The Ultimate Wedding Day Checklist

emergency kit

We know how crazy things can get when the big day finally comes. As with any event, things are bound to go wrong but they don’t have to turn into emergencies when you’re prepared. Nothing feels better than to help the day go exactly as planned.

We’re here to do anything we can to help! We’ve compiled the ultimate wedding day checklist for bridesmaids, so you’ll be prepared for any emergency and don’t have to spend the day scrambling around looking for things you need. Instead of spending money on a bridal emergency kit, we encourage everyone to drop by a CVS or Walgreens to get everything you need. Pick up a woven basket or tote bag to carry it in or DIY your own personalized canvas bag!

Print this sheet out so you can collect all the things you need beforehand. Did we leave anything important out? Let us know!

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