Real #Azazie Wedding | Jenna + Brad

Jenna + Brad definitely had one Pinterest-worthy wedding. Their gorgeous outdoor nuptials were set in an enchanting forest, covered in twinkling lights and accent by a modern, neutral color palette. Their fabulous desert table and natural wood decor really brought the whole look together. Read about their story and see some of our favorite pics below:

Real #Azazie Wedding | Jenna + Brad

Dresses: Kailyn & Lindsey

Q: You and your hubby are so cute! How did you know that your partner was the one?

“Well, I didn’t right away! We met in college, when I was 21 and he was 19. We dated for the most part of a decade, spending a couple of short spurts of time apart. It was during our second ‘break’ that I realized that no matter what, I wanted him in my life as my partner and had no interest in living without him! That realization was a wonderful moment, and one I will never forget.”

Real #Azazie Wedding | Jenna + Brad

Q: Who was the most nervous on the big day?

“We weren’t nervous. We were overwhelmed! But in all the right ways! We felt so grateful to be able to celebrate with each other, our family, and friends.”

Real #Azazie Wedding | Jenna + Brad

Dresses: Stella & Rebecca

Q: If you could relive any moment during your wedding day what would it be?

“Easy. The ceremony. It was 15 minutes. We laughed, we cried, and it was the most unexpectedly fun part of the day because it was our own. If I could relive it over and over again and I don’t think I would grow tired of it.”

Real #Azazie Wedding | Jenna + Brad

Q: Celebrating your big day means making tons of decisions. What was your favorite part of the planning experience?

“My favorite part of the planning process was designing my own invitations! I used a generic website and was able to make invitations that were our very own and minimal. I aim to be as environmentally friendly as I can be so minimal invitations were important. Let’s admit it together… people just throw them away! I kept it simple, which meant affordable, and I was SO happy with them. ”

Real #Azazie Wedding | Jenna + Brad

Q: What inspired you to choose your wedding colors/theme?

“Our wedding was all outdoors and we wanted it to be relaxed and natural. It was important to us that we felt authentic and did not go too fancy, because that is not our personality or style. The venue was gorgeous and spoke for itself, so we went with colors and and a theme that would effortlessly blend in.”

Real #Azazie Wedding | Jenna + Brad

Dresses: Ginger, BonnieKailynLindsey, Hillary, CherishStellaRebecca, Georgia & Regina

Q: We’re so honored that you chose us! Why did you choose Azazie to be a part of your special day?

“I wore an Azazie dress as the maid of honor for my best friends wedding a year earlier and I loved it. The dress fit me like a glove and the process of ordering was a breeze. It was a no brainer choice for my wedding. I love that there are so many colors to choose from! I picked two and split the colors amongst the girls. I then let my wedding party pick out a style that they wanted, not one that was chosen for them. When people feel their best, they look their best!”

Real #Azazie Wedding | Jenna + Brad

Q: How did you decide on your wedding venue?

“It had to be outdoors for us. We found this beautiful place nestled in the Redwoods called Saratoga Springs. The backdrop of the venue was a gorgeous bridge framed by trees. It had a casual, ‘not-too-stuffy’ feel to it. There was bocce ball, corn hole, and then we saw the picnic tables and envisioned our guests sitting beneath twinkling lights all together.”

Real #Azazie Wedding | Jenna + Brad

Q: Many of our readers are brides-to-be. Do you have any tips for these lovely ladies?

“Plan your wedding day and celebration to be unapologetically yours! Do whatever it is that will make you and your partner’s hearts the happiest. It’s all that matters.”

Real #Azazie Wedding | Jenna + Brad

Photography by Briana C Photography.


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  1. Mikayla says:

    What colors are the bridesmaid dresses in?

    • Natasha says:

      Hi Mikayla,
      Those dresses look like they are our Champagne color. But, we always recommend ordering a swatch since colors can look different on your screen or device.

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