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Azazie Francesca Bridesmaid Dress

FABRIC: Chiffon


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Fun and flirty, this fabulous chiffon bridesmaid dress is appropriate for any wedding from the beach to the church. Your bridal party will love this sweet floor-length empire dress with a halter neckline. A pleated detail at the front and back of the flowing skirt makes it perfect for the reception or a city hall wedding. 

Reviewed On: 2017-11-08 19:14:32

Love, Love, Love the Francesca dress!
Reviewed On: 2017-04-27 11:19:17

Very pretty dress, so glad this try-on service is available. I will be purchasing.
Reviewed On: 2018-03-15 07:01:30

Body Type: Pear
Slightly Small
Maybe it was the color that didn't make it becoming on me (the dusty rose color) , but it made me look pregnant. Just wasn't the best style for my body type but I bet it would look great on someone way taller!
Alyssa M
Reviewed On: 2018-01-03 13:25:28

Body Type: Hourglass
Size Ordered: A4
This dress was pretty awful... it was WAY too big. I am 5 foot 8 or so, 125 pounds and I ordered the size 4 according to the measurements that are provided, and the fact that I wear a size 4 in all other dresses made me confident in my purchase. Looking at the picture, the waist looks like it is more at your natural waist, to me, but it definitely fits more like an empire waist. This makes some sense since it can also be used as a maternity dress, but I thought that it was still a bit misleading. It also seemed like there was way too much extra fabric - it was like it was catered to a pregnant person rather than being diverse enough for both. This led me to purchase a whole different dress for the wedding rather than a smaller size in this one - I personally think it would make me look much larger even if it fit correctly.
Reviewed On: 2017-12-07 05:32:25

Color: Grape
Super long, so it had to be hemmed, but I'd rather too long than too short! Great quality dress. Lovely color.
Reviewed On: 2017-10-18 09:41:34

Color: Lilac
such a pretty dress! fits the bridesmaid to a tee!
Reviewed On: 2017-09-16 05:52:58

Color: Mulberry
The dress is a good option for maternity (since maternity styles have limited color options). Everything below the empire waist is VERY loose and comfortable and flowy. Before I was pregnant, I tried on the Kaitlynn dress in a size 2 and it was a little snug (the liner is tighter than the outer layer) but fit me well. I decided to order a size 6 to give myself room to grow but wish I had gone to an 8. I am 5 months pregnant (will be about 7 for the wedding) and my bust measurement has gone up more than I was expecting. I forgot to take into consideration that your rib cage expands, not just that you have bigger boobs when pregnant. There is also some boning on the sides that I plan to take out because they poke me.
Reviewed On: 2017-07-28 07:32:02

Color: Wisteria
This dress is very bulky and horrible. I am taking it to a seamstress to have remade because it is that terrible. I am petite and it makes me look pregnant. I have small boobs and the dress is made for someone with huge boobs. The bust measurement was taken in to fit me but they didnt take into account that someone with small boobs wouldnt need the top section as wide as someone with big boobs. So its tight enough but instead of being a nice empire waist the top of it comes down to the middle of my stomach so it just looks weird. I think if I was the same size but had big full boobs, the dress would look nice.
Reviewed On: 2017-05-21 13:26:26

Color: Pearl Pink
Very well made dress. I did the custom fit and sadly it still needed some altering, but that was my own fault because my measuring tape had unknowingly gotten stretched out and I was guessing at size since I'd just had a baby. Thankfully, it was constructed well, making the adjustments very simple. Could see where this would be a flattering and comfortable dress for someone who was still pregnant. The halter made it easy to adjust when the size of things changed before/after nursing the baby. Customer service was always prompt and ready to help when I had questions.
Reviewed On: 2017-04-25 17:26:55

This dress was a LOT of dress! It would have been perfect if I were pregnant, but it was just a lot of material overall. I am a B cup and it did nothing to fit or flatter my figure. Material was fabulous though and will definitely be ordering a dress from Azazie!!!
Reviewed On: 2017-04-12 09:29:57

So I ordered this for a home try on. The quality of all the dresses I order were wonderful but for me this one did not work because my chest is narrow and my shoulders are small. It looked very boxy on me, also being 5'4 everything feels big on me :)
Reviewed On: 2017-03-20 12:33:26

Color: Stormy
This dress was intentionally bought in a larger size due to being pregnant and unsure of my size at the time of the wedding. The dress was big but the amount of material and bulkiness is definitely unflattering and too much. I'm a petite 5'2", 125lbs. prior to being pregnant and I believe that if I bought it in my normal size, it would have still looked frumpy.
Reviewed On: 2016-12-26 17:41:05

One of my bridesmaids chose Francesca for her dress, as she feels the most comfortable in a halter style dress. I love the way it ties and the straps flow down the back. The waist is perfect for someone wanting to really pull in the waistline.
Reviewed On: 2016-10-11 11:35:48

Color: Wisteria
I ordered 5 different dresses for my bridesmaids and this was one of them. The girls all ordered a sample size to try at home which helped them make their decision on size. Due to a review that some dresses ordered for a group came in with color variation, I decided to order all 5 dresses on one order to ensure they came from the same dye lot. They came in with color and styles all looking great and I will be distributing them to my bridesmaids when I see them. WARNING: If you order multiple dresses at once, they only give you 1 garment bag per 2 dresses. I was very disappointed that each girl will not have a garment bag to keep her dress covered for the next couple months and to and from the tailor. Make sure you order extra bags at time of purchase OR have each girl order her own dress to ensure they each get a bag. It doesn't seem fair that if each girl orders separately, they'd get a bag, but the way I ordered, I do not. True, they are only $5 each, but you then have to pay shipping again and I wasn't willing to do that. After all, I'm sure I am not the only bride on a budget! I found cheaper ones at Walmart.
Reviewed On: 2016-06-18 16:58:55

Color: Ivory
The color seems to be extremely white and not ivory at all. I would not recommend ordering anything in Ivory unless you want a white dress. The fit on the bust is great. The length is extremely long, but I realize it has to be that way for all heights.
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