.”

Q: Why did you pick this color scheme?

“I started out with cobalt blue, which is my favorite color, and had the added bonus of looking great on all my bridesmaids! Adding other shades kept things interestingly varied (I've never been good at sticking to a strict color scheme), and the bright hues had the added bonus of looking great in small doses, which made decorating easy.”


Q: Pick the best part of your big day.

“​All of it!​ From proudly reciting my wedding vows to dancing the night away with my new husband. But the moment that will always stick with me is that moment when the church doors opened for my entrance. The choir was singing my favorite hymn (O God Beyond All Praising), and it was so beautiful I cried all the way down the aisle.”


Q: Why did you settle on Azazie for your bridesmaids dresses?

“​Azazie gave me all the flexibility I needed to find pretty dresses for a wedding party with a wide range of shapes and sizes!​ There were so many gorgeous options.

​Each of my bridesmaids--and Taylor's sister, who was a groomsmaid--was able to find somewhere that worked uniquely for her, but also coordinated with the other girls' dresses."

Q: Where did you find Azazie?

“​I was in a wedding Facebook group, expressing my frustrations with the limited sizing of the places I'd looked, and someone mentioned Azazie. I checked out the site and was instantly hooked. With the range of sizes 0-30, the royal blue color I loved (and black for our groomsmaid), the useful filters, and the variety of attractive dresses, I knew I'd found what I was looking for.”


Q: Any tips for brides-to-be?

“My maid of honor helped keep me grounded by reminding me that the top priority is a meaningful ceremony (however each couple defines that), and that the most important and memorable parts of the reception would be good food and good music. I can confirm that a sacred ceremony, delicious food, and enjoyable music were the touchstones of our wedding, plus a great photographer to capture all of our special moments. Plenty of little things went wrong-I had something in the wrong order on our program, our first dance was...not the most coordinated, and the first piece of cake we cut fell on the ground- but no one noticed the program error and we all have hilarious memories of the dance and the cake cutting.”

Q: Did you enjoy planning the wedding?

“I enjoyed many aspects of the planning process, such as meal tastings and designing invitations, especially when Taylor and I could work as a team. For example, we're both classically-trained musicians, so as an inside joke we used a font called Chopin for our names on the front of our wedding program.”

Taylor_Cathy_Wedding_0267Q: Describe your wedding in one word.



Real Azazie Wedding | April + Dan

April and Dan tied the knot at the Cooper Creek Event Center in Blue Ash, Ohio. Their wedding didn’t have an exact theme but was centered around the idea of being a joyous celebration for all their friends and family as the couple had been together for 8.5 years before the wedding. All her ‘maids were wearing our Ellen gown in an array of colors.

All photos were taken by Blue Martini Photography.

Q: Why did you choose this venue?

“We wanted somewhere that was new and modern but not too edgy, somewhere with clean design that was pretty but neutral enough to work with whatever crazy decor I decided to add. The ballroom has these huge windows that let all sorts of natural sunlight in, which I love, and the dance floor was the biggest we had seen (very important since we love to dance!). There is also a gorgeous setting for an outdoor ceremony, which we got to utilize since the weather held! Finally, we currently live in Philadelphia, so we wanted to pick a venue with a trustworthy and responsive staff to help us pull everything together, and they were absolutely fabulous.”


Q: How did you keep your wedding cohesive without a specific theme?

“I wanted the decor to just be very fun and happy and "spring-y" to reflect the celebratory nature of the day. I almost always wear prints (mostly floral), and if I wear solid colors they are always bright and happy, so I wanted the wedding to reflect that. I don't have a favorite color because I like too many, and while tradition suggests your bridesmaids all wear the same color and you pick a main color for the decor with an accent color or two, I decided that I could pick as many colors as I wanted, as long as I put them together very carefully! We basically ended up with a rainbow wedding with garden party/watercolor accents that suited us perfectly.

Q: What was your favorite moment?
“I can't pick one moment because there were too many good ones! I was first overjoyed that we could have the outdoor ceremony that we had planned, under the arbor my dad built us from trees from our backyard. Our ceremony was particularly memorable because we chose to have a secular ceremony but wanted to infuse it with aspects unique to us to keep with the celebratory nature of the day. My grandma and my 4 great aunts sang to us, we had 2 friends from college tell our love story from the beginning and 1 more recent friend read a beautiful poem, and Dan even surprised me by reading a poem called "Always Marry an April Girl" by Ogden Nash (which I could swear was written for me even though he died 45 years ago), complete with a mic drop at the end! The sunshine finally gave way to torrential sun showers during our first dance, and we even got a rainbow over the venue, perfect for our rainbow wedding! At the risk of sounding cliche, it was the cherry on top of a - dare I say - perfect day!”


Q: Why did you choose Azazie?

“I chose Azazie for a number of reasons. I knew I didn't want my girls to all wear the same color, so the dresses had to come in multiple colors that I really liked, and I wanted a style that was traditional but still comfortable and flattering for the girls while still having a few unique details. I took full advantage of the swatch program and probably ordered half of them to work out which six colors to choose, which wasn't easy since there were so many good ones! We selected the Ellen dress because the straps made it so easy to wear while the pleating, lace, and V back really transformed it into a beautiful gown. I also picked Azazie because my bridesmaids live all over the country, so it was extremely convenient that they could measure themselves at home and order online, especially with the quick turn-around time! We also loved the custom sizing option, as two of my bridesmaids needed extra length and some needed shorter bodices etc, and the $50 alterations credit was definitely an added bonus! Finally, the price point is hard to beat for the quality of the gowns. The customer service was also fantastic, which was very much appreciated.”


Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process?

“The initial excitement of planning the wedding was very fun; when else do you get to throw such a fabulous party for all of your friends and family where you get to pick out every little detail! And then you realize that you HAVE to pick out every. Little. Detail. I came to the realization during the process that unless you are an event planner for a living, chances are you have absolutely no experience putting together such a big shindig, and never again will, until your future kids get married.The closer you get to the actual day, you start caring less and less about things like napkins and chairs and more and more about things like, gosh I really hope Aunt and Uncle So-and-So can still make it and that you can calm your mind enough to take in every moment and just enjoy the day. My recommendation to future brides is designate very early on a handful of things that are really important to you and are worth your time, effort, and frankly money, and then to not let yourself get caught up in nit picky details regarding things that aren't on that short list of priorities. It was also difficult at times planning a wedding from out of town, but our vendors were fantastic, so hire vendors that you can trust!”

Q: Your wedding in one word.



Q: Any tips for future brides?

“If you want something for your wedding, go for it! (As long it fits in your budget, don't go into debt for your wedding!!!) Not everyone will agree with your "vision" or ideas, but don't let them get you down about your ribbon wands or rapping your vows or having a burrito bar for dinner. I really loved the fact that our wedding was a reflection of us, and that's what made it perfect (for us ❤). “”

Q: Finals thoughts?

“Shameless plug for the "Save the Date" wedding podcast (soon to be "Bridechilla") hosted by Aleisha McCormack. I discovered her podcast about 3-4 months before the wedding, and she talks with real brides and wedding professionals about every aspect of weddings in realistic terms, from family feuds to chair covers to wedding planning while dealing with anxiety and depression. Listening really helped reassure me about so many things related to the wedding, including my decision to have 6 different colored bridesmaids dresses (!), and stay calm, collected, and a #bridechilla as the big day approached. Could not recommend it more!”


Real Azazie Wedding | Ashley + Brad

Ashley and Brad tied the knot in April at the beautiful Newland Barn in Huntington Beach, California. They celebrated their love in a colorful and whimsical DIY wedding with turquoise and glittery gold with pops of pink for the color palette. Ashley’s bridesmaids were dazzling in our Victoria, Mikaela, Betsy, Siena, Heloise and Kaiya dresses in spa.

All the photos are courtesy of Photograph by Ben and Kadin.


Q: Why did you choose this place to get married?

“We were on a budget and did a lot of searching before we found the perfect venue. It was important to us to find a place that was inexpensive and allowed us to bring in our own vendors to keep costs down. The Newland Barn is owned by the city and very affordable – but also very desirable. For a reservation, we had to go to the city and participate in a raffle for that date the following year. After 3 visits, we won the raffle and got the venue for 4/23/16!”

