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The Engagement Ring Guide Part 3: Trends

engagement ring guide

For the last part of our engagement ring series, we’re going to take a look at all the latest trends. We hope that after our series of engagement ring posts, everyone is more equipped with the information they need to know before making a decision about what kind of ring they want. Regardless of convention, brides and grooms should go with whatever expression of commitment they’re most happy with.

More and more brides are choosing unique, one-of-a-kind styles. Whether it’s cut, color, or setting – it’s clearly important for newlyweds to use their engagement ring as an outlet for their creative expression and individuality!

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Rather than opting for a simple solitaire setting, brides are enamored with more unique settings like pave, swirl, and especially halo or double halo. There has also been a surge in a horizontal setting for non-round cuts and asymmetrical settings in the past few years and many grooms are even going for custom settings for their one-of-a-kind brides.

Valiantly Vintagevintage

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Edwardian style rings have inspired brides to go for a more vintage look with their rings. This can include floral details or intricate setting designs.

Color Clubcolor

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Colored gemstones are also making a comeback in the engagement rings world. Just like the Duchess of Cambridge’s sapphire beauty, more brides are opting for beautiful blues, pinks, and yellows.

Cutting Edge


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In terms of cut, many brides are also steering away from the traditional round cut and choosing marquise, pear, or even heart shaped cuts. Cushion cut diamonds in a rainbow setting are an incredibly popular style as of late.

Metal Mattermetal

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While platinum has always been king in the past, mixed metals seem to be making a comeback. Brides are now rocking yellow and rose gold, among others while some are even mixing metals within the band.

Smashing Simplicitysimple

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Lastly, a lot of low-key brides are also choosing simple bands with no central diamond and using promise rings as engagement rings. This down-to-earth look sways from tradition and we love it.

Other Unique Stylesother1

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Source: 1, 2, 3, 4

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