Love Is Not Cancelled Giveaway Wrap-Up: Which Dresses Did the Winners Choose?

This past May and June, Azazie held a “Love Is Not Cancelled” Giveaway on social media to help out 50 recently-engaged women whose weddings had been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked real brides-to-be to share their personal stories during this challenging time and the winners received a FREE Azazie bridal gown of their choice for their big day! 

It is our pleasure to help each of these women celebrate the love and joy in their lives, and bring them hope at a time when we all need it most. We would like to share with you the stunning Azazie bridal gowns these giveaway winners chose as their forever dresses!

Megan chose the sweet and lacy midi-length dress Lilly for her special day!


Giveaway winner Megan Z. has been working in the ICU caring for COVID patients, along with her fiance. Although she has postponed her wedding to an unknown date in order to keep her family safe, she has been hoping to have a smaller ceremony in an Azazie dress! Read all of Megan’s COVID story here.


Cauriana chose the beautiful princess gown Melrose for her special day!


Giveaway winner Cauriana J. has been struggling to pay for her wedding, and didn’t know if she’d be able to afford a dress. She loves Azazie because of the affordable prices and had chosen her dream dress before even entering into the giveaway! Read all of Cauriana’s COVID story here.

Dailisia and Tara chose the Lafayette Wedding Dress for their special days!

lafayette-diamond white&nude.side

Giveaway winner Dailisia S. had to postpone her large wedding celebration, as COVID made it impossible for visiting family members to the US from Trinidad. 

Giveaway winner Tara G. shared her story of a knee injury, delaying her wedding an entire year, and then the COVID pandemic delayed it further.

Read all of Dailisia’s and Tara’s COVID stories here

Elana chose the Honeydew Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Elana T. shared how 2020 has affected her life. With a tornado hitting her neighborhood in Nashville, working in the ICU as an ER physician, and recovering from COVID-19 herself, a wedding is exactly what she needs to lift her spirits! Read all of Elana’s COVID story here.

Emily, Hailey, and Lexi all chose the lacy and majestic Rowe Wedding Dress for their special days!


Emily T. kindly shared her story of hardships before COVID-19 even began, with a death in the family, both grandparents ill, and her own grad school graduation cancelled due to the quarantine. Read Emily’s COVID story here.

Giveaway winner Hailey H. is a devoted healthcare worker, who’s compassion, positivity, and hard work has given her community so much hope despite the difficult circumstances. Read Hailey’s COVID story here

Giveaway winner Lexi C. was eager to wear an Azazie dress for her wedding, but since her fiance was furloughed, they were struggling financially to hold the wedding. Read Lexi’s COVID story here.

Tonni chose the Dulce Amor Wedding Dress for her special day!

Dulce Amor

Giveaway winner Tonni D. is eager to marry her fiance who had been planning to immigrate to America from Nigeria. Due to the pandemic, his interview with the US Embassy was cancelled along with their wedding. We hope a free Azazie dress will lift Tonni’s spirits during this difficult time. Read all of Tonni’s COVID story here.

Jin, Carla, and Mabel chose the sweet and playful Azul Wedding Dress for their special days!


Giveaway winner Jin C. has been fighting on the frontlines ever since the Coronavirus hit New York City. Working more than 12-hour shifts, the physical and emotional toll has been tremendous. Read all of Jin’s COVID story here

Giveaway winner Carla G. is a pilot in the US Air Force. With the restrictions of the pandemic shut down she is not allowed to leave her local area to have a wedding. Read all of Carla’s COVID story here.

Giveaway winner Mabel C. is a surgery resident physician in one of the busiest NYC hospitals during the pandemic’s outbreak epicenter, New York City. Read all of Mabel’s COVID story here.

Chelsea chose the sweet, tea-length Dolores Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Chelsea L. is a nurse at Stanford Healthcare on the front lines, dealing with hardships everyday. Due to her Fiancé’s mother being diagnosed with brain cancer, she would love to have her wedding as soon as possible and Azazie is happy to help by providing her a beautiful wedding dress. Read all of Chelsea’s COVID story here

Casey chose the sleek and romantic Dahlia Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Casey D. already had her wedding delayed once due to a frightening head injury in 2018. Two years later, she won’t let a pandemic get in the way, opting for a small and intimate ceremony with her family. Read all of Casey’s COVID story here.

Corryn and Klaudia chose the Cynthia Wedding Dress for their special days!


Giveaway winner Corryn C. was devastated when her dream wedding was cancelled. After finally choosing a new date, she is determined to make that dream wedding a reality despite the pandemic. Read all of Corryn’s COVID story here

Giveaway winner Klaudia W. and her fiancé are both frontline workers living on Long Island, which was one of the hardest hit areas during this pandemic. They have been staying isolated from their family and are likely going to have a small wedding. Read all of Kaudia’s COVID story here.

Carrie chose the Effie Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Carrie G. is struggling financially to have her dream wedding, since both she and her fiance lost their jobs due to the COVID shutdown. Read all of Carrie’s COVID story here.

Sabrina chose the magical and feminine Rhapsody Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway Winner Sabrina K. fell in love with Azazie after getting engaged last year and had been dreaming of finding the perfect wedding dress! Now, with all the bridal boutiques closed, she was afraid she wouldn’t find her dress in time. Read all of Sabrina’s COVID story here.

Dillon chose the Pepper Wedding Dress for Chelsea to wear on their special day!


Giveaway winner Chelsea was nominated for our giveaway by her loving fiance, Dillon. Chelsea is working hard everyday on the front lines of the COVID pandemic and Dillon knows she deserves a beautiful wedding dress. Azazie is excited to help Dillon surprise his fiancée with a free dress for their wedding! Read all of Chelsea’s COVID story here.

