Azazie Product Regina Veil
By Katefisher091722 on September 24, 2022
I loved this vail and the bow! I got so many compliments! Would recommend!
Azazie Product Maria Veil
By lakeshiafuller58 on August 27, 2022
My veil was everythinggggg!!! If you’re looking for over the top, this is her!
Azazie Product Alvina Veil
By Sofía Suárez on August 25, 2022
Hello!! Im from Uruguay and I used a dress of Azazie in my wedding. I bought it in your online page, chose my sizes and sent the dress to my cousin's house. She brought it to Uruguay. The dress is beautiful, every detail makes it unique. Thanks??
Azazie Product Amelia Veil
By makeupwithme7 on August 03, 2022
Nice weight to it. Never came out of my hair all day. I added sequins for more sparkle. Perfect. Wish I could wear it more often!
Azazie Product Azazie Charity Veil
By cve7557 on July 26, 2022
This veil is INCREDIBLE for the price. I got so many compliments! It perfectly matched my ivory dress and the appliques, and looked so similar to a $600 one that I fell in love with at a bridal studio. It also wasn't terribly heavy, and didn't mess up hairstyle at all throughout the 3 hours of photos and ceremony I wore it for. (The only thing I hadn't considered was walking along a brick walkway, the lace got stuck on the bricks just a tad trailing behind me.) The lace/appliques along the bottom edge actually helped weight the veil down during a slightly windy day so it stayed in place throughout the ceremony. 11/10, recommend.
Azazie Product Azazie Charity Veil
By kathryn.lerma on July 11, 2022
Beautiful, exactly like pictured.
Azazie Product Maria Veil
By ilirijana on July 01, 2022
Stunning, absolutely perfect, great quality
Azazie Product Alvina Veil
By lnjelinek on June 23, 2022
The veil looks AMAZING! Unfortunately it wasn't fully attached via the hot glue used to the comb so I had to have that fixed hence the 4*. Outside of that, the perfect level of elegance and no issues. Didn't change the length and adored it.
Azazie Product Hilary Veil
By Johannah on June 15, 2022
I loved my veil and it was an amazing value. 2 reasons I gave it only 4 stars; 1. The ivory was very much white. I can’t imagine how much whiter the white veil could be. My dress was white and ivory and it was vastly different then my veil. 2. Although I loved the softer tulle. The stiffer tulle would have flared better. As you will see in the pictures, the tulle bunches together behind you instead of flatting out. Slight breeze and the veil is like ribbon in the wind. Overall, it was beautiful and you couldn’t beat the price.
Azazie Product Alvina Veil
By arevalo.vac on June 07, 2022