Tips for Wearing Strapless Dresses as a Bridesmaid

Wearing strapless dresses can be daunting, especially as a bridesmaid.  You’ll be busy helping the bride, and then dancing the night away – so we totally understand that you don’t want to worry about your dress. We have some great tips for rocking a strapless dress and we can’t wait to share them with you!

strapless, affordable, custom, bridesmaid, dress

Kristen in Fuchsia | Maryel and Rob Photography

When wearing a strapless dress, you want to make sure that your bust measurement fits exactly.  If it’s too loose, you’ll have to constantly pull up the dress, and if the dress is too tight, it’ll be uncomfortable to dance in – and nobody wants that!

strapless, affordable, custom, bridesmaid, dress

Yazmin in Dark Navy | Dan Stewart Photography

Opt for a dress with boning and padding, like most Azazie styles!  Boning and padding help provide structure to the bodice to prevent any sagging or unflattering drooping.

strapless, affordable, custom, bridesmaid, dress

Heidi in Champagne | Kaitlyn Phipps Photography

If you choose to wear undergarments under the bodice, make sure that your bra won’t show!  Take a picture of your dress, and ask a sales associate to help you find the perfect undergarment that will work for you!

strapless, affordable, custom, bridesmaid, dress

Maryjane in Wisteria | Jamie Grant Photography

Bring a shawl!  In case the evening gets chilly or if you are going to a church wedding and want more coverage, a light shawl that matches the color palette may come in handy.  Make sure you check with the bride about what is appropriate.

strapless, affordable, custom, bridesmaid, dress

Kaiya in Jade | Treebird Photography

What is your favorite strapless style?  Let us know in the comments!

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