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This Chapel Train, Trumpet/Mermaid dress by azazie is constructed in a simple Tulle, Lace. Azazie Elena BG features a Button back style and a Scoop neckline. Azazie Elena BG by azazie comes in sizes WD0-WD30. Fine lace covers a fitted bodice above the skirt, this perfect maids frock has a dash of romance. 

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Reviewed On: March 16, 2020

Slightly Large
This dress was amazing! Fit: I first ordered it as a sample to try on at home. Unfortunately, they only had a size 4 available to fit my timing, but even with a larger size I could tell it was the dress for me. I measured and was exactly the same measurements as the size 2, so I ordered that. It ended up being a little bit big in the neckline, but it was very cheap to have that taken in so it was nice and taught across the back. Also, I had to get it hemmed to fit my shoes and get a bustle sewn in, which was very simple and inexpensive. Color: I was worried about getting the diamond white as I thought it might be too bright, and I wanted a more vintage look (and the sample was only available in ivory). But the diamond white was perfect--so soft and not shiny or too bright at all! Fabric: The fabric is a very comfortable jersey-type material underneath, which gives it some stretch and lots of comfort. The lace is actually really nicely done and looks really pretty and ornate. Tips: I bought a $10 mermaid-shaped petticoat off of Amazon to give the base of the dress some volume. It is a tiny bit see through under the bottom part of the dress, so the petticoat also helped with that a lot. Also, I recommend having your seamstress remove the seam at the very top of the neckline. Mine did it for free, and it removed any itchiness and made it a softer look at the top. Overall value: You simply can't find a dress like this, and certainly not for the price! It looks very vintage and feminine and unique and high-quality, while only costing $299. The fabric is not super thick, which is why it is so inexpensive, but I found that to be a huge plus in terms of comfort. Also, I highly recommend ordering a sample, because it was exactly the same as the final dress!
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Reviewed On: November 09, 2020
Color: Diamond White
body type: straight
Size Ordered: WD12
I loved this dress. It worked out perfectly. I wear an 8-10, the 12 fit perfectly right. Thank you so much. We had a wonderful day and I had many complements on my dress. A totally amazing dress.
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Brilyn E.
Reviewed On: April 29, 2020
Color: Diamond White

Size Ordered: Custom Size
When I first saw this dress I knew it was for me, I knew that it would have to be customized to fit me which was fine. I was not pleased to know that a dress like this did not come with a hanger. The dress does not fit me well at all, too big in places, not sure of what to do at this point, I am on the hunt for an alteration place but do to this pandemic , I will have to drive a distance to get someone. The last detail with this dress is that it is scorched in some places on the detailed lace part of the is a nice dress that I am going to work with.
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Reviewed On: January 28, 2020
Color: Diamond White

Size Ordered: Custom size
Slightly Large
I liked it fit well but I have decided on another azazie dress!!!!
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Reviewed On: January 11, 2020

Slightly Large
I purchased this dress for my small December NYC wedding. I guess I will start with the negative as to why I can’t give five stars. The dress you try on through the try at home program is a different quality then the dress you receive. The weight of the fabric is different, the seams are better hidden in the sample dress, and the bust was a completely different shape. I originally chose the dress as I have a larger chest for my frame and the size 4 successfully held my chest up with no issues, no bra or tape needed whatsoever. The only change from the standard size four on my custom dress was the waist was taken in an inch and a half. The dress I received was much looser, not only in the bust, but the waist as well. The material was much more stretchy and less structured then the dress I tried on originally and the seams were visible under the lining. Now that I have gotten the cons out of the way, the dress was beautiful. They honored their alteration reimbursement and I was able to have the dress fixed to fit better. One thing I will say is that the dress photographs amazingly. It is only 2 layers of stretchy fabric and a layer of mesh so it was extremely inexpensive to get it taken in by seamstress. But on that same token it made it a lot less compressive as the sample dress which meant it now requires spanx as it showed every imperfection and no longer held everything in place. The color was amazing, the lace applications were well placed and finished well. The dress came free of stains and was true to color. All in all you get what you pay for, but don’t be duped by the sample dress. You will have to get alterations but they will not be as costly as a dress at a shop that has 7-8 layers so you have to take the good with the bad.(the only alterations that were done were taking the shoulders up and the bust and waist in and I had the hips “lifted” )
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