How to Save Big on your Wedding Day Outfit

Having that twinkly-eyed “say yes to the dress” moment can be hard, but we believe that price tags should never be the ones to shatter your dream of the perfect wedding look. Wedding gowns are only worn once, so how much should you really spend on the one-hit wonder?

According to wedding statistics released in 2014 by The Knot, the 2013 national average spent was $1,281. Whether that seems right or just a down payment for the real thing, knowing where you want to focus your wedding budget is key. If you’re working with a budget, it’s helpful to…

Think of Everything as an Investment


Featured Image: Carolina Rivera

Throwing a wedding is throwing a grand, celebration party, but weddings are also a great time to bring together friends and family, and set the stage for the next part of your life. Full-blown or low-key, it’s helpful to think of everything as an investment, which translates down to the wardrobe, too. While you may not wear the dress forever, the shoes can definitely be an investment piece for future special occasions (or, on the flipside, will never be seen under a long dress, anyways), and the jewelry will also last a lifetime.

Shop at the Right Time

Even if you’re getting married during peak wedding season, being strategic about when to put dress shopping on your planning timeline can make all the difference. Typically, bridal retailers want to clear out their inventory in winter and summer to prepare for the next batch of dresses, so keep your eyes open for big sales during these times.

Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose


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If budget concerns are weighing you down, think about family heirlooms you can incorporate into your look, and ask your bridesmaids to hunt down a dress they feel comfortable paying for! When it comes to dresses, alternations are half the battle, figuring out if you fit a “true to size” size 6 and paying for all those trips back to the tailor. Azazie’s made-to-measure custom dresses are the same price (!) as our standard sizing, so why not find that perfect fit? Simply enter six of your body measurements, and get one made just for you, at an affordable price. Our styles are also made for a range of body types, and can definitely be re-worn for all sorts of occasions!

There’s no need to wear your wallet thin on your wedding day; there are plenty of ways to pinch a penny, so get creative!

Tell us a few ways you’ve gotten creative with your wedding look.

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