Heather chose the regal and glamorous Charmaine Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Heather S. was impacted both financially and personally by coronavirus. Her wedding had been planned for April, but after being laid off from work and her own daughter getting COVID-19, finding a beautiful wedding dress seemed nearly impossible. Read all of Heather’s COVID story here.

Christina chose the Ivana Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Christina L. works in San Jose at the County Hospital in the Level 1 Trauma unit in the ER and has been taking extra precautions since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. With all the bridal stores closed, she was unable to shop for a dress in person so her sister Annie asked Azazie to help her out. Read all of Christina’s COVID story here.

Hannah chose the sleek and romantic Kira Weding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Hannah Z. shared how her grandmother passed away soon after she got engaged. The COVID shutdown occurred and she was unable to go to her dress fitting or have the large wedding she had been planning for. Not letting the pandemic get in the way, she opted for a small ceremony in her fiancé’s backyard. Read all of Hannah’s COVID story here.

Sam chose the Behati Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Sam A. shared how her grandfather and cousin had both recently passed away when COVID-19 hit. She and her fiancé are hoping that their wedding will be able to bring a bit of joy to their mourning family. Read all of Sam’s COVID story here.

Kelly chose the Monique Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Kelly R. was expecting a large wedding ceremony with lots of friends and family before the COVID pandemic. When everything shut down, she had to come to terms with the new plans. Although she won’t have the big exciting celebration she had hoped for, she will have everything she truly needs – her favorite man and her favorite Azazie wedding dress! Read all of Kelly’s COVID story here

Joe chose the Eartha Wedding Dress for his sister’s special day!


Giveaway winner Brooke Y. has been waiting many years to marry the love of her life, and has made many sacrifices including donating a kidney to her fiancé for a transplant. Nominated by her brother Joe, Azazie is excited to help him surprise his sister! Read all of Brooke’s COVID story here.

Alyce chose to wear the chic, tea-length Peggy Wedding Dress dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Alyce J. is a police officer in San Diego along with her fiancé, and had her wedding planned for June before the pandemic. When everything shut down, she lost money she had been investing for the wedding and began working six days a week to make up for the loss so that she can still afford to get married this year. Read all of Alyce’s COVID story here.

Shreya and Sheron choose the Kia Wedding Dress for their special days!


Giveaway winner Shreya A. decided to elope in May after working a 30-hour overnight shift in the ICU. Her family was devastated to have missed it and to be unable to see their daughter during this trying time. This brave hero is still dreaming of walking down the aisle in a beautiful wedding dress surrounded by her family. Read all of Shreya’s COVID story here.

Giveaway winner Sheron S. was struggling to plan her wedding due to the pandemic shut down. Unable to go wedding dress shopping with her mother, her fiancé was working 13+ hours a week on the front lines, and her family was unlikely able to travel to the ceremony. Read all of Sheron’s COVID story here.

Sueanne chose the Ophelia Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Sueanne B. was planning to have a destination wedding in Maui, but  due to the pandemic shut down, she and her fiancé were unable to travel to find a venue, and will likely have a small wedding at home. Read all of Suanne’s COVID story here.

Edna and Sara chose the lacey, sultry Priscilla Wedding Dress for their special days!


Giveaway winners Edna J. and Sara Z. are both hard working, healthcare heroes. Edna, a recently graduated nurse, is currently working on the front lines during this pandemic, while Sara is a dedicated pediatric nurse. Read all of Edna’s COVID story here. Read all of Sara’s COVID story here.

Shin chose the Meghan Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Shin W. works tirelessly as an oncology nurse at UCLA Medical Center, working with COVID patients in the ER and ICU. The front line hero has isolated herself from everyone in order to keep her family safe, but is still planning to marry the love of her life! Read all of Shin’s COVID story here.

Amanda and Naomi chose the lacy, off-the-shoulder Antonia Wedding Dress for their special days!


Giveaway Winner Amanda C., a hard-working nurse practitioner, was planning a romantic vacation with her fiancé when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and suddenly was working overtime on the front lines. Read all of Amanda’s COVID story here.

Naomi K. works in the entertainment industry and has been out of work since COVID hit, but hopes to go to Australia to celebrate her wedding with family. Read all of Naomi’s COVID story here.

Maegan chose the Adeline Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Maegan F. recently lost her job at a daycare due to the COVID shut down, and will only be able to work part time when she starts student teaching. She feared that she and her fiancé wouldn’t be able to afford a dress for her wedding. Read all of Maegan’s story here

Evelyn chose the playful and elegant Robin Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Evelyn S., a hard-working nurse and Health Director at a senior living home, was hit hard with the COVID shut down. After spending much of her and her fiancé’s savings planning a March wedding, the sudden non-refundable cancelations was a tough financial blow, especially with their two kids. Read all of Evelyn’s COVID story here.

Akilah chose the Jojo Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Akilah W. had to delay her wedding due to her unexpected pregnancy! While she would like to have a large ceremony, she and her fiance are planning a small and intimate wedding in the meantime and she found the perfect dress at Azazie! Read all of Akilah’s COVID story here.

Elizabeth chose the traditional and romantic Araminta Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Elizabeth S. came across Azazie right when the COVID shutdown hit New York, and all the bridal boutiques closed. Grateful for an alternative option, Elizabeth was amazed at how easy and intimate Azazie’s At-Home Try On Program was and was able to “say yes to the dress” at home with all her family! Read all of Elizabeth’s COVID story here.


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