Friday Inspo: Beautiful Blues

Happy Friday, lovelies! Find your something blue with our 5+ different shades of blue! From light, barely there hues, to bold and bright, our blue color palette is perfect for any season!

30838206073_c44b730977_k (1)

True Photography

Dresses: Leanna, Ginger, Maren in Dark Navy


Kirsten Smith Photography

Dresses: Yazmin in Pool Blue

wedding, blue, bridesmaid, dresses, affordable

Emily Sacra Photography

Dresses: Britney in Ink Blue

wedding, blue, bridesmaids, dresses, wedding, inspiration

Nicki Metcalf Photography

Dresses: Kailyn, Arabella, Leanna in Sky Blue

bridesmaid, dress, blue, blogger

Blogger Diane Hoang

Dress: Kaleigh in Royal Blue

Which shade is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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