Friday Inspiration: Bridal Shoes

It is finally Friday! For those of you who know us, we are obsessed with dresses and all things wedding related. But you might not know our other love – shoes! And what better than to put our two favorite things together? Today’s Friday Inspiration is all about bridal shoes that our very own brides wore! Real shoes, real brides, real weddings. So much eye candy!

shoes, bridal, wedding, inspiration, bride

Christy Tyler Photography

wedding, bridal, shoe, comfortable, sandals, flats

1985 Luke Photography

louboutin, wedding, bridal, shoes, bride, inspiration

Pie Shoppe Photography

shoes, wedding, inspiration, bridal

Tony Gambino Photography

shoes, wedding, inspiration, bridal, comfortable, lace, flats

Stephanie Brann Photography

shoes, wedding, inspiration, bridal, lace

Shelly Anderson Photography

bright, wedding, shoes, bridal

Danielle Nichol Photography

bridal, shoes, inspiration, wedding

Emily Brensing Photography

shoes, wedding, inspiration, bridal, cowboy, boots

Once Like a Spark Photography

blue, sneakers, shoes, wedding, inspiration, bridal

Ryan and Alyssa Photography

What shoes are you going to wear on your big day? Share with us in the comments below!

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