Dress Shopping? Samples are a Must – And Other Fun Things

Whew, is it really Friday? We wanted to take a moment to thank all of our wonderful Azazie glam evangelists for making our week awesome!

We started out this week with a super fun San Francisco bridal party that proved that our sample program is a total *must* when it comes to choosing dresses. The bride told her party that they could choose any dress they want from the site, as long as it’s Royal Blue. Her bridesmaids chose a bunch of dresses to try on from the site in a range of sizes, and one Royal Blue Monserrat dress, just so that they could see the color in dress form. Well, wouldn’t you know, Brigid’s favorite dress was the Monserrat!

Azazie Sample Dress Monserrat Royal Blue Bridesmaid

Sarah was all about the vintage pinup vibe of the Kira dress, herself.

Azazie sample dress Kira Jade Bridesmaid

It just goes to show that there’s no substitution for trying before you buy!

Azazie sample dress party bridesmaids

And on Wednesday, we had the most lovely time meeting with Christy and Kelsey from Premier Staffing when they popped by our new office with a welcoming gift. It’s so good to connect with awesome professional ladies, especially when they come from a seriously cool woman-owned business. Plus, it turns out that Christy is in the market for dresses for her own bridesmaids! You know what that means? Dress-up party!

Azazie Premier Staffing Bridesmaid Dresses

Kelsey’s rocking a Dusty Rose Gracelyn and Christy’s in a Grape Hannah dress.

After seeing Kelsey try on the tulle and lace Anne dress (It’s such a dreamy little party dress, isn’t it?), Christy just knew that this must be the dress for her bridal party. Is this what Kismet looks like? I don’t know, but I do know what super adorbs dresses look like! Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

Azazie Premier Staffing Bridesmaid Dresses Anne and Grace

Kelsey in Anne in Royal Blue and Christy in Grace in Blushing Pink

This week, our customer service team reached a really cool milestone, too, thanks to you! We just reached 10 awesome reviews on Wedding Wire! We couldn’t be more grateful for each and every person who takes the time to write these; as a startup, every review counts. You rock our worlds!

Wedding Wire Rated Azazie

You also shared your jaw-dropping, giggle-inducing, blushing reasons to jump for joy when you shared some seriously awesome photos this week! Here’s a few sneak peeks of future “Real Women Wear Azazie” posts:

Azazie Country Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

Tugging on our heartstrings! Big thanks to the wonderful Leslie Boren for sharing this, and photographer Heather at With a Smile Photography for capturing it! More from this boho country chic wedding next week!

Azazie Bridesmaids Pregaming Watermelon Coral Regina Dress

Pregaming in Watermelon and Coral Regina Dresses 🙂

Real Women Wear Azazie Sample Selfie Swatches

This #RealWomenWearAzazie entry from bride Kristen Farber was too funny (and relatable) not to share!

Thanks for all of the fun this week, Azazie glam evangelists! You give us so many reasons to smile, it really makes all of the hard work worth it! ❤

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