Q: What’s the story behind this color scheme?

“Turquoise is one of my favorite colors and I thought it was perfect for our spring wedding. I knew the colors and DIY touches would really pop at our pretty outdoor venue!”


Q: What was the most memorable part of the day?

There were so many amazing parts of our wedding day – from our first kiss as husband and wife, to dancing the night away with family and friends – but my absolute favorite part was the people I got to share my day with. There are not many times in life when you get everyone you love all in one spot, and that’s definitely the best part!”

Q: Why did you pick Azazie for your bridesmaids?

I chose Azazie because I LOVED all of the different dress styles available. I knew that I wanted my girls to wear the same color, but I wanted their dresses in all different styles so that they could show off their personalities! They were all able to find the perfect dress for them and at a much lower price than other bridesmaid dress retailers.”


Q: Any tips for soon-to-be brides?

“It’s so important to step back and just enjoy being engaged and the planning process. It’s really easy to get caught up in all the tiny details. Don’t take on too many projects, and don’t be afraid to ask for help!”

Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process? Why or why not?

In the beginning, I really enjoyed the planning process and picking out all the details. I’ve always loved crafting and took on many DIY projects for the wedding. As the date got closer and closer, I ended up getting more and more stressed and overwhelmed. Luckily, we were able to work with an amazing day-of coordinator who helped us in the months before the wedding. Let’s just say I’m SO happy the planning is over!”


Q: How did you find Azazie?

“I did a lot of searching online and on Pinterest, and after looking through a few different bridesmaid dress retailers, I finally found Azazie! I knew right away that these dresses would be perfect – so many adorable styles and the 'spa' color matched my wedding colors exactly. The ordering process was simple, the turnaround was fast, and the prices were great!”

Q: Describe your wedding in one word.

Perfect! I guess that may sound silly, but it really was just the best day. After months of planning and stress, it all fell together. Great weather, great people, great memories. It doesn’t get much better than that!”


Q: Last thoughts?

“You can totally have a beautiful, perfect wedding on a budget! We didn’t have a whole lot of money to spend, but we knew that we wanted good music, good food and good drinks. We splurged a bit on those details but were very frugal on the rest of the wedding. Your friends and family just want to celebrate YOU, and don’t care so much about the linens, centerpieces or decor. Relax and have fun with it – your day will turn out perfect!”

Real Azazie Wedding | Brittany + Patrick

Brittany and Patrick had a beautiful June wedding at The Lake George Club on Lake George in Diamond Point, New York. The wedding had pink, orange, and blue as the color scheme. Patrick picked orange and Brittany chose pink and they rounded it up by adding blue as well! Her bridesmaids were in our Amani, Jessica, Sariah and Kaiya dresses. 

All photos are courtesy of Candidly Beth Photography.


Q: Why did you choose this venue for your wedding?

“I grew up there in the summers ever since I was a baby and knew that this was where I wanted to get married. It’s a place where I feel at home. Everyone who works there is like another family member and it the most picturesque location, on Lake George, surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains.”

Q: What’s the story behind your wedding colors?

“I love bright colors and wanted a really colorful and fun wedding. For a spring wedding, the colors were spot-on. I also thought about how the colors would transition from day to night. Bright colors for fun in the day and colors of a sunset for at night. The blue lake surrounded by the lush green mountains and a bright blue sky that day really made everything pop, especially the bright colors of my bridesmaid dresses.”


Q: Pick your favorite moment of the day.

“The most emotional moment was seeing my husband for the first time at our first look before the ceremony. As I was walking down with my maid of honor to see him, my emotions just started coming out from nowhere. We were finally getting married. As I waited for him the anticipation just kept building, but the second I saw him he made me smile and laugh and all my nerves melted.

The second best moment was dancing with my husband on the dance floor surrounded by all the people we love. We danced for half of our first dance alone, and then half way through it invited everyone to join us. Living so far away from everyone we love and not being able to see them regularly, it was so amazing to have everyone in one place at one time.”

Q: Why did you choose Azazie?

“My bridesmaids are located all across the country, so I needed somewhere that was easy for everyone to have access to and not be too expensive. Ordering online and the great customer service at Azazie made it easy for everyone to figure out what they wanted, order their dress and receive it easily wherever they were. We ordered swatches to compare the colors, which arrived very quickly. I picked two colors and then let everyone choose their own style. I wanted them to pick a dress that they liked and the color they preferred.”


Q: Any tips for those getting married soon?

Try to focus on enjoying yourself and worry about the big things rather than small details that are more than a headache to plan than the reality of it attributing to your day as a whole. My husband and I tried to think about how we wanted our day to be that would make us the happiest. In the end, worrying about big details made it less stressful. There is so much online that you can get lost 'going down the rabbit hole' of what people say make a perfect wedding. You can have a wedding that doesn't break the bank if you decided what is needed. In the end, it’s all about your vision of happiness.

Q: How was the wedding planning process for you?

"I enjoyed the wedding process because I had a great husband and group of family and close friends who really helped out. People are more than willing to help do a little bit if you ask them, rather than trying to do everything yourself. Plus working with people to create your perfect day made it more fun. Asking for help really added to the planning process. I didn't hire a wedding planner or day-of planner because I had such great support. Whether it was sampling, doing invitations, floral arrangements, making giant lawn games, etc. there was someone who wanted to help carry out your vision. We also had a lot of great vendors who were flexible to work with us via Skype/Facetime meetings and lots of emails since we live halfway across the world."


Q: Describe your wedding in one word.

“Perfect (Can-we-do-it-again).”

Q: Finals thoughts?

“At the end of our wedding, we had a sparkler exit that led us to a boat to take us back to our hotel. Driving away at the end, I told my husband that it was a more than perfect day, the only thing wrong was that it happened too fast. Take time to spend some alone time throughout the day with your husband because it really does go by fast. It will be the best day of your life."

Real Azazie Wedding | Lydia + Chad

Lydia and Chad tied the knot at the Full Moon Resort at the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York. Both love the mountains and being outdoors and were looking for a barn wedding as well as a venue that could offer overnight accommodations for the wedding party. Full Moon was the perfect spot for their rustic barn wedding and had enough rooms for all the wedding guests to stay on-site the night of the wedding. Her bridesmaids looked gorgeous in our Ellen, Leanna, Cherish, Hillary and Lanette in Dusty Rose. The groomsmen were also in matching Dusty Rose ties

All photos were taken by Love Me Do Photography.


Q: What was your wedding theme?

We didn't have a theme. We just wanted our wedding to be simple.  We wanted the natural elements of our wedding details and the beauty of our venue to stand out. We chose white and soft pink for our flowers and wanted lots of greenery. We chose Dusty Rose for the bridesmaids' dress color to ‘go with’ the flowers. We wanted to feature other natural materials--we used recycled kraft paper for all the stationary, all the linens were white, and we used natural looking wood in many places. It was simple and natural, and the Dusty Rose perfectly complemented the natural details.”

Q: What was the best part of the day?

My favorite part of the day was when Chad and I had our first look and then took our portrait photos together. We finally got to enjoy our day together after all the planning! It was so nice to take a deep breath and be in each other's company. It felt like coming home. Chad says his best part of the day was when we exchanged our vows and rings. It was an amazing feeling to commit to each other in front of all our friends and loved ones.”


Q: Why did you pick Azazie for your bridesmaids?

My bridesmaids were all over the country: PA, Idaho, Washington State and NYC. Azazie came up in my internet search for ‘Dusty Rose’ and I loved the dresses. I loved that my bridesmaids could try on their dresses before purchasing with the trial program. I also loved that they could have them custom sized. I wanted each bridesmaid to have a dress suited to her own style, so it was awesome that there were so many dresses to chose from. The incredible prices too! We couldn't believe the quality we were getting for our money!”

Q: Any tips for those getting married soon?

“Less is more! Everything goes so quickly on the big day. The fewer things you have going day-of (or even week-of), the better. You will be running around like a nut on the day, so the fewer events/locations/plans, the more time you will have to enjoy your day with your friends and family.”


