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Azazie Kinley Bridesmaid Dress

FABRIC: Chiffon


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Fun and flirty, this fabulous chiffon bridesmaid dress is appropriate for any wedding from the beach to the church. Your bridal party will love this brilliant knee-length A-line/princess dress with a halter neckline. A pleated detail at the front and back of the flowing skirt makes it perfect for the reception or a city hall wedding. 

Reviewed On: 2016-09-01 14:17:05
I wanted my bridesmaids to be able to pick their own preferred style, so Azazie was the perfect option for my wedding! These are high quality dresses, and there were lots of nice layers of chiffon in the skirt. One comment my smaller-chested ladies had was that the waist/overall size fit them, but there was a lot of room left up top. Some made minor alterations, others just added some padding at the bust, and there were no major problems. People had success with both the custom and standard ordering. Make sure your ladies order early in case they decided to switch their standard size though (one girl bought bigger, as the site recommended, but needed to size down). Also, BUY THE FABRIC SWATCHES. The Marigold I went with was very different looking in person than on the website; I would never have picked this yellow from the website coloring alone.
Reviewed On: 2015-12-26 00:36:49
Only issue we had with them is that even with custom fitting they were still long so all the girls had to get theirs hemmed. OH and my MOH 2 days before the wedding tried on her dress with boots and accessories and the zipper got stuff and had to be replaced. Heres a few photos!
Reviewed On: 2015-11-02 05:12:00
Lovely bridesmaids and best friends! Cheers!
Reviewed On: 2015-09-23 19:26:05
I chose Azazie for my bridesmaids when I decided I wanted the same color dress for all my girls, different styles for different bodies, an affordable price, and something they could wear after the wedding. I was happy to find Azazie while browsing on Pinterest. The prices were affordable, there were many dresses to choose from, and SO MANY COLORS!
Ariel Ann
Reviewed On: 2015-09-01 12:12:00
I loved how the mix matched Azazie dresses turned out on my bridesmaids this weekend. A friend snapped this photo on his phone, and it couldn't have captured the look any better!
Reviewed On: 2015-03-25 18:23:56
I ordered 2 dresses: Kinley and Amani. Between the two, I liked Kinley the most. The only problem I had with it is that the chest/bra part is way too big. I would also suggest that you order your dress custom size so that way they can make it based on your body style. My dress was also a little above my knee and not exactly knee-length
Reviewed On: 2017-01-13 12:13:51
This dress is cute, but the skirt is A-line and fits very close. Rather than being full and flowy like most Azazie dresses, instead the skirt falls very flat and looks a bit cheap.
Color: Peacock
Reviewed On: 2016-11-23 09:46:14
I bought this dress for my best friends wedding. She wanted us all to buy the same color just in different styles. I choose this one because it has a bit of a vintagey/pin up feel which is sort of my style. The dress sizing was pretty spot on and I didn't have to get it altered which was nice. The fabric is very nice and flowly and for a summer wedding it was perfect. The color is gorgeous and I loved in the built in bra which added some structure to the dress itself. If this is your style I would recommend it 100%. Thanks Azazie for providing great dresses at a great price!
Cyndi Lykins
Color: Mulberry
Reviewed On: 2016-10-18 18:23:09
The dress was so beautiful and well made!
Reviewed On: 2016-06-19 19:14:17
if ordering the dress order custom fit don't waste your time with size guide. I had to order the dress twice now and still do not have a dress that fits.I have a 35.5 inch bust and many people to top was big so I thought I could do the size 6 that did not work I then ordered the size 8 and I feel they are the same we get the dress up to the same spot and can thouch the eyes together but not close them. with the month ship time I suggest sending for them to make if you are not perfect to their size chart. All the other girls dresses work 2 did coustom fit and one ordered off the rack I wish I had been as lucky as them
Color: Royal Blue
Reviewed On: 2016-06-18 09:24:33
Overall, this was a very smooth process. My dress fit pretty well with the regular sizing, however I'm 5'2" and had to have the hem raised quite a bit to make it look good. Once the dress came I didn't really like the straps. They look like the lay a lot nicer in the picture than they did in person, so I ended up tucking them in to the top because I'm a lot smaller chested than this dress can accommodate so it helped fill the dress out. Once I had the chest filled out a bit more and the length taken up, I liked the dress a lot.
Color: Ocean Blue
Reviewed On: 2016-04-19 13:50:30
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Wasnt sure this dress was going to make it in time. And it did!!!!! Thank you to everyone who helped me in Customer service!!
Color: Mint Green
Reviewed On: 2016-04-06 09:49:49
My dress was true to size. The measurements of the dress matched the measurements found in their measurement guide. Therefore, people that have issues with the size of their dress DID NOT measure themselves before ordering their dress. And if your measurements don't match the pre-made sizes in the measurement guide then order a custom-made dress!
Color: Daffodil
Reviewed On: 2016-04-06 06:30:56
The dress is beautiful will need to be taken in around the breast area but other than that it's perfect and love the color!!!!!
Color: Pearl Pink
Reviewed On: 2016-03-22 07:02:40
I ordered 3 bridesmaid dresses for my sisters. The "test" dresses were all different sizes so I was worried about which size to get. I decided to go with custom size and they fit like a glove! It's amazing quality too for the price!! I definitely!! recommend this website!!
Reviewed On: 2016-03-08 10:10:47
Good for our purposes for sizing. Dresses we ordered afterwards were NOT consistent with size.
Color: Wisteria
Reviewed On: 2016-02-14 11:24:29
Very flattering dress! the straps under the armpits bother me a little, but overall the dress is amazing! the boob pockets are very big though, and I have a rather large bust for my small size .. I'm not sure what kind of shaped body the dress is ideally sized for.. I think I may buy a lined strapless to at least make it a little more filled out.
Christine Piazzi
Color: Steel Grey
Reviewed On: 2015-10-02 15:37:04
This was a great dress. It fit well (I did order a sample), stayed in place all day and was comfortable all day.
Reviewed On: 2015-08-02 00:30:06
Was a very nice dress. It was just too big on my chest. But other then that it was nice.
Color: Grape
Reviewed On: 2015-07-08 13:22:48
Ordered this for my sister who is one of my bridesmaids. Beautiful style, color and fit for her!
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