Friday Inspiration: Glitter Wedding Inspiration

Happy Friday!

At the end of the week, sometimes all we need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust! Channel your inner Tinker Bell, whether for your gown or your wedding party’s, adding touches of glitter isn’t such a bad idea come wedding brainstorm time. Sparkle can add dimension to an otherwise flat color palette, highlight your maid of honor, or jazz up certain elements with a wink. We’ve always agreed, the more glitter the better! We’ve happily rounded up some of our favorite looks to spark your imagination.


Photo Credit: Ben Q Photography


Photo Credit: Ariane Moshayedi Photography

At Azazie we have our own sparkling stunner, the Azazie Emmy, a knee-length A-line dress we think is Emmy-worthy. It comes in red (a more demure Jessica Rabbit?), royal blue, preppy navy, the original glitter duo gold and silver, and of course, classy black. Make it so all that glitters are your golden girls.

Photo Credit: Ashley Seawell Photography

Metallic leaves or berries painted gold add an artistic sheen to a bouquet—another wow factor when you walk down the aisle…that’s what we call gold leaf.

Reception time! This cake practically has “Eat Me” (or “Stare At Me”) sprinkled all over it!

gold collage

(Left to Right) Photo Credit: Katherine O’Brien Photography and Groomsmen Attire

These gilded figs are for eyes only—literally, we don’t suggest ingesting these acrylics, but for decorations, aren’t they gorgeous? Or what about that rose gold gradient or gold foil florals? If you’re of the glitter-in-moderation mindset, a sparkled cake topper will do the trick.

(Left to Right) Photo Credit: Glitter Guide and BHLDN

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