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Azazie Satin Wide Tie Groomsmen Accessory



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Azazie Satin Wide Tie is a classic choice for your groom and groomsmen. The wide design is ideal for more formal affairs. Constructed in a lovely charmeuse and available in all our dress colors to perfectly match any suit, bridal attire, and wedding palette. Please note that all accessories may not be an exact color match to the corresponding dress due to color variations between fabrics. Approx. 60" x 3.2" wide at widest point. 

Nicole Cunningham
Reviewed On: 2018-03-04 08:06:33

Color: Tahiti
A great tie, matched the girls dresses perfectly.
Reviewed On: 2017-11-10 15:01:47

Very nice
Katie Strauser
Reviewed On: 2017-09-20 19:30:59

Color: Pearl Pink
These ties were great and they looked great on our groomsmen! Here's a picture of a couple of them with the groom (who had a different tie).
Reviewed On: 2017-09-20 14:01:12

Color: Stormy
Great quality. Colour was a bit off from the dresses but it was to be expected from the different fabrics
Reviewed On: 2016-07-02 12:59:37

Color: Jade
I got my boyfriend this jade coloured tie to match my Aliya Jade dress. The colour of the tie was the same colour as the lining of my dress, not the outer layer. So the tie did not match properly but the colours completmented eachother well. All in all we were very happy with it!
Reviewed On: 2018-04-02 15:40:27

Color: Burgundy
The color of the tie was a slightly brighter red than the other burgundy dresses but I think this would be okay and it wouldn't clash too much. I was hoping the burgundy tie would match the burgundy dress more but I understand that both are different material and the color might be off since the dress is chiffon and the tie is satin. Quality is excellent!
Reviewed On: 2018-02-20 06:05:31

Color: Dusty Rose
Very happy with our tie purchase! Color is exactly what the bride was hoping for - can't wait to see it on the groom on the big day!
Reviewed On: 2018-02-15 05:26:59

The don't have the matching tie color for the dusty sage bridesmaid dress. Disappointing.
Reviewed On: 2018-01-04 13:48:59

Color: Grape
The color and quality were great.
Reviewed On: 2017-10-06 04:53:21

Color: Ink Blue
Purchased this for my husband to match the dress I ordered and the color is beautiful!
Reviewed On: 2017-09-29 21:02:06

Color: Red
Great quality ties. True color to what was described. My only issue was that they were shipped in a very small box which creased them and now I have to have them all pressed. Otherwise, happy with purchase.
Reviewed On: 2017-09-29 21:01:03

Color: Lime Green
Great quality ties. True color to what was described. My only issue was that they were shipped in a very small box which creased them and now I have to have them all pressed. Otherwise, happy with purchase.
Reviewed On: 2017-09-25 11:19:54

Color: Candy Pink
The only reason I'm giving the Candy pink ties a one star is because the ties are not candy pink. I ordered 4 candy pink ties, 3 pool, and 1 blushing pink. The 3 pool ties are perfect but the other five are the exact same color, I'm guessing they're blushing pink since the ties labeled candy pink do not match the candy pink bridesmaid dresses we ordered together. I emailed Azazie on September 16th, I received a response on the 20th, I responded on the 20th and I have yet to hear back. It's now the 25th and I still don't have a response. I'm sure the problem will be resolved but I'm very upset it's been almost 10 days and I have no idea how the problem will be resolved.
Reviewed On: 2017-09-18 07:36:40

Color: Grape
Quality custom made ties, affordable and prompt turn around time
Reviewed On: 2017-09-05 07:54:10

Color: Lilac
Lilac color was more pink than expected. Did align with color swatch, however partly my fault for not paying attention. Definitely feel a different shade of lilac should be considered to coordinate with lilac dress.
Reviewed On: 2017-08-10 15:57:28

These are PERFECT!
Reviewed On: 2017-07-28 08:22:23

I give this review for Azazie as a whole. Wow! My bridal party got the Raquel in Spa and Jade. Two of the girls sent in their measurements and posted a review that it wasn't exactly true to size and Azazie told one of them they would cover her alterations for up to $50! My fiancé forgot to order the ties for his groomsmen and himself so I placed an order with one month to go. Azazie said they couldn't guarantee a sooner shipping date than the day before the wedding delivery, but they came through! The ties are definitely different due lots, but I would rather a little color variation than no ties at all. If you are looking for an amazing company and stress free shopping, look no further! Thank you, Azazie, for your wonderful customer service!
Reviewed On: 2017-07-27 14:43:34

Color: Wisteria
The ties looked really great, the colour and material were both really nice. All the groomsmen looked great in them.
Reviewed On: 2017-07-17 05:09:16

Color: Taupe
The ties and pocket squares I ordered are great quality and color! The only downside is the plastic packaging that left them a little jumbled and pretty wrinkled. Nothing an iron can't fix though. Love them!
Reviewed On: 2017-06-16 16:47:25

Color: Grape
Great quality, and the color matched the mother of the bride dress perfectly.
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