Why We Support #LoveWins

marriage equality
There is no question that today’s Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage is a historic decision. As a company that is in the business of love and marriage, this is a day of true celebration for us at AZAZIE.

Diversity and inclusion has been a cornerstone of our business from the beginning. We celebrate the fact that our clientele comes from all walks of life – all ages, races, religions, sizes, shapes, incomes, and sexual orientations.

The truly profound part is that regardless of any differences we may find across happy couples, one common thread holds true: love is love. It lights up at the end of the aisle when the wedding march begins. It gets nervous and its voice quivers as it holds back tears during its vows. It delights in the first kiss as a married couple. It gets a mischievous look right before smashing cake in the face of its other half. It even enjoys the first dance despite the fact that it usually hates dancing in public. It takes “in sickness and in health” seriously. It endures.

Put simply, it’s our view that anyone who finds this love should have it. As long as we are in the business of celebrating love, we will kick up our heels and dance the funky chicken any time love wins.

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