Q: How’d you find Azazie?

I found Azazie internet searching "Dusty Rose Bridesmaids Dresses." I also saw a Buzzfeed article!

Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process?

“I enjoyed wedding planning very, very much. My husband (then fiancé) and I had so much fun working together. We made joint decisions about all aspects and details. It was really fun. I also like the DIY projects we did. The little wedding details.”


Q: Describe your wedding in one word.



Real Azazie Wedding | Ashley + Luis

Ashley and Luis were married in a gorgeous wedding at Millwick in downtown Los Angeles. The bridesmaids wore an assortment of Azazie dresses, including the Yazmin, Kristen, Hillary and Cherish.

All photos were taken by Pie Shoppe Photography.


Q: Why did you choose this place for your wedding?

“We chose Millwick because we wanted a unique experience for our guests - most of whom were either local to LA or traveling from Mexico City. We also chose it for it's industrial vibe mixed with sustainability... it demonstrates the harmony of two vastly different cultures coming together to create a unique and fulfilling relationship. Millwick is a relatively new venue for events, but stores so much history, much of which is preserved.”

Q: Did you have a particular theme?

“We had an elegant and energetic modern Mexican theme set out for our wedding. Instead of focusing on colors, we had metallic and metal accents. The table setting was a palette mixing rose gold metallic napkins, gold chargers and silverware. Ashley's bouquet was neutral florals with spray painted metallic greenery.

To create the modern Mexican vibe, we worked with local artisans in Mexico City to create the perfect handmade accents just for our wedding. They created the metallic Moravian stars and the tin hearts, which then Luis's parents brought in a suitcase just days before the wedding. We used while paper picado to line the ceremony chairs and a metallic pinata as our guest book.”


Q: What was the most memorable part of the day?

“There were so many memorable moments, here's one of them... Luis' sister, Paulina, could not travel from Mexico for the wedding because she had a baby just weeks before the wedding. While thrilled for the newest addition to the family, the whole family was disappointed we wouldn't share this moment with her - however, Paulina and I had a plan. We worked with the coordinator and one of the groomsmen, and through the power of technology, Paulina was part of the bridal party. The groomsman walked down the aisle with an iPad with Paulina on screen. She was all done up and wearing a grey dress (just like all the other bridesmaids). As he carefully carried the iPad down the aisle and Paulina waved to everyone in the crowd, tears and fulfilled hearts set the tone for our wedding ceremony. Both our families were so thrilled that Paulina and her family got to be present during the entire wedding ceremony.”


Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids?

“Because my bridesmaids were coming from both Mexico and around the US, I wanted to make it easy on them, so I originally told them to buy a long grey dress... whatever they could find. Turns out, that is a very difficult thing to find! I realized it was going to be hard to keep a consistent feel and look for the wedding, so I looked around for an option that would allow for girls to pick their own styles, but all in the same color. I saw rave reviews for Azazie, but was a little hesitant that I couldn't actually see the dresses, and I was running out of time, so I couldn't order a sample to test it out. I decided it was worth the risk, and it definitely was indeed! We were all really in love with the style options, the quality of the material, the fit and the gentle price tags! The color looked great on the girls. Azazie made the whole experience of asking my bridesmaids to get dresses a lot less stressful - I was so glad they could get beautiful dresses in a lovely color, in a style they liked at a price they could afford. It was a win!”

Q: Any tips for soon-to-be brides?

“It's really hard to stay on budget, and especially when it comes to weddings. I learned that there is a difference between target budget and maximum budget. Target budget was how much I wanted to spend, and maximum budget was the max I knew I was comfortable spending. I suggest telling wedding vendors your target budget, and keep your maximum budget to yourself. For example, if you know you want to spend a maximum of $3,000 on something, tell them your budget is $2500. That way, when you want to add something (a special kind of flower, or upgrade your silverware or special order desserts, or whatever), you have a buffer space to work within.

Also, go to a wedding tailor for wedding dress alterations! Regular tailors simply don't have an eye for wedding dress construction and details. I went to a regular tailor (whom I had used for years and they have always been great) and they nearly ruined my dress. I was fortunate to find a second tailor, a wedding tailor, who was able to fix the dress the best she could within 3 days! I was lucky, but definitely wish I had just shelled out the extra cash for a wedding tailor in the first place.”


Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process?

“Yes! I am an organization lover... so my hard drive was full of spreadsheets, inspiration boards and DIY projects. I enjoyed working with the vendors to create an unforgettable experience for myself, my husband, our families and each of the guests.”

Q: Describe your wedding in one word.



Real Azazie Wedding | Liz + Dan

Liz and Dan tied the knot at Misty Farm in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Their wedding featured blue as the main color with red, orange, and yellow accents.

For Liz, an important element of her wedding was that they incorporated local products. The flowers were local and the caterer used local ingredients, on top of serving up a vegetarian menu. Even the beer, wine, and liquor at their wedding was all made in Michigan. The couple made a strong effort to reduce the waste and damaging environmental impact of weddings by going local. The bridesmaids looked stunning in our Mila, Amani, Kinsley, and Annabella dresses.

All photos were taken by E.C. Campbell Photography.


Q: What were you looking for in a venue?
“Our main criteria were that we wanted to be outdoors and we wanted it to be in or near Ann Arbor, where we live (also relatively central for family). It was beautiful and perfectly suited for our needs.”

Q: What’s the story behind your color scheme?
“It didn't mean anything in particular; I just knew I wanted lots of bright color and I love those colors together. Our flowers ended up being basically every color because we wanted everything to be native and local, so there really wasn't a strict overarching color scheme.”


Q: What was the most memorable moment for you?
“I don't think I could choose one most memorable moment. Walking down the aisle, saying our vows, man of honor/best woman speeches (my husband's and my best friends both happen to be the opposite gender), our first dance. One of my favorite moments of the reception was when EVERYONE was on the dance floor doing a line dance, I think the Wobble. The entire barn was crammed with people doing all the moves together and for some reason that in particular struck me with how pretty much everyone we love in the world was in one place to celebrate with us. We also had an impromptu sibling dance and that was very special to me. I honestly didn't expect my wedding to be the best day of my life -- I feel like that's a very lofty expectation and not necessarily reasonable as a goal -- but it really was.”

EC Campbell

Q: Why did you pick Azazie for your bridesmaids dresses?
“When I started looking around online at bridesmaid dresses, I was looking for a particular color, I wanted to offer my bridesmaids (and groomsmaids!) a choice so they could each pick something they liked within some parameters, I wanted to keep it affordable, and it needed to be easy to coordinate everyone long-distance, as we had four girls in the wedding party and none of them lived nearby. Azazie offered lots of great options, I loved that everything was custom-sized, and the option to get a fabric sample was a huge thing for me.”

Q: Any advice for those getting married soon?
“Wow, that's a big question. Do what you want and don't be afraid to break with tradition if it's not you. I never had an engagement ring. My husband and I each had two girls and two guys on our side of the wedding party. Both our parents walked us each down the aisle. Instead of bachelor/bachelorette parties we had a big casual hangout with our friends and had a bonfire and sang karaoke. I hate heels and flats, so the whole wedding party wore colorful sneakers. Our first dance consisted of swing dancing to Guster, our mutual favorite band. Though certainly some aspects of our wedding were more traditional and everything was lovely, these are the reasons I loved my wedding. Along with marrying the love of my life and having a party with all my favorite people, of course.”


Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process?
“The planning process was pretty stressful for me because I was simultaneously in my first year of an extremely demanding graduate program. I definitely enjoyed some of the planning, but I wish I had had more time to enjoy it.”

Q: Describe your wedding in one word.

Real Azazie Wedding | Whitney + Aaron

Whitney and Aaron tied the knot at a barn in their hometown for a vintage country themed wedding. For picking colors, Whitney wanted yellow since her husband is in the Marines and yellow would pair well with his dress blues. After finding Azazie, Whitney chose the tulle skirts for her bridesmaids instead of traditional bridesmaids dresses and fell in love with the Daffodil and Dusty Rose colors!

All photos were taken by True Foundation Photography.


Q: Where did you get married?

