Love Is Not Cancelled – EXTENDED! | Congrats to This Week’s Giveaway Winners!

Thanks to all of our wonderful brides sharing their stories, we have extended the Social Media Giveaway one more final time! You have until Friday, 6/19 to send us your submission. We will be selecting 15 more winners, so enter the contest for a chance to win a free Azazie Bridal Gown of your choice! Here are this week’s 7 deserving winners.

Tonni D.

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My fiance and I have been impacted deeply by this pandemic along with the world. Yet our story is a little bit unique we have a long distance relationship that has been going on for a couple years now when we decided to marry our plans were greatly organized here at home where I live in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and also where he lives and Abuja Nigeria West Africa. This is where our relationship and engagement became very unique. He had a passport but needed a visa to come to America. We were approved for the petition for fiance visa in December, all that was left was for my fiance to go to his interview on March 17th, & pass a few questions to obtain his Visa. But this was the beginning stages of the pandemic, quarantine and lockdown. On March 11th the US Embassy and Consulate in Nigeria cancelled his interview, a week before the interview, and rescheduled for May 12th,; but then a day later cancel that interview as well. So we wait.

Our wedding they would have been today May 2nd at 2 p.m. we realize we would have to reschedule our wedding day but then we got the second date and also cancellation. Our patience and perseverance were scrambled at the core not knowing it was all due to this pandemic of 2020. 

This morning I checking my Google news and I saw this opportunity here for a chance to win a wedding gown. It put a smile on my face thinking of having a beautiful wedding dress to where to lighten up my saddened heart as I Take a Walk to Remember for a lifetime marrying the Love of my Life.

Keeping strong faith because in due time are city, state, country, and the world will open. Finding some type of normal stage of living. The US Consulate and Lagos Nigeria will reopen and continue to take interviews, as then my fiance will pass & obtain his Visa and and no time travel to the states where we must be married within 90 days of the Visa. 

Since his proposal and start of our engagement July 1, 2019, I have been saving & planning for our wedding day.

And today would have been the day, May 2nd @ 2:00 (TEARS****)

The year is going fast, the struggle of our current events requires more courage and obedience. But soon all will be better. We hope to have a opportunity to get a dress…let alone we need help planning a new wedding arrangement..

But a Beautiful dress would lighten up my spirit.

Thank you, have a wonderful day, stay safe….PLEASE


Chelsea and Dillon

Real Brides, Giveaway, Contest, Azazie, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Love is not Cancelled, engagement

Hi there! My name is Dillon and I saw my fiancé looking at your contest giveaway on your phone and she briefly mentioned it to me. So I wanted to surprise her and nominate her myself.

My fiancé Chelsea is a registered nurse with an MSN on the frontlines. Chelsea loves being able to help those in need and comforting her patients during a very scary time. To her, every patient is someone’s parent, child, sibling, etc, & she doesn’t hesitate to go above and beyond for her patients. Even outside of her job at the hospital, Chelsea is so selfless. Recently, she set up a fundraiser for a mother who is in a wheelchair and her son who are homeless in which she had raised over $600. Ever since she found out that they didn’t have a home, we’ve been visiting almost weekly to bring them food, baby wipes, and other medical supplies. Taking time out of her day to want to help other people in need is just a sample of what a caring person she is. Also, she and I are in the process of opening up a home to help people with disabilities. 

She manages to juggle all this and a personal life and planning a wedding in the midst of a pandemic, so I am convinced she is superwoman.

Although the virus has greatly affected our lives, she continues to be positive and work hard everyday. 

If anyone deserves to win a wedding dress from Azazie, it is my amazing fiancé Chelsea. She and I were so excited because we had plans to get married this year, but sadly we we will have to postpone our wedding because of the coronavirus. 

Chelsea and I met when we were 13 years old, although I had puppy love for her then, we never dated as teenagers, and then reconnected and started dating as adults. She was so supportive and patient when I went to graduate school in Germany and she sacrificed a lot while we did a long distance relationship for almost two years. When I moved back from Germany to California in the fall of 2019, I finally got the chance to propose to the love of my life who happens to be my first crush. We got engaged and planned to get married in July 2020. Sadly, COVID-19 has thrown a monkey wrench in our wedding plans and for the safety of everyone and due to mandates we will have to postpone our big church wedding. Although when we first got engaged we had an idea of getting married abroad, but because of the economic and health related issues regarding guests, we decided to wed locally. Also, she and I agreed we especially wanted our grandmothers to be there since they were a huge part of our upbringing, however they are aging and sadly my grandmother’s memory is declining. 

