5 Fun & Unique Ways to Dress Up Your Bouquet!

When you think of weddings, you always think of the celebratory throwing of the bouquet. All the unmarried women gather around to watch the bride toss her bouquet into the crowd with hopes of being the lucky lady to catch the flowers and be proclaimed next to marry. As such an important piece of your special day, why stop at flowers? Why not up your bouquet game with something different!

Comic book pages

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Superheroes are both awesome, and crazy popular right now. Give each of your bridesmaids a different superhero to carry down the aisle!


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Buttons are fun, versatile, and come in so many different colors, shapes, and sizes you can do just about anything with them! Go with a classic all-white bouquet or add some pop to your day with vibrant colors!


Flower bouquet
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Fabric bouquets aren’t just versatile, they’ll last you a lifetime! Stash this beauty with your wedding dress and take them both out whenever you need a little reminder of your special day.

Book pages

If you’re a book lover at heart, this is the perfect bouquet for you. You can even make matching boutonnieres for your groomsmen! You can even DIY make it yourself at home: Make Your Own Bouquet!

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