“I picked Ray’s Place Wedding and Events as my venue. When I walked in I knew that it was the place for my wedding. It was perfect. I was the first wedding there other than her own, and they were wonderful I would recommend them to anyone!”

Q: Tell us your favorite wedding memory.

“My favorite part of the day was walking down the aisle and seeing Aaron at the end. Nothing beats that feeling.”


Q: Why did you choose skirts instead of traditional bridesmaids dresses?

“I chose skirts because I saw a picture on Pinterest of a girl in a lace top and a tulle skirt. I searched for places to buy them and [Azazie was] the first place that came up and I loved [the Sylvie], especially the bow on the back. I wanted something non-traditional. I feel like I had a lot of non-traditional things in my wedding and I didn't want it to be like everyone else's. I also loved that if they choose to, they can wear their skirts again. I never liked the thought of making my bridesmaids pay a lot of money for something they would never wear again. The skirts were perfect because they were very affordable and beautiful. When they arrived and I unzipped the bag, I was blown away at how perfect they were.”

Q: Any tips for brides-to-be?

“ENJOY IT! It is here and gone before you know it. I feel like my ceremony was 5 minutes long so make it count. You can't do it alone, so don't be afraid to ask for help and if someone offers to help you say yes, but always remember to say thank you. I couldn't have done it without my friends and family. No matter what, it's your day and you should love every aspect of it. If it's not what everyone else likes, so what. You’re the one getting married, you should love it. Don't be afraid to splurge on things that will make it memorable to you. I made 3 huge ribbon chandeliers to hang in the loft which were a little expensive but it totally completed the look I wanted and I would have regretted not having them in the end. Don't let anything get you down because at the end of the day you will be married to the man you love more than anything. My wedding was the coldest, windiest day in April, but it was also the best day of my life.”

View More:

Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process?
“Yes and no. It is absolutely so stressful but you have to know what's worth the stress and what's not. I wanted my dress to be beautiful, my food to be delicious, and my pictures to be amazing. In my opinion, I got all three. We had originally booked my wedding for September but my husband is being deployed so we had to move everything about stress. We already had everything in order for September but God had made other plans for our lives and I know it was the right thing because it couldn't have worked out more perfectly. My photographers and venue were so wonderful in the whole process of changing dates. My cake topper had the wrong date engraved on the bottom, but it's a good story. It was a blessing even though I didn't see it at the time as anything but stressful. At the same time, I loved the whole process because it's just so fun to be the bride and get to make the vision in your head a reality. I love to craft so we did a lot ourselves. It was like a different project a night at our house but I loved all the quality time. Now I'm wondering what I'm going to do with my time since it's over.”


Q: What’s your wedding in one word?


Q: Last thoughts!

“It is such a blessing to find someone you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. I thank God for giving me Aaron and all my family and friends who made my wedding day the best day of my life. It was everything I ever wanted and so much more.”

Real Azazie Wedding | Madison + Marcus

Madison and Marcus chose the First Christian Church in Iola, Kansas to get married! Their wedding featured various shades of violet and lavender, pale yellow, and light grey for a spring palette.

All photos were taken by Dave Hopkins of Hopkins Photography.  


Q: Why did you choose this place to get married?

“Our faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is Number One in our relationship, so my husband and I both knew we wanted to get married in a church. We also wanted to get married in Iola, Kansas, as that would be the easiest location for most of our guests-so we decided on the First Christian Church there which is beautiful and was very accommodating! Our ceremony and reception were both at this one venue.”

Q: Did you have a particular theme?

“Our theme was overall vintage, with lots of lace, butterflies, (even some living!-We did a butterfly release after the ceremony), dainty flowers, etc.”

Q: Tell us the best part of your big day!

“The best and most memorable part of the day was walking down the aisle with my dad, heading toward my groom, and seeing his reaction when he saw me.  It was absolutely perfect and was the best moment of my life.”


Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids?

“My bridesmaids were all very different sizes and shapes, and so I chose Azazie because we could get dresses made just to fit my girls exactly! There are sooooo many awesome dresses to choose from at Azazie and I LOVED that I could order sample swatches and sample dresses to see ahead of time! It really helped make the decision making process very smooth and easy!”

Q: Did you enjoy planning the wedding?

“I did enjoy the wedding planning process! While it was very stressful at times, I am a very crafty person so I had a blast DIY-ing many of the decorations for our Big Day! Also, because I knew I’d be marrying the man of my dreams, I was beyond excited! It had been a long time coming! Now that we have been married for a little over a year, I can honestly say, being married to him is the greatest part of my life, and I could not have pictured a more perfect wedding uniting the two of us together in God’s house!”


Q: Describe your wedding in one word.

“Perfect. Unique. God-honoring! Beautiful. One word does not do our wedding justice!”

Q: How did you meet your husband?

“My husband and I met when he interviewed me for a job! We both agree that it was love at first sight, and the sparks were flying from the first handshake at the beginning of the interview! He became my boss, but we knew that I wouldn’t be working there for very long, as a relationship was certainly blossoming! We have been inseparable ever since! He still manages the privately owned business where we met, and I’m currently a graduate student about to graduate with my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology.  We will be moving next year for my PhD program, and he will soon be finishing up his MBA.  We also compete in fitness/bodybuilding competitions together, and have many of the same interests!”

Real Azazie Wedding | Ashley + Jason

Ashley and Jason tied the knot at the Portage Country Club in Akron, Ohio. The couple choose an indoor venue for their February 20th wedding. The wedding featured the bride’s favorite color palette since she was little: pink, purple and white for a beautiful mixture of pastels.

All photos are courtesy of Jennifer M Photography

Q: How was the wedding location?

“We had our ceremony and reception there so people didn't have to travel to a second location. The club is beautiful and decorated like a wooden lodge, and they were very accommodating with any decorations or requests I wanted!”

jennifermphotography-247Q: What was the most memorable part of the day?

“The most memorable part of the day was before our ceremony started, Jason (my husband) sent a gift for me to the room my bridesmaids and I were getting ready in, and it was a personalized plaque with a poem on it he had made! So cute. Also my hubby made a speech at the reception that was so sweet and special, and he quoted Shakespeare: ‘my heart is ever at your service’ to me.. SO cute and romantic!”

Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids?

“I wanted my bridesmaids to be able to pick out a dress that THEY would feel most comfortable in. I have a lot of ladies with different body types and and personal styles and I really wanted them to feel beautiful in their dresses. Also, some do not live in the area and I needed them to be able to access the same dresses in different areas. Azazie had great reviews and I loved the fact that I could order sample swatches and the girls could get sample size dresses.”


Q: Do you have any tips for brides-to-be?

“Everyone tells you the day goes quickly - but you have no idea until you're in it!! I wish I would have gotten a pic with my mom by ourselves. We did a family one, but I wish I could have gotten one with just us two. So plan that out beforehand and tell your photographer. So much is going on that you totally forget all those details. Also I left my favors at home and didn’t even think of it until after the reception started!”

Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process?

“It was fun picking out everything, but the planning was very stressful!! I did everything myself and was constantly worrying I forgot something. I relied on suggestions from my friends who had gotten married in the area for my vendors - they were all amazing. My favorite part was picking out my wedding dress. Trying on tons of fabulous gowns was very fun. My mom helped me with that the most.”

jennifermphotography-230Q: Your wedding in one word.


Q: Anything else you'd like to add?

“We had the most amazing group of people at our wedding. Our family and friends were just amazing and the night was so special and fun. Also [with a] February wedding you'd think it would be snowing, but it was 65 degrees and sunny! We took our group pictures at sunset and they turned out AMAZING!”

Real Azazie Wedding | Alana + Brian

Alana and Brian tied the knot at the West Chase Golf Course in Brownsburg, Indiana. Their big day featured purple, mint, and silver as the main colors for a magical wedding. All her bridesmaids were rocking the Arabella - the perfect choice as three of her bridesmaids ended up being pregnant during her wedding!

All photos taken by Jessica Newton Photography.

Q: Why did you pick this specific venue?

“We wanted to do an outside ceremony and indoor reception so the golf course was picturesque! Unfortunately it ended up raining but the pavilion had over-sized side-by-side windows so it ended up working out perfectly.”


