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7 Times Junior Bridesmaids Made the Bridal Party

Junior Bridesmaids are super cute! They add fun and youthfulness to your bridal party. We love that your family youngsters can be incorporated into your big day – no matter their age! Here are 7 times that Junior Bridesmaids added that something special to the Bridal Party!

bridesmaids, silver, grey, wedding, rain, outdoor, bridal party

Missy Loves Jerry Photography

Dress: Tiana

pink, bridesmaids, wedding, bridal party, outdoor, junior bridesmaids

Karlee K Photography

Dress: Dora

junior bridesmaids, bridesmaids, blue, wedding, dress, outdoors, dresses

Nashville Wedding Collection

Dress: Rudy

junior bridesmaid, pink, bridesmaid, dress, wedding

Alicia Ann Photographers

Dress: Rudy

yellow, bridesmaids, dresses, junior bridesmaids, wedding

Christa Rae Photography

Dress: Dora

pink, fuchsia, bridesmaids, dresses, junior bridesmaid, wedding, bridal party

Katelyn James Photography

Dress: Tiana

black, bridesmaids, junior bridesmaid, wedding, bridal party

Amanda May Photography

Dresses: Dora and Tiana

What do you think about having Junior Bridesmaids as part of your entourage? And how will you incorporate them into your bridal party?


    • karen

      Hi Melissa!

      From top to bottom: Steel Grey, Blushing Pink, Sky Blue, Blushing Pink, Marigold, Fuchsia, and Black. All of the junior bridesmaid dresses are linked in the caption as well for your convenience! 🙂

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