2017 Azazie Scholarship

It’s the last day of June! Most students are now on summer vacation, and we hope you’re all having an amazing time! This year, Azazie held their very first scholarship opportunity for students in the United States and Canada. We loved reading all of the essays and learning more about the students and their thoughts on “How would technology influence the fashion industry in the future?”

Check out this year’s Azazie Scholarship winner’s essay below:

            Advancements in technology affects every single person and improves our way of life. The fashion industry is constantly evolving and growing as technology progresses. All brands from high-end to low-end are all trying to incorporate a variety of innovations into their companies to cater to their target customer. Technology will influence the future of the fashion industry through smart clothing, manufacturing, the retail experience, and fashion shows.

Smart clothing is wearable technology. Smart textiles have functions that can react to your body, the weather, and energy. Some textiles can monitor your body temperature, heart rate, activity, and posture. Other fabrics can adjust to weather conditions and sense light and touch. These innovations will benefit millions of people around the world. Not only will this revolutionize the fashion industry, this technology can help hospital patients, athletes, and military soldiers. Fashion can be aesthetically pleasing and can also transform the way we care for our bodies.

The future of manufacturing garments is in 3D printing. 3D printing can produce anything from clothing, food, homes, and many more. This technology can enable anyone to completely design any type of garment and mold it to their body. The ability to create a perfect fit can permanently eliminate dress sizes in the future. Pretty soon, 3D printers will print cotton, wool, leather, and other natural fibers. The improvements of 3D printing will make it more accessible for everybody to use. People will be able to print clothing right from their homes. This can also limit the amount of sweatshops and pollution caused by the fashion industry. 3D printing will enable anybody to be a fashion designer and help the environment.

Consumerism changes as the retail experience becomes more high tech. Technology has made its way to mirrors in stores like Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, and Uniqlo. Smart mirrors allow customers to try on garments virtually eliminating the time spent in a dressing room. Some smart mirrors in dressing rooms have touch screens giving you the power to communicate with the staff, customize the lighting, or find similar items. These smart mirrors will let customers be more interactive with the store. Having an easy and personalized retail experience will have the customers purchasing more and coming back for more. Smart mirrors will be popping up in every store in the near future.

Fashion shows are a vital aspect of the fashion industry. Combining the art of fashion and technology will give a brand the power to create a one of a kind experience for everyone attending or viewing the show. Robots and holograms have started walking alongside models on runways. Brands have been livestreaming their shows on social media for the masses to see. Virtual reality is being incorporated for viewers to have a 360° view of the show to make them feel like they’re really there. The modernization of fashion shows have given brands an opportunity to market their product to a wider audience in a very innovative way.

The possibilities are endless when art and technology collide. These exciting advancements will change the way we dress, produce, purchase, and interact with clothing. The fashion industry will completely transform through these new developments. Technology is ever changing just like fashion.

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