Azazie Phoebe

Azazie Phoebe Modest Bridesmaid Dresses

FABRIC: Chiffon


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Style Azazie Phoebe by azazie is a Knee-Length A-line/Princess bridesmaid dress in a comfortable Chiffon, Lace. The stunning dress features a Scoop neckline and Back Zip, Scoop back style. A pleated detail at the front and back of the flowing skirt makes it perfect for the reception or a city hall wedding. azazie's Azazie Phoebe style comes in sizes A0-A30. 

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Reviewed On: September 14, 2017

I stumbled across Azazie and wondered if they were too good to be true. I've gotten my toes wet with Chinese companies and have heard horror stories from brides who ordered overseas, but I rested easier when I saw that Azazie was based in California. I just want to say that my experience with them was 100% positive and they really are as good as they seem! I got a deal on free swatches from them, and the swatches arrived in a timely manner. I was a little taken aback by how different the colors looked depending on the type of material they are (I ordered Regency and Grape), so if you have your heart set on one particular color shade, be careful. My bridesmaids and I also ordered three sample dresses from them (sample dresses=a GREAT program!). They may have taken a few weeks and FedEx delivered them to the wrong houses in both Michigan and upstate New York. This made it so that my bridesmaids got the dresses back to Azazie late, but when we explained everything to the company, they were very kind and understanding and they didn't charge us for the mistake. We settled on the Phoebe dress in Grape and were VERY satisfied. The cons of the dress are that it isn't as flattering as it COULD be (the way the dress falls, it slightly accentuates the hips) and that the zipper sticks slightly at the waistband, but other than that, we were very happy! We ordered the dresses in custom sizes and they fit my bridesmaids perfectly, even with their varying body shapes! They were really quite lovely. Of course, we only ordered four dresses and we tried to allow plenty of time. My wedding was in mid June and we ordered the dresses in early March, but they arrived by the end of April! Since large wedding parties are growing in popularity, I suggest making sure that you allow the company plenty of time to process the dresses. I had absolutely no complaints on my end, but we did have a smaller order than some people. And here's a picture, in case it helps!
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Reviewed On: February 09, 2017
Color: Blushing Pink

I ordered this dress with custom sizing in one of my bridesmaid colors for my bridal shower. I took the measurements myself so I was a bit nervous but it fits pretty much perfectly. I absolutely love it. It is so soft and the skirt has several layers making it nice and full. The lace is really pretty. The only two small things are the back neck part is a little big so it doesn't lay flat across my back but it's not super noticeable. It might also be due to the measurements I gave. Second, the zipper sticks near the chiffon belted part and I had to have my fiancé help but again not a huge deal. Overall extremely satisfied and would recommend both this dress and the custom sizing!
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Reviewed On: May 27, 2020
Color: Dusty Sage

Size Ordered: A6
The bottom lace part is a different color than the top, definitely noticeable, kinda like a modest Tinkerbell dress. Not bad, just wanted others to be aware, as we are returning and getting a different dress.
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Rebekah Miller
Reviewed On: March 29, 2019
Color: Burgundy

Size Ordered: Custom size
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Reviewed On: June 07, 2018
Color: Dark Navy
body type: Hourglass
Size Ordered: A16
My other daughter did not like this dress, it was too big and we had to ship it back. We are awaiting a new dress she has chosen and hoping it will work out better. Thanks
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Reviewed On: August 30, 2017
Color: Burgundy

This fit my little sister/junior bridesmaid perfectly! We did a custom sizing, and we knew that at least if something was a bit off that Azazie would reimburse $50 for alterations, but we won't even need it! High quality, gorgeous material. Took a little longer to arrive than other dresses, but worth it!
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Reviewed On: April 01, 2017

The dress I ordered came within the specified time frame and the customer support was great. However, I was very disappointed in the dress itself. The color was not as depicted (I even ordered a color swatch before ordering) and some of the details of the dress did not match the stock photo. Additionally, I ordered according to the sizing chart and my dress was far too big. Unfortunately I am now left scrambling last minute trying to find a dress for my event. Luckily the return process has been slick so far.
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