Q: Is there a story behind this color theme and why you chose it?

“We did purple, mint, and silver. My husband and I both love purple (and he looks so good in it!) so we knew we wanted to do purple for sure very early on. As we started to plan, it was just way too much purple so we needed to break it up. My 8 year old daughter suggested mint green and it made for the perfect spring pastel palette.”

Q: Best part of your big day?

“For me, the most memorable part of the day was when my husband exchanged vows and a ring with my daughter during the ceremony. He truly embraces us as a package and there was not a dry eye in the room as he vowed his commitment not only to me, but also to my daughter."

Q: Describe your wedding in one word.



Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids?

“Finding a bridesmaid dress was the most challenging part of the entire process. I had 7 girls that ranged from a size 0 to a size 20. I went to all of the chains and was underwhelmed with the options. I had promised my girls early on that the dress would not be over $150. It is impossible to find a long dress that isn’t extremely plain for under $150 at a chain. That is when I nervously started my search online. I stumbled across Azazie and it was the ONLY site that I found multiple dresses I liked. The sample dresses put my mind at ease to ordering online. I ordered several that I liked and had all of my bridesmaids over to try stuff on. The Arabella was just gorgeous. We found out a week before placing our order that one of the girls was pregnant. Luckily, the Arabella was also flattering for a growing belly... and it’s a good thing because I ended up having 3 pregnant at the wedding. Talk about a challenge!”

Q: Any tips for someone getting married soon?

“Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. It all comes together in the end. I was very disappointed with not being able to have an outdoor ceremony due to rain. However, the gloomy skies and the bright purple dresses made for some amazing outdoor photos. Just roll with it and in the end, you’ll be a married woman!”


Q: How was the planning process for you?

“ I am very much a planner by nature so the special details in the wedding were very close to my heart. It is fun to plan the biggest party of your life!”

Q: How did you find Azazie?

“Pinterest! I was hooked once I found the site. The colors are gorgeous and the dresses are unique. Not your typical ‘blah’ bridesmaids dresses.”


Q: Last thoughts?

“I think our photos speak for themselves but I highly recommend Azazie! All 7 of our bridesmaids were very happy - and it is tough to please 8 women (including myself).”

Real Azazie Wedding | Whitney + Anthony

Whitney and Anthony were married at Edgewood Tahoe in South Lake Tahoe, California on December 22. Their dream was for a winter wedding with a heavy chance of snow. The couple actually first began dating because of a snowstorm. They worked the same shift at a local store and since Whitney had grown up on the coast where it didn’t snow much, she was afraid to drive in the snow. Anthony would pick her up and take her home whenever it snowed. Their love story started with snow and the pair wanted to start their marriage with snow too!

Whitney and Anthony both love Harry Potter, which they incorporated throughout on their special day. The bridal party walked out to music from the fourth movie, the cake topper featured a line from the last book and the bridal party wore golden snitch necklaces.

All photos credit goes to Deanna Leigh Photography.

SmithWed _-104dlpFB

Q: Why did you choose this place to tie the knot?

“When we got engaged we were living in Arizona, where most of our friends were, but our family was in Oregon. Lake Tahoe was within driving distance for most guests and was halfway in between Arizona and Oregon. We wanted to have a destination wedding because we knew it would be small and near the holidays because we could all get time off then.”

Q: Did you have a particular theme?

“We chose to stick with a holiday palette of shades of green and a rich wine red. We wanted our theme to complement the decorations at our venue without reading too ‘Christmasy.’”

Smithwed _-729dlpfb

Q: What was the most memorable part of the day?

“Dancing with my husband for the first time. He rarely dances so it was very special to see the ring on his finger and have that moment with him.”

Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids dresses?

“Our bridal party (our sisters, we each have two) were spread across three states and one of them lived on a very rural horse ranch so finding the most accommodating way for them to get dresses was my number one priority. Knowing samples could be sent to them was amazing! I also loved all the choices for long gowns because I wanted everyone in different dresses. It could not have been more convenient.”

SmithWed _-99dlpFB

Q: Any words of advice for soon-to-be brides?

“Don't broadcast the things you didn't like about your wedding. Any details that weren't just what you wanted will go unnoticed by your guests unless you point them out. If you talk about the things that weren't to your liking, they will also talk about them. Also, remind your groom to eat, even if it is just crackers! Mine forgot and begged for food right after the ceremony because he was feeling so light headed. I feel like articles reminding brides to eat are everywhere, but grooms need food too!”

Q: How was the wedding planning process for you?

“I have a tough time making decisions so I had to limit myself to looking in only two places for everything besides [picking a] venue and dress. It really streamlined everything for me and made it fun. Once I had a vision in mind it was wonderful to tie everything together and make it come to life.”

Q: Where did you find about Azazie?

“I found you on Pinterest!”


Q: Wedding in one word.


Q: Last thoughts?

“We had an all female bridal party because we have two sisters each; we called my husband's sisters groomsmaids (his idea).Our flower girl and ring bearer were my husband’s maternal grandparents who have been married for 57 (almost 58) years! The sweet girl who passed out our programs, which had a custom crossword and a Sudoku puzzle in them, was a former student of mine (I taught kindergarten) and her brothers were our ushers. My husband's love for Game of Thrones was worked in with my gift to him, cuff links with a quote from the books on them. Our favors were ‘Make Your Own Root Beer Floats’ with A&W Root Beer because our initials are A for Anthony and W for Whitney. We used the initials on all of our stationery and throughout the decor too.”

Real Azazie Wedding | Emily + Kyle

Emily and Kyle tied the knot at the Colonial Hotel in Gardner, Massachusetts. The wedding was planned around the floral arrangements, with a light, summery theme. All her bridesmaids dazzled in a rainbow of one-shoulder chic style in Katrina.

All photos were taken by Photography by Joanna.

Q: Why did you choose the Colonial Hotel for your venue?

“We wanted an outdoor ceremony and they have a beautiful venue. Also, my mom really liked the place and that was important to me.”


Q: Why did you choose this color scheme?

“I love Gerbera Daisies and I wanted a bouquet with an assortment of colors. Our florist matched the flowers in my bouquet to each color of bridesmaid's dresses, and their bouquets were white to match my dress. The groomsmen wore ties the same color as their bridesmaid.”

Q: What was the most memorable part of the day?

“My husband's grandmother (who I had never met before) caught the bouquet at the end of the evening. She wasn't participating, it just went over all the girls heads and fell right into her lap. She surprised us though and let the best man put the garter on her ankle. Then they switched, she danced for him and put the garter on his ankle! I couldn't stop laughing, it was great!”


Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids?

“I liked the styles and the prices Azazie has. Most of the stores I went to had 'okay' dresses at ridiculous prices. I wanted something my bridesmaids could afford, looked great in, and possibly wear to a different event.”

Q: Any advice for anyone getting married soon?

“Stop stressing. It all falls into place at the end, and if it doesn't you'll be too busy dancing/laughing to even notice. Besides, everyone is there to celebrate you, not judge your choice of table linen or place cards.”


Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process?

“I had my handful of stressful days.  From the guest who wants to bring a last minute date, to the cousin who didn't RSVP but told someone else they'll be there. For the most though it was a fun experience. My mom helped with everything so we had 8 months of quality bonding time.”

Q: Describe your wedding in one word.


Q: Anything else you'd like to add?

“About a month after all my bridesmaids had ordered their dresses, I was finally able to get them all in the same room. My purple bridesmaid's dress was way too dark, we had ordered Regency and it just didn't go with others. Azazie customer service worked with her, she was able to return the dress even though it was pass the return date. She reordered the dress in lilac and it looked great!”


Real Azazie Wedding | Suzette + Brad

Suzette and Brad were married at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Columbus, Ohio where they live. The reception was held a few miles away near at the Grange Insurance Audubon Center; located near downtown Columbus, the center is a nature sanctuary with a mix of industrial and organic surroundings. Their first dance was to “Swept Away” by the Avett Brothers, inspiring the couple to literally incorporate movement into their decor as part of the lyrics talk about “whirling and twirling.” They used streamers everywhere - from the reception to the church to the bouquets and even on the backs of chairs for a breezy, casual and colorful wedding.

