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Hi lovelies! Today, we’re talking all about how to get the best color matches for your bridesmaids! You’ve chosen the perfect color for your wedding palette, and now it’s time to order the dresses. Color consistency is very important, but there are times that the colors will vary.

Here are some reasons why this happens, and how to avoid color issues.

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Bridesmaids in the color Watermelon | Lieb Photographic

  1. Different dye lots

Fabric gets dyed in large batches, so the dresses made in the same batch will be consistent. However, after that batch is done – a second batch will be dyed. This is where the inconsistency comes in. Although we work hard to get the same colors each time, there can be slight variations!

How to avoid this:

Make sure your bridesmaids are ordering within 24 hours of each other! If one bridesmaid is ordering today, and another 6 months from now, it’s likely that their dresses will have a slight color difference.

We recommend having one member of the bridal party start a showroom, and invite the rest of the party to join their showroom. This is a place where you can collaborate on your favorite styles and colors! This showroom will have a unique bridal party number, which you will need to select during your checkout process (all bridal party members will need to enter their Bridal Party number).

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Cierra in Champagne

  1. Different fabrics

We discussed our swatches previously, but to recap a cool point – our swatches include the fabric options available for each color! When you receive your swatch, you’ll notice that there are some variations in color depending on the fabric. This is because different types of fabric absorb dye differently, and will not match perfectly.

How to avoid this:

The best way to have your bridesmaids match will be to have dresses made in the same fabric. You will be able to filter by fabric on our website, to see all the styles available in your fabric of choice! If there are a couple of styles you love with varying materials, we recommend ordering a color swatch to see just how much the color difference is!

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iOS App | According to Kimberly

  1. Lighting and devices

Lighting is extremely important when it comes to color. Depending on how much or little light there is, the colors will look different. Colors will also vary between devices because of the different screen resolutions. You’ll also want to discuss with your photographer about the type of editing, as colors may be altered during this time.

How to avoid this:

Ordering color swatches will guarantee that you’ll be able to see the color in it’s true form. Take it around the house, indoor and outdoor, and take some photos of it with flash and without, to see how you like it. Of course, always discuss with your photographer about how they edit their photos as that will play a huge part in it as well!

We hope these tips and tricks help, and of course, we’re always here to answer your questions! If you have any questions about dye lots and colors, our customer service team is always here to help!

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