Reduce the Cost of Being a Bridesmaid

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While there’s nothing more fulfilling than being part of your best friend’s big day, the costs of being a bridesmaid can be a financial strain for many. Bridesmaids expenditures can reach an upwards of $1500 – especially when you’re a bridesmaid. We’re here to propose some cost-cutting solutions for brides and bridesmaids to consider. It’s important to note that with any event planning, communication is key. While this can get into awkward territory since finances are involved, the best way to address these issues is to talk things over as directly as possible.

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Plan, Plan, and Plan Ahead

Try to plan ahead for everything from transport to hotels so that there are no surprise costs for your bridesmaids. Booking early for these types of reservations may help you get special discounts as well.

Go Non-Bridal

Shopping at non-bridal stores for your bridesmaids accessories can really cut down costs because those retailers don’t often have discounts. You’ll also be able to add a more unique touch to the look this way as well.

Custom is King

Although going custom may sound more expensive, opting for made-to-measure can sometimes actually reduce costs because you’re not paying alteration costs, especially if your bridal party consists of girls of all different body shapes!

Website Domination

Check online for everything you need for your bridal party first because often times, the prices will be lower than physical retail stores.

Best Friends for a Reason

The biggest way to budget your bridesmaids costs is to communicate with your BFFs and consolidate the costs that you can. Traveling together, planning together, doing DIY projects together means that you can take part of the whole experience together and share some of the costs.

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