All photos are courtesy of Amy Ann Photography.


Q: Why did you choose these locations?

“I actually discovered this church while looking at wedding photographers online. Once we saw it in person, we knew we wanted to get married there. The architectural details are just amazing. Plus we liked that it’s fairly small and intimate. The [reception] building is so modern and clean, it was a great contrast to the very traditional church that we got married in. Bonus feature: the Audubon Center is partially painted orange, which is my favorite color and was one of the wedding colors.”

Q: Is there a story behind the color theme and why you chose it?

“Absolutely! Orange is my (Suzette) favorite color and turquoise is my husband’s (Brad) favorite color. (We even designed my engagement ring to have orange and turquoise sapphires included.) Therefore, those colors were our main inspiration. I also LOVE bright colors and wanted to make our wedding modern, bold and unique.”


Q: What was the best/most memorable part of the day?

“Brad and I agree that one of the most memorable moments of the day was when we walked into the reception space together. We were there before most of the guests. When we walked in, our wedding “team” of helpers (friends, family, co-workers) were standing there to greet us. I took a look around and immediately started crying because I was so overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude. I had worked so hard on getting the pieces together, but these people went above and beyond my expectations to bring my vision to life. The space was perfect and it was totally ‘us.’ Brad says he loved seeing how happy I was with the finished product.”

Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridal gown?

“I chose Azazie for a few reasons. Number one was your custom size option. Being plus-sized (and apple-shaped, at that) I learned very quickly that finding a flattering, mostly simple wedding dress would be difficult – especially an affordable one. I had tried on more elaborate and poufy ball gown dresses, but they just weren’t for me. When I found the Azazie website, I was so excited! There were so many options and I could have any of them created to my exact measurements. I thought about some of the bridal options, but in the end I actually chose a bridesmaid dress, and just ordered it in Ivory. This also helped the cost. I believe the dress ended up being less than $130! Incredible. I did end up having the dress tailored slightly (due to incorrect measurements on my part), but it was not a big deal and my dress was everything I had hoped for. It made me feel beautiful, it was modern, and comfortable! And, the light breeze that day made the dress fit our ‘Swept Away’ theme perfectly.”


Q: Why did you pick this bridal gown?

“It was the shape/silhouette I was looking for, but what really got me was the pleats! I loved that detail from the moment I saw it on your site. Then when I put the dress on, it was so comfortable and moved so beautifully – I knew it was the one. Everyone who has seen it has said it was so ‘me,’ which I love to hear because that’s how I felt in it.”

Q: Any advice for brides-to-be?

“I would say start planning as soon as possible. We procrastinated on some things, which all worked out in the end, but it added unnecessary pressure to an already stressful time. Also, decide what you and your partner’s priorities are for the day. Splurge on what is really important to you and scale back on elements that are not.”


Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process? Why or why not?

“At first, like most brides, I was overwhelmed. Early on I realized that I was not the typical bride. I didn’t like looking at the popular magazines or what celebrity weddings looked like. I also was not concerned with what was “trending” for weddings that season.

I wanted our day to truly reflect us, which to me meant having it look and feel unique – not like every other wedding our guests had attended. In that regard, I actually enjoyed wedding planning. I liked finding new ways to do things and finding personal touches that we could include. There were definitely times of frustration, as well. There is so much to do and so many decisions to make, but in the end, it was all worth it.”

Real Azazie Wedding | Lisa + Tommy

Lisa and Tommy tied the knot on the beach in the Outer Banks off the coast in North Carolina. The couple had vacationed there together in the past and are their happiest on the beach. All the bridesmaids were stunning in our classic Yazmin gown.

All photos were taken by Missy Loves Jerry Photography.


Q: Did you have a particular color theme?

“There's no real story about how I picked our color scheme and I actually went back and forth about a thousand times (as I think a lot of brides do) on it. I ended up choosing the light pink because it was close to neutral while still having some life to it, which helped it pop (but not too loudly) against the background of the ocean.”

Q: What was the best/most memorable part of the day?

The most memorable part of our wedding day was during the ceremony, when my Dad, who officiated, surprised us with a rewritten version of Hallelujah describing our love story/wedding. It was so meaningful yet lighthearted and hilarious at the same time.


Q: Why did you choose Azazie for our bridesmaids?

“I chose Azazie because I had bridesmaids in six different states ranging from 5'1" to 5'9" , so since I knew I wouldn't be able to go shopping with all of them and off-the-rack dress probably wouldn't work across the board , I wanted to make it easy for them to get dresses that were customized for their bodies, while still being affordable. With Azazie's custom dresses being around the same price as (or less than)  comparable dresses from bridal shops, it was a no brainer!"

Q: Any tips or advice for anyone getting married soon?

“Get as many pictures as you can to remember the day forever!”

Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process?

“I had a love/hate relationship with the wedding planning process. We had a 7-month engagement and I'm the type of person who likes to plan out every single detail for events but I'm also terribly indecisive. I think I would've really loved it if I didn't feel like it was a race against time, but since every decision felt rushed, I was mostly overwhelmed.”

Q: Your wedding in one word.  



Real Azazie Wedding | Rhiannon + Russell

Rhiannon and Russell tied the knot at a garden-esque venue called The Springs. Their magical day featured a vintage garden theme and lots of greenery with pops of turquoise, cream, gold, champagne and blush.

All photos were taken courtesy of the talents at Lisa Lytton Photography. These lovely gals wore an assortment of Azazie bridesmaids dresses, including the Aliya, Kaya and Victoria

Q: Where did you have your wedding?

“My husband, Russell, and I chose The Springs in New Braunfels, in Stonehaven Hall. Before we chose The Springs, we had a different venue in mind that was closer to home. I had my heart set on it, but when we went on the tour, I found out that there was no place for my groom to get ready while myself and my bridal party had a lavish on-site cabin. That just didn't sit right to me. It's his day, too! Upon touring The Springs and seeing the gorgeous bride and groom "getting ready" suites among The Springs' other gorgeous features, I was sold. It meant a lot to me that he would feel special on our day!”


Q: Pick the best part of the day.

“I have to pick just one?! It was truly the best day of my life. I loved exchanging handwritten vows with my groom in front of our most treasured friends and family. I loved having a "first look" with my dad, and surprising my mom with a mother-daughter dance. Most of all, I loved the feeling of looking over at Russell throughout the day and thinking, "I am the luckiest woman alive right now!"

Q: What made you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids dresses?

“I felt very strongly about quality, price point, and options when it came to my girl's dresses. Azazie surpassed all of my expectations. My bridesmaid's dresses were all custom sized, tailored beautifully, and clearly made from high-quality fabric. And, they were the best priced dresses bar none! I also appreciated the selection that my girls had. I chose to do mismatched dresses because all bodies are different and I wanted my bridesmaids to feel beautiful and unique. Their dresses totally matched their personalities! Azazie made this one of the easiest choices I made throughout the wedding process!”

Q: Where did you find Azazie?

“Pinterest! Sigh. Pinterest is life."


Q: Any advice for brides-to-be?

“We chose to have our wedding on a the first Monday of Spring Break. Most of our friends and family (including myself being a college student!) had the holiday automatically off AND having our wedding on a weekday meant a crazy savings on the cost of our venue. In fact, the savings paid for our entire flower budget! Also, include your future partner in the planning process. I think it's easy to get swept away in this crazy world of glitter and tulle that we have dreamed of for years, but don't forget that it is their day, too! Lastly, your wedding day is going to fly by. Take a few moments to yourself to just sit, be thankful, and take it all in.”

Q: How was the wedding planning process for you?

“Our wedding was smack-dab in the middle of my final semester of college, so it was more than a little stressful! But, we had 13 months to plan the wedding and we did most of it over the summer while I was on summer break. Those 3 months or so gave us the time to hire most of our vendors. It worked out so well for us and we are so thankful for that. In addition, Russell and I had an amazing support system of friends, family, and extremely professional vendors. We could never be able to say ‘thank you’ enough to everyone who made our wedding day so amazing!”


Q: Final thoughts?

