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Getting the correct measurements is crucial to avoid excessive alterations and making sure you can have a fabulous time in your dream dress. At Azazie, we use your bust, waist, hip, hollow to floor and height measurements.

We have a fantastic measuring guide video by clicking the link below. But, here are some of the most helpful and important takeaways you need to know to take accurate measurements.

Before You Measure

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Taking measurements requires 2 things, a measuring tape and a friend. Getting accurate measurements is much easier when you don’t measure yourself. Having someone else take your measurements will help you avoid the twisting and contorting it takes to get your own measurements, and it will ultimately give you incorrect numbers.

Wearing the proper undergarments is also really important! Get into your favorite form fitting outfit like leggings and a fitted tank. But, one of the most important things is your bra. You should either wear an unpadded bra or the bra you plan to wear with your dress to make sure that the measurements are spot on.

Positioning Your Measuring Tape

Your measuring tape needs to be level at all times. The tape should be placed so it is stretching along a parallel line around body, any tilting will cause fit issues down the road. Also, make sure that you are measuring to the end of the metal tip on the tape.

Be Natural

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Remember, measurements need be taken when you are being as natural as possible. That means no holding your breath or taking deeper breaths to push out the extra air. Also, when measuring from the hollow to the floor, keep you head level, and do not look down. This causes a hunched effect that will also make your measurements incorrect.

Size Chart & Measuring Guide Video

You’re all set to take your measurements!


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