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Fun Bachelorette Party Games

Bachelorette parties are one of the most fun nights for the bridal party. Nowadays, bachelorette parties can get out of hand and have games that may be offensive to some girls out there. Make sure to plan the right kind of party and consider those who might not be comfortable with too much debauchery. Here’s some ideas to get you started!

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The Couples Quiz

Contact the groom ahead of time with some questions about his bride (e.g. What dressing does she like on her salad? What was her childhood nickname? What is her biggest pet peeve?). Once you have the answers, ask the bride the same questions and see if she gives the same answers about herself.

Bonus: Have the groom on Skype so he can see her reactions!

Makeup the Bride

Have every bridesmaid bring a tacky item of clothing or makeup item and deck the bride out in a ridiculous ensemble before your night out. Don’t hold back on the glitter, blue eyeshadow, orange lipstick, tutu – whatever you have. Go big or go home.

Bonus: Top the outfit off with a personalized crown or sign.

Who Said It?

Come up with some super random, gender neutral questions to ask the bride and groom (e.g. What superpower do you want the most? Who is your favorite Friends character? What foreign language do you want to learn the most?). Have the bridal party vote with pink and blue signs.

Whose Panties?

Have every bridal guest bring lingerie as a gift for the bride and the bride has to guess who bought what.

Scavenger Hunt

A traditional scavenger hunt is always a great activity for bachelorette parties, although they do require some planning. Split the party into groups and whoever comes in last gets punished. Have funny tasks for the girls to do – the more difficult it is, the more points you get!

Bonus: Videotape the whole thing and send it to the bride as a gift.

What’s In The Bag?

Put together a handbag and some basic items that every girl would have (e.g. lipstick, mirror, coin purse, etc.) Have the bridesmaids dig around in it for 10 seconds and write down the items that they remember touching. The bridesmaid that gets the most answers right gets to keep the bag and the items inside!

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