“I know how stressful it all can seem. When things feel overwhelming, just remember WHY you and your partner chose this chapter in your lives. It isn't about the dress or the flowers, I can assure you. It's about building a life with the person you love. Everything else is just a bonus!”

Real Azazie Wedding | Hayley + Robert

Hayley and Robert tied the knot with a beautiful fall wedding in Arkansas. It was important to them that their wedding was not only elegant, but also represented who they are as a couple. Their wedding embodied soft sophistication along with modern glamour. All the ladies wore our Mayra dress. 

All of the lovely photos were taken by Savannah Kate Photography.


Q: Where were you married and why did you pick this place?

“We were married at the church we both attend.  Our faith is an important part of our lives so it was important to us to share the beginning of our lives together with our church family.  Our reception was in a warehouse that we transformed into a modern and elegant venue!”

Q: Did you have a particular color scheme?

“Our color scheme was gold, cream, black, and a hint of red.  Red is both mine and Rob's favorite color, not to mention it was a splash of happy!”


Q: What was the best part of the day?

“Rob's favorite part of the day was the moment he saw me walking down the aisle. The music was timed perfectly. My most memorable moment was seeing his face during our first look. He was so happy!”

Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids dresses?

“I loved the flow of the pleated chiffon bridesmaids' dresses and the black lace on the bodice.  I tried on the sample and fell in love with the dress! My maid of honor was 7 months pregnant so we raised the waist on the dress and it was perfect!”

Q: How was the wedding planning process?

“I enjoyed watching my ideas and dreams become a reality; however I did not like making all of the thousands of tiny decisions. Those drove me crazy! Fonts on the invitations really didn't matter to me.”


Q: Any tips for brides-to-be?

“Enjoy the day and do NOT stress. I followed many traditions on my wedding day. There were a few I chose not to follow, such as meeting my groom for breakfast the day of the wedding.  He calms me and makes me happy so I knew I wanted to see him first thing that morning. It made the day so much better!”


Real Azazie Wedding | Lauren + Matt

Bride Lauren is definitely one smart cookie when it comes to budget wedding planning. In addition to finding her wedding dress on consignment for just $29, she chose palette-perfect flowers that were even better than budget-friendly – they were free! We are thrilled that this savvy Southern bride chose to pass the savings on to her bridesmaids by choosing Azazie for her special day.

We sat down with Lauren to ask her tips for making sure your day is just as special as hers was! All photos are courtesy of Lauren Housemeyer.

AZAZIE sky blue bridesmaid dresses

Q: Where was the wedding held?

"The wedding was held in Albemarle, NC (just outside of Charlotte) at Dennis Vineyards - I really wanted an outdoor wedding with an indoor facility for dinner, and it had both. I also love nature, so this was just perfect!"

Q: What was your wedding theme and/or color palette? Is there a story behind your color choices?

"My theme was simple elegance - the only flowers were the hydrangea bouquets mostly made from my mom's bush, and the petals thrown by the flower girl. My colors were light blue (or Carolina blue – I went to UNC-Chapel Hill), light gray, and white. We mixed in some slightly darker shades of blue as well. My color choices were pretty much just that I love blue and I love Carolina."

Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaid dresses?

"I chose Azazie because after doing a lot of online research, I realized nothing else was as good a deal for as good of quality. It seemed from the photos that the quality of Azazie's dresses was good. I liked the Azazie dresses so much I ordered one for myself for the reception."

AZAZIE reception dress sky blue

Q: Were there any special moments that you'd like to share about your wedding day?

"Our wedding day was absolutely perfect on so many levels - great weather, light breeze, fluffy white clouds - and all of our bridal party looked stunning. I was really just blown away by how beautiful all my friends looked. We had such an amazing day - and lots of fun dancing. I was Ballroom Club president at UNC Chapel Hill, so dancing was a big deal for me. Obvisouly, I couldn't dance the night away in my giant princess dress, so using the Azazie bridesmaid dress in white for my reception dress was great! I danced for 3 solid hours."

Q: How did you like the wedding planning process?

"I enjoyed the majority of the wedding planning process.  I'm a natural planner, so I really liked seeing my vision grow and develop. I had no idea what I wanted to start with, other than an outdoor wedding. When I found the venue, my vision sort of grew to fit that. When thinking about colors, Carolina blue just felt right on so many levels, and I was really happy to find that Azazie offered so many different colors and styles. I didn't have much of a theme to my wedding - it was more of a color scheme - and so finding the right color available in dresses that would look good on every girl really helped. Once the colors were decided upon, everything else was fun additions, answering the question, 'How do I make this a beautiful day I will never forget?' I wanted the day to feel like I was a princess in a fairytale - and it really did."

White wedding reception dress

Q: If you could describe your wedding in one word...

"Perfect.  I know that sounds silly, because everyone always says something goes wrong - someone's dress doesn't fit at the last minute or it rains or someone gives an embarrassing toast - but honestly, for me, it really was perfect. All the planning I put into it paid off, the weather was marvelous, and everyone and everything looked just as I'd envisioned it. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding."

Q: Any advice that you'd like to impart to brides-to-be?

"Brides to be use Azazie for your dresses! (But be sure to do the custom measurements – a couple of my girls who didn't heed my advice on that front had to exchange theirs). On the day-of, try not to stress out. There will always be something that goes wrong, but in the end, all that matters is that you are celebrating your marriage to the love of your life and you are surrounded by people that love you. Dance – and wear comfortable shoes! I had two dresses and two pair of shoes at my wedding, and it was the best decision. Plus, my wedding dress still looks great because it wasn't trampled by dancing feet or spilled on."

Real Azazie Wedding | Marie + Cord

Marie and Cord met in architecture school, bonding over their love of old industrial buildings. While looking for their venue, they wanted a space with a nice design but also lots of character. At Georgetown, a city located in Texas, they found their perfect location in Union on Eighth. Marie and Cord tied the knot on October 2, exactly seven years after they first started dating. Seriously, this wedding is just too cute! 

All images are courtesy of the wonderful Sarah Whittaker from Photo La Vie. You can find Marie's dress here.


Q: Why did you pick this location?

Georgetown has one of the most beautiful historic courthouse squares in the state. A friend who lives there told me about a venue one block off the Square that had recently opened in an old auto repair shop. We took one look at the Union and knew we had to have our wedding there. The owners had preserved all the historic features, while adding their own special touch with unique lighting and furniture.

Q: Did you have a particular theme?

In two words, our wedding was eclectic vintage. The common denominator was vintage books. Cord's last name is Read, we both love to read, and I am a little obsessed with vintage book covers, so a book theme just made sense. We made some books into planters and used them as centerpieces. We also added vintage jars with candles and flowers to the mix. Each table was unique. The venue was stunning in its own right, so besides the tables, we didn't have to do much else.


Q: What was the best part of the day?

There are too many to count, but the best had to be when Cord and I got in the car at the end of the night and finally got to take it all in. Literally every person we love showed up in a place we love to celebrate our love. That realization was so profound, it's still hard to believe that it wasn't a dream.

Q: Why did you choose Azazie for bridal gown?

My Azazie dress was actually the second dress I bought. I've always known I wanted a tea length dress, but when I first started looking I got sucked into all the long white cream puffs at the first dress store I went into and placed an order for a strapless, floor length dress, that was beautiful, but now looking back it was just not me. The universe knew it wasn't the dress for me either, because 5 months later when it came in, it was two sizes too small. The store admitted that they had ordered the wrong size, but could not get the same dress in time for my wedding that was six weeks away. They refunded my money and that night I ordered my Azazie dress. I had seen it online early on in the planning process and kept going back to it in my mind. It came in a few weeks later and with a little bit of tailoring, was PERFECT! It fit like a glove and the craftsmanship of the dress was impeccable. To top it off, it was significantly cheaper than the original dress and 10x prettier. Azazie saved my wedding day.


Q: Any advice for brides-to-be?

Take your time and enjoy the process. It will go by fast and you'll never get this chance again. You'll be frustrated with money and all the people that want to insert their opinion, but your wedding day is for you and your fiance. No one else.

Q: How was the wedding planning process for you?

