Azazie Product Hannah Veil
By gabycp28 on April 29, 2022
Azazie Product Azazie Sheena Veil
By inding08 on April 24, 2022
This veil was identical to one in the bridal shop for way less money.
Azazie Product Hilary Veil
By heather.risdon on April 10, 2022
This veil is plain perfection. The fabric is so incredibly gorgeous - she's soft, flowy, classy and not scratchy. This one is "Ivory" to match my Ivory dress. The clip is plastic in comparison to a metal one but it holds in just fine. I feel like this veil would match almost any bridal dress, no matter your style. If you're on the fence... hop off because you really can't beat the quality/price for a cathedral length veil.
Azazie Product Paula Veil
By Srseigler890 on April 07, 2022
Very well made and very beautiful cant wait to see it with my dress witch has not arrived yet. Ordered separate
Azazie Product Amelia Veil
By heathavbchick on March 21, 2022
I think this veil is lovely. It's HEAVY though, so be prepared to reinforce it - I'm using it for a boudoir shoot so the weight won't matter too much for me. It's beautifully soft.
Azazie Product Adela Veil
By jessicacarr1995 on March 17, 2022
Gorgeous from a distance, the lace wasnt trimmed well and overall it looks very cheap
Azazie Product Alvina Veil
By Steele224 on March 16, 2022
Gorgeous veil. Wanted the drama of a cathedral length but couldn’t justify spending $150+ at a bridal salon. This veil did exactly what I wanted for a great price. A little stiff compared to higher priced ones but no one but me noticed. Ivory colour matched my dress perfectly
Azazie Product Azazie Sheena Veil
By jessicag_823 on February 15, 2022
Delicate material, not itchy. Dainty beads on the edges. The only thing is that it came super wrinkly. But overall nice veil. Also, as a thick hair/curly hair girl I feel that any other bride like me out there might want to wear their hair more “flat” to look good in this veil. (See my photo.)
Azazie Product Lilith Veil
By Marlena Funk on January 28, 2022
I love it! feels very mordern and is a great rice. waS exactly what I was looking for. Comes with a clip, but in all honesty the clip is not amazing, but for a $30 veil it is totally acceptable! It is 2 tiered so you can use it to cover your face if you want as a blusher
Azazie Product Alvina Veil
By janelle.p on December 02, 2021
The veil was beautiful and great quality for the price. It came extremely long so we had to cut a lot of length off and resew it on the hair clip. At least it didn't come too short! It was also easy to clean, the dirt came off by soaking it with soap.
Azazie Product Azazie Charity Veil
By awarner1185 on November 09, 2021
I thought this veil was beautiful online, but it’s even more gorgeous in person!
Azazie Product Hilary Veil
By victoriagallardo2001 on September 04, 2021
Beautiful veil!!!! It’s so soft and very high quality feeling. Super long and elegant, but simple and classy. Well worth the price! Would recommend to every bride!!
Azazie Product Hannah Veil
By Erika.mcneill on September 04, 2021
Looks beautiful and goes perfectly with my dress
Azazie Product Paula Veil
By adriannelancaster97 on August 13, 2021
PERFECT! I had no idea it was bedazzled, but it brought the perfect amount of sparkle to my simple dress. I kept it on all night ?
Azazie Product Hilary Veil
By tessa.lawrence on August 12, 2021
Excellent veil, great price! The fabric is soft, flowy, and gorgeous-NOT scratchy. I ordered in "Ivory" to match my off-white dress and it looked great. The comb is sturdy and strongly fastened to the fabric--my sister plans to reuse it for her wedding. To keep creases out of the veil while storing it, you can twist and wrap the fabric and put it back in the bag it came in. Let it hang in the bathroom while running a hot shower to steam some of the wrinkles out.
Azazie Product Hilary Veil
By Caroll Perez on August 07, 2021
I loved my veil! Absolutely perfect!
Azazie Product Azazie Charity Veil
By tiffcalvert07 on June 19, 2021
This veil exceeded my expectations!! It’s beyond gorgeous in person! The detail and lace were incredible. If this is in your cart BUY IT! You won’t regret it!
Azazie Product Meave Veil
By reyeswedding10221 on June 12, 2021
The veil is perfect! Looks exactly like the picture. So glad i came across is and saved tons of money
Azazie Product Azazie Richelle Veil
By Katjeffrey8 on April 26, 2021
I wore this veil for my wedding and it was perfect! The comb stayed in my hair all day and the fabric held its shape. I wanted something that would complement my dress without covering it too much, and this worked!
Azazie Product Hannah Veil
By hannahrylee04 on April 17, 2021
Beautiful veil, I’m going to return though because I decided to go with a shorter veil and also one that is a diamond white instead of ivory. It is amazing for the price though and my name is also Hannah so that’s cool!
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