5 Tips on How to Give the Perfect Maid of Honor Speech

Giving a speech is one of your most important responsibilities as the Maid of Honor. You want to make your best friend’s wedding day perfect, and she is trusting you whole-heartedly. But how do you give a Maid of Honor speech? What should you say?

Here are 5 tips to make your Maid of Honor speech the best that it can be!

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1. Speak from the Heart

It may seem like it would be easy to say nice things about the bride, but expressing it can sometimes be a challenge. Remember to speak from your heart and to be genuine. While it is nice to say that she is sweet and kind and funny, giving that kind of generic praise does not really capture who she is and why you care about her.  As you begin writing your speech, take the time to reflect on your friendship and come up with stories that highlight the personality traits and characteristics that you love about her. Speaking of those good memories will help you be yourself in front of your audience and guests, and it will make your speech more heart-felt and moving.

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2. Don’t Make it About Yourself

Remember, it’s the bride and groom’s special day – keep it about them! When you tell your stories, be conscious of who the main character is. It may be helpful to go back and check how many times you said “I” and how many times you said the bride and groom’s names. Highlight their personalities and their relationship, and do your best to keep yourself on the periphery.

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3. Remember to Smile

It seems obvious, but a simple smile goes a long way when giving a speech. It is a welcoming gesture that brings greater enjoyment and warmth to the room. Remember to look up at the people in the room often, and look at the bride and groom whom you are speaking about. Speaking in front of people can be nerve-wracking. If you smile, it can help to lessen your nerves and make you feel more comfortable in the spotlight.

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4. Time it

There is so much you would like to say and talk about in your speech, but it is important that it doesn’t go on too long. It should really only be about 2 to 3 minutes, so make sure to time it beforehand. You may naturally speak faster when you are nervous, but try not to rush. Take a few slow breaths before you begin to calm your nerves.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practice makes perfect, so don’t try to wing it. Practice out loud in front of a mirror and watch for distracting habits. It is a good idea to practice with friends and family who may know the couple getting married, so they can give you feedback on the speech and your presentation. The more audiences you give yourself beforehand, the more prepared you will feel on the day of the wedding.

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Best of luck on your speech!

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