Basic Wedding Etiquette Tips

A main cause of stress throughout the wedding planning process is the many etiquette dilemmas to consider. Do I have to invite my friend’s new boyfriend who I dislike? We’re covering some of the big questions when it comes to wedding etiquette. Leave additional questions below and we’ll do our best to answer!

  1. Call family and close friends before sharing your engagement on social media.
  2. Don’t leave registry details in the invitation.
  3. Don’t send an invitation to a guest who has already expressed that he/she cannot attend.
  4. Don’t invite someone to the engagement party, bridal shower, or send them a save’-the-date card if they’re not invited to the wedding.
  5. Don’t feel completely obligated to include someone in your wedding party only because you were included in theirs; consider the size of the wedding party first.
  6. You don’t have to invite all your coworkers but it’s best to find a definitive cut off point, like within a team or division.
  7. If you would not like children to attend, then make sure you stand firm and don’t make any exceptions.
  8. Think about added budget for your guests if you want to go black tie.
  9. Keep the time between the ceremony and reception short.
  10. Greet each guest personally during the reception.
  11. You don’t have to pay your wedding vendors because they’re working under a contract but it’s always nice to feed them.
  12. As a general rule, try to not ask the guests to pay for drinks.
  13. Guests with a spouse, fiancé, or serious significant other should get plus one.
  14. Don’t sit all your single friends together.
  15. Send thank you notes earlier rather than later, as soon as possible.


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    This is a great post. I am sure your advice will help many solve their etiquette dilemmas.

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