European Honeymoon Packing Tips

Since we’re well into the Fall wedding season, many newlyweds are perhaps opting for European getaways for their honeymoon. So, we’re dishing out some inspiration for what pieces to back for a honeymoon wardrobe.

No matter where your honeymoon destination is, it’s always good to try and pack light. But this is especially true for getaways in Europe. Since you’ll most likely be doing a lot of sightseeing, it’s important to dress comfortably and bring versatile pieces for changes in weather. If you know that you’ll be dining out at some fancier restaurants or going to the theater, then we suggest packing a dress that’s not to fussy, can easily be ironed, and can be dressed down with leggings and a jean jacket for daytime. As for shoes, a pair of nice flats pointed-toe flats should be fine for dressier places.


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