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What to do after you’re engaged- Start the wedding planning process!

So, you’re newly engaged, sporting a shiny new ring, and a smile that can be seen from a mile away! In all of the excitement, you know you have to begin the gargantuan task of planning your wedding. Here are some quick tips to help you get started:


Budgets, contracts and timelines are all important, but none of them will fall into place until you know what you both want. Make lists of the things you each think are most important at a great wedding: the food, photography, entertainment, décor – you name it. Compare notes and make a master list so you can refer to it as you make your choices.



It’s not the most fun topic, but once you have prioritized, it’s important to establish a reasonable budget. Consider all of the sources of funds you will draw from and come up with a place to start as you fit planning a wedding into your daily finances.

Seek Out Great Referrals

Start your vendor search by asking trusted friends for their recommendations for service providers. Expand your search using all of the great tools available online, and read all the reviews you can. Choose a few professionals from each category and set up times to meet with them and start screening for your perfect matches.

Have Fun

These are just the preliminary duties when you are planning a wedding, and there will be many more. You want to look back and remember the laughter, so make sure to have as much fun as you can during these first days!

What are some helpful planning tips you’ve learned along the way?

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