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Azazie Christina Bridesmaid Dress

FABRIC: Chiffon


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The lovely knee-length bridesmaid dress by Azazie has an A-line/princess cut in a beautiful chiffon. Style Christina features an one neckline, and comes in a full size range (A0-A30). A pleated detail at the front and back of the flowing skirt makes it perfect for the reception or a city hall wedding. 

Beth Secress
Reviewed On: 2015-12-27 19:03:51

I love all of my bridesmaids. They looked gorgeous on my wedding day!
Reviewed On: 2015-02-18 16:34:52

Color: Jade
I sent in my measurements and it fit PERFECTLY! I was worried about doing it online. but they got it on the dot. You can tell that the dress was made just for me. Also, very high quality stitching. Looks like a very expensive dress, but is actually very affordable.
Reviewed On: 2017-06-26 15:01:31

Color: Orchid
yes i am satified with this dress because it fits me correctly and it got delivery quick .
Reviewed On: 2017-04-28 12:21:17

Color: Coral
I custom ordered this dress for one of my bridesmaids. She absolutely loves it and it fit her really well!
Reviewed On: 2017-03-30 10:59:45

I had a very bad experience with dress! I spent almost $120 for a piece crap. I custom ordered this dress to make sure it fits me properly however the dress came much bigger than what I had ordered. Not true to its color either! Overall, very disappointed! I called to complain about the dress and all they told me was that I can't return the dress because it was "customized" and that they will only reimburse me for 50 dollars for alterations if I provide a receipt. Now I have to pay $100 for all the alterations needed to fix this dress for a wedding in June. Stay away from this website! Would not recommend this dress.
Reviewed On: 2017-02-28 06:51:29

Color: Pearl Pink
So the dress was beautiful and made well
Jacqueline Mc Millan
Reviewed On: 2016-03-25 04:48:52

Absolutely love the dress. Color and size was perfect! Can't wait for another special event...Azazie it is!!!
Reviewed On: 2016-02-09 12:16:39

Color: Ink Blue
The dress fit perfectly! Once it is finally on it looks wonderful! The only issue I have run into is that the dress gets almost impossible to zip and unzip where the sash is because the layers of fabric are so thick! It took me nearly twenty minutes to get into the dress the first time, my fiance wouldn't even try to zip it up because he was afraid of ripping the dress. It isn't the fit that is the problem, I can pull the fabric well away from my side once I am finally zipped in. It was even difficult to zip back up after I taken it off.
Reviewed On: 2015-12-30 05:51:09

Color: Watermelon
Awesome dress! Great quality! Also it showed up sooner than expected!! I custom ordered and everything fit perfect!!
Kate Radicke
Reviewed On: 2015-08-13 11:10:11

The dress initially fit well, and then lost its shape. Two other bridesmaids experienced similar issues related to fit.
Reviewed On: 2015-07-06 09:49:39

Color: Champagne
I had a very bad experience with this dress and with the whole process. I ordered the trial to check the size and it didnt fit so I ordered a size up and it still didnt fit. Would not recommend this dress.
Reviewed On: 2015-06-11 06:51:05

Color: Dark Navy
Dress fits great, the one shoulder style is very flattering, and the way it is made I won't have to wear a bra with it (it feels like there is almost built in cups in it). I actually received the same dress as a sample in the color i needed. My only "complaint" is that the zipper is extremely hard to zip up by yourself, I had to have my husband help me and even he had a very difficult time (i had the same issue with the sample). Once it was zipped it fit perfectly. Another bridesmaid got a different dress from Azazie as well, so I will be sure to upload pics from the wedding. Thanks Azazie!
Reviewed On: 2015-06-02 17:56:15

Color: Pool
One measurement was a little off so I have to have small alterations. A little thicker/fluffier material than I was expecting but overall looks pretty good.
Reviewed On: 2015-03-26 18:55:32

Color: Turquoise
Not quite like the picture. The top is a little different, the creases are more loose than in the picture. And my dress came without a bow. Other than that, very speedy delivery. Received sooner than expected, which was a plus!
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