Top 5 Colors that Brides Love

New year, means new weddings! Congratulations to all of the soon to be brides and grooms!

Planning a wedding means having to decide on a lot of details including the color palette. Sometimes, it’s hard to know what is popular and “on trend”. That is why we’re here! Without further ado, here are our top 5 colors that real brides and bridesmaids love! ?

1. Dusty Rose

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Aliya in Dusty Rose | Nick’s Foto

2. Wisteria

real, wedding, bride, bridal, style, bridesmaid, dresses, purple, affordable, long

Jacey, Faith, Ginger, and Kaleigh in Wisteria | Daissy Torres Photography

3. Blushing Pink

real, wedding, pink, bridal, style, bride, bridesmaid, dresses, afforable

Yazmin in Blushing Pink | Wayne & Angela Photography

4. Grape

real, wedding, bridal. purple, bridesmaids, affordable, short, knee length

Zaria in Grape | Jenice Baker Photography

5. Silver

silver, real, wedding, bride, bridal, bridesmaid, dresses, style, affordable

Kailyn, Cherish, Ginger, Faith, Haleigh, and Kristen in Silver | Shutterfreek Media

What is your favorite color? Let us know your wedding plans below! ♥

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