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We know that the colors you see on your screen may appear differently in person. And, we want you to be sure that you are able to shop our Bridesmaid and Wedding Party Collections with confidence! Go ahead and choose any of our color options listed, and we will send you our Chiffon, Satin, Taffeta, and Charmeuse fabric in that selected color. Seeing and feeling the different fabrics will help you decide which color is right for your dress, making shopping at home easy. All fabric swatch sales are final. 

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Reviewed On: January 07, 2021
Color: Dark Green
I 100% recommend everyone to get a swatch before you buy! I thought the dark green was a bit too bright for what I wanted, but I saw reviews saying it was darker in person, so I decided to buy the swatch so I could see myself. It comes with the different fabrics so you can see the different colors and feel the textures of the dresses you're looking at online. This has definitely helped and will help me decide on my bridesmaids dresses!! It's only $2, but the knowledge and certainty of what you're gonna be getting is worth so much more.
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Reviewed On: September 05, 2020
Color: Cabernet
This swatch is beautiful! I ordered this color (Cabernet) and one other (Burgundy) for my sister in law so she could pick out her colors. She picked Cabernet. The only thing missing was lace. With so many reviews saying its itchy I would have liked to feel that fabric to decide myself.
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katherine griggs
Reviewed On: July 28, 2020
Color: Agave
Absolutely LOVE Agave! It sets the tone for the whole vibe I want for my wedding. And the swatches are large and sturdy so I can get a real feeling of what the dresses will look like in person.
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Reviewed On: July 27, 2020
Color: Cabernet
My wedding colors are blush, burgundy, and gold. I got the burgundy swatch first which seemed way too bright red. So Deciding between burgundy and Cabernet definitely going with the Cabernet as it is the deep romantic red I was looking for.
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Reviewed On: July 09, 2020
Color: Cabernet
Comes with a 72in measuring tape and a how to measuring guide, on the back of guide is the sizin chart! I recommend, and I will be recommending these swatches.
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Reviewed On: May 26, 2020
Color: Dark Navy
Ordering swatches really helped me visualize my wedding colors. I have these two and then five more on the way (because I ended up changing my wedding colors after falling in love with a color from my bridesmaid dress samples). I ordered swatches of the new color because what I'm seeing on the computer is very different from the color of the sample dress. I would suggest to DEFINITELY order swatches (and sooner rather than later because they have all taken at least two weeks to arrive).
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Reviewed On: January 28, 2020
Color: Agave
This is a bit more blue than you'd think. I was choosing between Agave and Dust Sage for bridesmaids dresses and was thinking this was a little more green than it is. Still very pretty, just not what I was looking for. Thought I'd show a side-by-side pic for those in the same spot!
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Reviewed On: November 27, 2019
Color: Cabernet
Love this swatch! I highly recommend ordering swatches as this swatch is lighter than the color shown online.
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Reviewed On: November 27, 2019
Color: Steel Blue
Glad I ordered this swatch because the color looks much different in person. I no longer liked the color when I received the swatch. Highly recommend ordering swatches!
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Stormi Cheyenne Nugent
Reviewed On: July 05, 2019

So I am very glad I ordered the color swatches! When planning my wedding I’ve said my colors are “burgundy” & tan. Just to be on the safe side, I went ahead & ordered the shades Burgundy & Cabernet! Needless to say, the Cabernet is more of the color I wanted & the burgundy looks more red to me! I’m still overly pleased with the material & quality just based off the swatches! But for any ladies hesitant between two shades, just order the swatches for a better idea!
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Cheyenne Fly
Reviewed On: June 12, 2019
Color: Vintage Mauve
I really love the color of the Vintage Mauve! My bridesmaids love it as well and we will be going with this color for the wedding. I was kind of nervous that it would be to light looking at the color presented by the dresses on the models of the website. But, it is actually WAY darker than portrayed. It is the perfect color and my bridesmaids love the variety of the dresses to choose from Azazie. I can't wait to see their picks in person!
