Ways to Wear Your Sylvie Skirt

The Sylvie skirt is one our most versatile favorites. From brunch with the girls to your BFF’s wedding day, this fabulous tulle skirt is the perfect look for every occasion. Take a peek at some of the fun ways to can incorporate the ultimate feminine piece into your wardrobe!

Bridal Shower


Photography by Charissa Lee Photography

Whether you’re a bride or a member of the bridal party, sporing this delicate look at a bridal shower is a really sweet option.

Special Occasions


Photo from @best_ofthislife

Pairing our Sylvie with a sequin top or a lace blouse and a strappy pair of heels is a amazing way to have a special occasion look that you can constantly update in a snap.

Casual and Fun


Photo from @kiki_ela

This skirt is super easy to dress down. Throw on a t-shirt and a denim jacket, and you’ve got a flirty casual look that’s perfect for a lunch date.

Wedding Day


Photography by True Foundation Photography

This fluffy look is also a fun piece for a more casual, relaxed wedding. Whether you’re trying to create a mix and match bridal party or just like the soft tulle skirt look, the Sylvie is the perfect choice.

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