Must-Have Details for Your Wedding


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When it comes to planning an amazing wedding, it all comes down to the details. The care that you take into adding touches here and there in terms of decor, food, and entertainment makes all the difference for you guests. We’ve put together a list little details that you might have missed out!

Effortless Entertaining

Mad libs and get-to-know each other games are great conversation starters and help guests pass the time in between the ceremony and reception. It’s always good to help them along in getting to know each other, so everyone can feel more relaxed and enjoy themselves more as the day progresses.

Kid at Heart

Don’t forget about the kids! While most weddings do have a kid’s table, it’s always good to go a bit out of your way to keep the kids entertained throughout the day. You can put together coloring and activity books or mini games for the kids tables; they don’t take long to prepare and will definitely cut down on the fussiness.

Swing Music

If you’re having an outdoor wedding in a garden or farmhouse venue, why not consider putting up a swing? It makes for a great photo opportunity for not only the couple but the other guests as well. Decorate it with some colorful fresh flowers so it can also act as a quaint entrance to your reception.


All that Glitters

For a glamorous and messy send-out, place a few packets or tubes of glitter for your guests to throw at the end of the night. Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins.

Drawing the Curtain

Add a super romantic touch to your venue with a streamer or floral curtain, which can also be a backdrop for the ceremony. Curtains have been a go-to when it comes to wedding decor and adds a soft touch to any wedding theme.

Please Take a Seat

Seating markers don’t have to be boring! Craft unique table markers that goes well with the overall feel of your wedding or even ones that the guests can keep. We also love the idea of naming tables after significant things in the couple’s life (e.g. the days they’ve been together, the street they first met) instead of just a number to make it more meaningful.


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The Honorable Guest

Getting creative with the guestbook is important because the love that your guests are going to send will be one of the most significant pieces of memorabilia from your special day. In addition to having a photo booth, you can have the guests leave some marriage advice or have them do some finger painting.

Down the Aisle

Another piece of decor that you can DIY, aisle decoration can make a big difference when it comes to creating a more beautiful setting for the ceremony. Use fresh flowers like lavender to keep things aromatic for the guests.


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Hand and Heart

The bride’s bouquet will be on her for most of the day, so it’s important to add a personal touch apart from just the choice of flowers. Pinning on a charm, photo of family, or a piece of your dress will remind you of that special moment or person throughout the day.

Picture Perfect

There are countless ways to incorporate photos into your wedding. Whether it’s to display important moments in the couple’s life together or remember family members who couldn’t be there, adding photos adds a really personal touch to the ceremony or reception. We love both the ideas below!

The King and Queen

Say it proud with banners for the newlyweds. They’re easy to DIY and make for a great piece of memorabilia for after your wedding.

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