Getting chosen for a dress would be such a light and joy for her during this uncertain and emotional time. Before this pandemic shook the world up, she had actually browsed on your site for dresses and in fact all her bridesmaids ordered their dresses from you guys. I know she would be beyond grateful and excited if she won one herself. She always takes care of other people and she deserves the world. 

Chelsea is the most beautiful woman inside and out and I cannot wait to marry her and can’t wait for the moment I can see her walk down the aisle in her wedding dress. Thank you, Azazie, for being so gracious to COVID brides affected by this virus and for giving me the chance to nominate the love of my life.




Rai B

Real Brides, Giveaway, Contest, Azazie, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Love is not Cancelled, engagement

Hi Azazie! My name is Rai B & here is my story.

Before me and my fiance me, I spent 5 years in a relationship that isolated me from my friends and family. I often found myself drinking to mask the pain and emotions I felt, while being smothered and told that THIS was love. No one should ever feel like this while they are in a relationship with someone who is supposed to love you.

Fast forward a bit, I met my fiance in 2018 at such a low period time of my life!  I’d starting putting myself forward. I’d starting going back out into the world to make friends. I’d also been reaching back out to my family to reconnect burned bridges. I felt strong enough to love again.

My fiancé makes me so complete; I basically fell into the arms of my soulmate! A few days after my birthday in January 31st, 2020, the love of my life proposed to me! I will never forget that day, it was so magical! He said we were going to take family photos, in which we did! Out came the ring, and a downpour of tears to follow. Coming out of an abusive relationship prior, when someone shows you that they love you without instilling fear and physical abuse, you truly appreciate that type of love.

Corona hit, and our normal lives seemed to shatter! My fiancé, a photographer, clientele has been very low over the past few months. We’ve had to reach into our savings to accommodate everyday life. On top of that, we have lost three relatives to the Corona Virus! Because the states are going into a relaxed state, cases are rising, and we fear that there may be a second wave of the virus. It looks like a virtual wedding may be the new “normal,” for us. With other weddings being pushed back, it may be difficult for us to secure a venue again.

I know that this isn’t the way that things are supposed to g. YES, I want to prance around and say that “life isn’t fair,” cry, scream and ask “why me.” I am then reminded that others have it a lot worse than we do. We should thank our lucky stars that we have necessities, our daughter, and ourselves. Regardless of if our wedding is virtual, or courthouse, or private (less than 10 people) I still want to feel gorgeous! It would be wonderful if you all could help offset some of our wedding cost! Honestly, I’m fearful of going to a shop and being in contact with individuals. I love the fact that I can send a dress home and try before I buy! I have about 10-15 dresses in my favorite stash and would love to wear one in November if Corona permits! Thank you for the consideration!


Christina L.

Real Brides, Giveaway, Contest, Azazie, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Love is not Cancelled, engagement

My name is Annie Ahn. For this wedding dress giveaway I would like to nominate my sister, Christina Le @bee_f88. In anyone is more deserving of this it’s her. She has been a nurse for 8 years and works in the ER in the Level 1 Trauma County Hospital in San Jose, CA. I am also an ER nurse of 15 years and am fortunate to work beside her. She is one of the most caring person I know. She is a huge advocate for her patients and always goes above and beyond for them. She is thoughtful and selfless, always puts herself last. In the past couple of months, she has been spending hours and hours in the hot tents that are placed outside the ER. They screen the patients arriving to the ER before they enter the hospital doors to minimize exposure to patients and staff inside the hospital. Last week she was kicked by a patient in the back, (she is slowly recovering from that) and she wasn’t even angry because he “wasn’t all there” she says. She works countless hours and hours and is always happy. She absolutely loves and is passionate of what she does.

She Is to marry her soul mate in November. She is living with the uncertainty if it’s even going to be a celebration…. She hasn’t tried on any wedding dresses or even planned anything further esp with shops being closed and all. Her plan if she can’t have a reception is to cancel it and plan on having a small ceremony with her close family ans friends. Her fiancé is also one of the most caring person I know. They both deserve something nice. Thank you again for the opportunity and the kindness!