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Reviewed On: April 24, 2019
Color: Cabernet
I wanted a burgundy color for my bridal party. My initial instinct was to just order what was called burgundy on here, but after reading the reviews on the swatches I decided to order swatches for both burgundy and Cabernet. I’m so glad I did because I love Cabernet. Burgundy is a little too red for me.
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Reviewed On: February 20, 2019
Color: Dusty Rose
Beautiful color! I ordered one swatch this color and little did I know, they send you that color in different fabrics! I love that they do that so you can see how it looks in every material! Especially since the color may look different. I highly recommend you purchase a swatch so you can see how it looks in person.
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Reviewed On: December 08, 2018
Color: Rust
I was soooo impressed with the size of these swatches! I ordered way too many but I’m glad. I originally thought I wanted a green wedding theme but after receiving these swatches I fell in love with the dusty blue and rust color! The only thing I would say is to make sure and order swatches first! The rust color is a little bit darker in person. Overall, I’m super happy with these!
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Reviewed On: October 05, 2018
Color: Dusk
Having the ability to order a variety of swatches ahead of time was incredibly helpful. I knew I wanted my bridesmaids to wear a range of colors, and seeing the colors in person instead of on the computer screen was a big help. I ended up going with Dusk and Dusty Rose. They paired well and had a lovely, understated sort of antique quality to them.
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Logan Bradshaw
Reviewed On: September 05, 2018
Color: Rose Quartz
I am writing this to warn everyone about the Rose Quartz color. The color reflected on Azazie's website is nothing like the color of the sample dress or swatch I received in the mail. This photo was taken in a natural light setting. Rose Quartz is more like a bubble gum pink than the beautiful creamy/crisp pink depicted on the website. DO NOT order your dresses in this color until you order a sample in the mail. You will be very disappointed if you expect to receive the color depicted on Azazie's website.
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Reviewed On: August 27, 2018
Color: Peacock
Very pleased with the swatches! They’re a good size so you can really get a better idea of what they’ll look like. The colors also look slightly different than they do online so I highly recommend getting a swatch before choosing the actual color.
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Reviewed On: July 24, 2018
Color: Jade
As other reviewers pointed out, these swatches are much bigger than expected, and there are clear labels of each type of fabric, which is incredibly helpful when choosing color/fabric for a cohesive look. (Colors can look very different on different fabrics!) I ordered WAY too many because at $2 a swatch, it was nice to compare. The colors on my first image are as follows: Top row, L to R: Cabernet, Mulberry, Grape, Orchid Middle row, L to R: Dark Navy, Ink Blue, Stormy, Dusty Blue Bottom row, L to R: Dark Green, Peacock, Jungle Green, Jade Ultimately I'm picking cool jewel tones, so the second image shows what Grape, Ink Blue, Dark Navy, and Peacock look like together in the chiffon fabric options. In dark lighting Ink Blue and Peacock can appear similar, but in natural light the differences are more apparent, and they combination looks good together. I hope this review helps someone else who wants to buy too many of these, but no regrets! They are large swatches, definitely worth the money for comparison, and arrived quickly and according to the tracking information provided. Excited for my bridal party to order from Azazie based on this first experience!
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Kendall Williams
Reviewed On: June 06, 2018
Color: Dusty Sage
My bridesmaids’ dresses turned out beautifully!
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Reviewed On: May 01, 2018
Color: Grape
I saw this website on Pinterest and ordered this swatch out of curiosity (with the first free swatch promotion which was great to get with all the materials on one swatch compared to the $1 for each individual material from David's Bridal). I wanted a dark purple color but felt the Plum at David's Bridal was too dark for me (see pics). This color is definitely a bit brighter in lighting which I love. It took a little while to come in, and the Satin and Chiffon Materials were already fraying on the ends when I recieved this, which is why I am giving it four stars. I have choosen to go with Azazie and hope that for the bridesmaids dresses the fraying will not be an issue with the seaming.
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