Overall, yes I loved wedding planning. It was stressful at times and the cost of things was shocking on more than one occasion. Our wedding was completely DIY, which created all these little moments before the wedding that were equally as special. My parents helped me find our venue, while my fiance was busy with school. Both my mom and my mother-in-law helped me hunt for books and other antiques for the decorations. Cord and his dad made books into planters for the tables. Friends came over and helped me put it altogether. The 8 month process of creating our wedding allowed us to share more memorable moments with all the important people in our lives, instead of just one day.  


Q: Why did you pick this bridal gown?

The Paris dress caught my eye first because it was tea length. I love the retro look of the tea-length and logistically it was easier to dance and move around in. Second, I loved the neckline and how the lace was focused on the top of the dress. It had enough detail without being too frilly. The style and fit of the dress was special enough for my wedding day without making me feel like someone else.

Real Azazie Wedding | Bridget + Matt

Break out your tissues readers, because Bridget had us in tears when she first told us her story during a stylist consultation call.

After two toxic marriages she described as “abusive,” Bridget has found that old saying “third time’s a charm” rings especially true when it comes to her fiancé Matt. The last time she walked down the aisle, she wore pants and the aisle was her front lawn. This time around, Matt encouraged her to plan the traditional wedding she’s always wanted, complete with “the” dress.

AZAZIE Plus Size Bridal Gown

But when it came to shopping, Bridget soon found frustratingly limited options for plus size brides, and exceedingly high tailoring costs to get a dress in her size. Adding insult to injury, the bridal shop charged extra for plus size gowns, on top of expensive tailoring.

Of course, Murphy’s Law would be that she wouldn’t discover Azazie’s Francesca gown, which can be made in any size for no additional cost, until she’d after she’d made a down payment on a dress she didn’t really want. Time would go by, and she’d find herself back on that page again and again, even though she’d already committed to buying another dress that she couldn’t return. But still, the Francesca called to her.

AZAZIE Plus Size Bride Francesca gown

After hearing her story of searching for both the right man who treats her right, and the right dress to fit her dream wedding, we wanted to help. We happily gifted Bridget with her Francesca gown. Here’s more on her story.

Photos by April Pierce of April Pierce Photography.
AZAZIE Francesca Bridal Gown

Q: How did you meet?
"Matt and I actually met at work. A cast iron foundry. A Dirty, sweaty, and sometimes dangerous job that came with no expectation of dating, or in my case, love. Our uniforms and hard hats weren't exactly flattering. LOL"

Q: What were the colors of your wedding palette?
"Our wedding colors are a hodge-podge of taupe, burlap, beige, light brown, and dusty rose pinks. My bridesmaids will be choosing their dresses and colors, and even whatever texture they want. I want them to feel beautiful and comfortable. After all, I love each of them for who they are. They have all supported and loved me through everything, so I want them to stand beside me and showcase who they are."

AZAZIE Plus size wedding dress

Q: Why the Francesca dress?
"I fell in love with several dresses. The Francesca seemed so soft and romantic and then you see the back and it says "fun and exciting."

Q: Your wedding in one word.
"Describing my wedding in one word... Blissful. It seems to be the one description that seems fitting to just how excited and happy we are."

AZAZIE plus size bridal

Q: Tell us a bit about the after party!
"After the vows, 100 of our dearest friends and our family will be joining us for a taco and nacho bar. A few signature cocktails, (adult and kid-friendly) dancing, and conversing."

Q: Anything else you’d like to share?
"There are a million other things I would love to say. I just don't know that I can clearly describe just how blessed we have been to have found each other. To say I love my fiancé is a huge understatement. As a little girl I dreamed of what my true love would be like, kind, caring, generous, smart funny, and loving. Matt embodies that, and so much more. We have the three most beautiful children who are just as excited as we are for our wedding day!!!"

Real Azazie Wedding | Lorin + Tony

Lorin and Tony exchanged vows at her parent’s two acre backyard in Auburn, California. The ceremony took place in October, during their favorite month and reflected the fall theme featuring steel grey, her husband’s favorite color, as well as cream, yellow and a splash of orange from pumpkins used for the wedding color palette. Their wedding featured not only Azazie bridesmaids dresses for their vintage theme, but also Azazie goldenrod skinny ties, kids bow tie and matching MOTB dress while Lorin  walked down the aisle in our (retired) Nora bridal gown!

All photos were taken by Ben Sheriff Photography.


Q: Where did you pick to have your wedding?
My parents kindly offered their own backyard for us to use as our wedding venue. The ceremony was held in their outer-backyard among the large oak trees, previously a horse corral many years ago, with the reception being held in their manicured inner-backyard.”

Q: What’s the story behind your wedding colors?
Pumpkins are very important to me since "pumpkin" was my nickname given by my dad when I was a little girl. I'm very much a DIY-er and a vintage fanatic so I wanted to bring those aspects into our wedding as much as possible. We were very blessed to be able to transform the backyard that I grew up in into a beautiful DIY vintage styled wedding venue.”

Q: What was the most memorable part of the day?
“Seeing my husband and being able to spend about 15 minutes alone with him after our "first look" photos was one of the best. It really helped calm our pre-ceremony nerves and let us have a special moment together before the craziness started.”


Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids?
“I wanted the process to be as easy as possible without emptying anybody's wallets. Azazie’s custom sizing option was also important. My bridesmaids and I all wore Saltwater sandals instead of heels, so we needed gowns that we all could wear sandals with. All I had to do was pick out a few different styles that fit the vintage theme and tell my girls to order their choice in the steel grey color, it was that simple!”


Q: How was the wedding planning process?
“We were blessed to have many helping hands from our parents and friends. Staying very organized (maybe too organized) played a major role in keeping everybody sane during the whole process. I kept Excel spreadsheets, yard maps, lists and idea picture samples in a wedding planner binder so that everything was easy to find and to explain to vendors and coordinators.”

Q: Why did you pick this bridal gown?
“I had a mental image of my perfect vintage style wedding gown and I was shocked to find it when I stumbled upon Azazie's website when I was browsing through Pinterest one day, at an incredibly reasonable price too!”


Q: What was the process of ordering your bridal gown at Azazie?
I was a bit hesitant about ordering the gown from an online source without trying it on first, but Azazie's customer care team eased my mind when they answered the many questions that I had about the dress and their policies. When I received my dress, I was blown away by the quality and detail. I still had to have some adjustments made by a local tailor to make the dress a perfect fit, but I was reimbursed part of the cost of the tailoring since it was a custom order! A dress like that, including tailoring, at any other bridal store would have cost me thousands of dollars. I'm always recommending Azazie to all my friends and family due to my positive experience with their easy ordering process, reasonable pricing and outstanding customer service.”

Q: Any last piece of advice for brides-to-be?
“Don't be afraid to do it yourself and to be yourself, let your wedding reflect you and your groom's combined interests and styles. If you can, hire a day-of wedding coordinator! The day ran amazingly smooth all thanks to the coordinator that we hired. Also if things don't turn out as you had originally planned in your mind, it's okay because nobody will notice since they don't know the difference.”

Real Azazie Wedding | Casey + RJ

Casey and RJ Frulla were married on August 8 in a beautiful rustic wedding. Her bridesmaids were donning various Azazie dresses in sky blue. We talked to Casey and asked her some questions about the big day! Special thanks to Kate Fisher Photography for these gorgeous shots of their special day!

Q: Where did you have your wedding and why did you pick this location?
“ The wedding was in Huntington, West Virginia. It was the place where I grew up and where I met my now husband. We both attend Marshall University.”


Q: Did you have a theme or color scheme?
“Theme was a southern shabby chic wedding with a pale blue and pink color scheme.”

Q: What was the best/most memorable part of the day?
“When my husband and me walked down the aisle together for the first time as husband and wife. Also the reception was a blast!”

Q: Why did you choose Azazie?
“They offer tons of different styles of bridesmaids dresses that my bridesmaids could choose from. I wanted them to feel comfortable in their dress so they got to pick any style they wanted. Also the color choices and affordable prices were great.”


Q: Any tips or advice for brides-to-be?
“Just relax the week of the wedding and do not stress out about anything. After all the day is only about you and your groom, and nothing else matters."