Naomi K.

Real Brides, Giveaway, Contest, Azazie, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Love is not Cancelled, engagement

Hi Azazie Team!

I have just seen your promotion on KTLA, and would love to enter to win a wedding dress with you!

My fiance and i had planned to marry this month, but due to the corona virus we had to postpone it to July (possibly August, we are just waiting to hear about when the quarantine orders will be lifting).

I am an Australian actor and singer songwriter, based in Los Angeles, and have been out of work since COVID19 came into all our lives, so my budget for a wedding dress has unfortunately been a little diminished. While i have been searching online for what feels like the longest time for the perfect dress for me, i have not yet purchased anything, choosing to wait until we know more about COVID orders (and until a little more money comes through!). 

My fiance (his name is Christopher Brown) has made all the plans for us to marry in Tuscon Arizona, where he is from and where his family all live, and later in the year fly to Australia, where we can celebrate our love with all my family and friends out there, and finally introduce him to them all!

Australia is currently only allowing citizens, residents, or those that are married, into the country (due to Corona), so we cannot visit (we want to be there for Christmas) until we marry. So i have been keeping everything crossed (even my eyes!) that the quarantine orders will be lifted soon, as we didn’t really want to have to postpone our special day much longer. 

I have never been married, choosing to wait until i met the right one. So i can’t even begin to tell you how excited i am about our upcoming wedding, and would be so happy (and grateful, over the moon even!) to have the honor of wearing one of your amazing dresses/gowns. 

I would also love to share pictures of me in your dress on my special day, and let the world know how kind and generous you all are over at Azazie in giving women like me an opportunity to marry in something so beautiful. 

Thank you so much for even considering me in your competition. If you would like to see my Instagram, Facebook, YouTube page etc, all the links are listed below, including pictures of my fiance and i together. I will also attach a couple of them below, too. 

Thank you so much once again, i really look forward to hopefully hearing back from you!!


Sueanne B.

Real Brides, Giveaway, Contest, Azazie, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Love is not Cancelled, engagement

Hi there! Watched you guys on KTLA this morning. Wanted to share my story.

     My name is Sueanne B and last October  at the age of 32 I got engaged in beautiful Barcelona to my fiancé who is 36, this will be the first wedding for both of us and we have no children yet. Our Wedding date (picked specifically by my fiancé) was supposed to be 12/12/2020 and we were to be married in a small intimate ceremony on the island of Maui.

     By this time (in a post Covid world)  we would of already flown out to Maui to find our wedding venue which unfortunately we still have not a chance to do because of the Mandatory quarantine for all travelers visiting the island. Also by this time I would of asked my bridesmaids and maid of honor to be part of my wedding party and I have not been able to see them to ask in person due to the pandemic, I also would have already picked out a dress and would be planning a bridal shower.

    At the end of the day we are safe and healthy and our family is too, ultimately that is all that matters. We will still have a wedding maybe a little later than expected and a destination wedding still lies in uncertainty, what we do know is that day by day things are changing and life is returning back to normal and soon we will be able to celebrate love again!


Klaudia W.

Real Brides, Giveaway, Contest, Azazie, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Love is not Cancelled, engagement

I heard about your giveaway and was hoping I could still enter. My fiancé, Andrew, and I have been engaged since May 2018 and are crossing our fingers that we can have the wedding of our dreams on 8/28/20! We have been together for over ten years and have been waiting for this moment for a long time. We are both frontline workers living on Long Island which is one of the hardest hit areas during this pandemic. I am a Physician Assistant working at a major level 1 trauma center on the frontlines and my fiancé works for the MTA. We have both been isolated from our family and friends for three months because we fear bringing the virus home to our loved ones as we are constantly exposed due to our line of work. We have still been trying to plan this wedding despite this pandemic and are trying our best to stay positive. We hope to get married this year despite all the obstacles thrown our way! However, we are planning a “plan B” wedding since there is a very high likelihood we may have to postpone since everything is still shut down here. Being chosen for this giveaway would be the glimmer of hope we are in search of! So far my bridal shower was postponed and both of our bachelor/bachelorette parties are in jeopardy of being cancelled. At this point, we are just hoping the wedding can happen! Thank you for your consideration!


Enter the giveaway soon! Our final winners announcement will be on Friday 6/19!

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