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Azazie Charlie
By brandilynn.heinz on January 21, 2017 Dress Color: Red
This dress fit me perfectly! I didn't even have to alter it one bit. It was comfortable and looked beautiful! In the picture this dress is second from the right end.
Azazie Amber
By Wagenknecht26 on January 21, 2017
I simply adore my dress! Fantastic fabric quality, fits true to size, and fast delivery. I would not hesitate to order from Azazie again!
Azazie Swatches - Bridesmaids & Wedding Party
By jguard90 on January 21, 2017
The swatch was helpful because it showed the color in every fabric. I loved what blushing pink looked with ALL the fabric together, but the chiffon that I wanted actually looked more white than pink. I can't have white bridesmaid dresses and a white bridal gown. I'm looking for more options.
Azazie Adriana
By bemeharg on January 17, 2017
I ordered a custom made dress. The dress arrived during the time frame it was supposed to and the color was beautiful. However, there were a few tears in the pleats at the top of the dress. It also was too big in the bust. I contacted azazie and one of their stylists assisted me with an exchange. The new dress arrived about a month later, and it looks great! It also fits a lot better even though the bust measurement was only reduced by an inch (34 to 33 in). The dress is a little longer than I expected for a knee-length dress (it pretty much covers the knees). However, overall I am very satisfied with the dress and azazie's customer service. I attached some pictures although the quality is kind of bad. At least it can give you an idea of what the dress looks like :)
Azazie Iman
By connieknox on January 16, 2017
I was a bit concerned about ordering a formal gown, without trying it own first. I did take the advice of customizing the gown to insure a perfect fit. I am very happy that I did. I went to David's Bridal and had them measure me, I added my measurements and left the length standard. I am very happy with the purchase. I looked amazing and yes, the difference in having accurate measurements makes all the difference. A could of bridesmaids did not customize and ordered the size they thought and all were a little too big!! We chose, the color Sky Blue, In Chiffon, Full Length. I different would recommend this site for every wedding party. This is such a wonderful idea. You choose the style of dress that is your taste and the style that best fits your body shape. As you know, we do not come in a one size fits all and every style will not be suitable for all body types. Love, Love, Love Azazie!! Thank you.
Sample Dress
By J on January 15, 2017
This dress was probably my favorite of the 3 I sampled, my sister's as well. Of course the dress is well made. They didn't have my size, so i had to go a size up and it was huge. The slit is super cute and sext, but sometimes when I walked the lining and overlay didn't match up. Overall this would be one of my top contenders for a bridesmaid dress.
Azazie Arabella
By ngabreski on January 14, 2017
I wanted to do mix & match dresses for my bridesmaids since everyone had a different body type, and it ended up working out so well! My MOH was in the blushing pink color (Winona) and my bridesmaids were in mulberry (Pierrette, Arabella, Leanna, Julianna). In person, the mulberry was a beautiful wine color -- the pictures make it look more purple than it actually was. My bridesmaids were all happy with their purchases, especially since these dresses won't break the bank!
Sample Dress
By J on January 14, 2017
This was probably my least favorite dress out of all 3 that I sampled. The front top was nice, but the back and the way the dress fell on me was not flattering. I'm also between sizes, so I know sizing up didn't help. The dress is very well made! I did like trying it on with my 3 inch wedges to see how much extra length there is. Good dress, just not for me.
Sample Dress
By J on January 13, 2017
Very well made dress. I LOVED the silt on the sample dress. However, I am in between sizes so I ordered a size up, the top and back were not flattering on me. Excellent quality dress and service.
Azazie Fiona
By Snpuccetti on January 13, 2017 Dress Color: Dusty Rose
I'm positively in LOVE with this dress. I purchased this dress for my role as a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding. I love it so much I'm actually going to wear it for my brother's wedding as well (not as a bridesmaid). The material looks a little stiff in the stock photo from the website but it flows beautifully in person. When I purchased the dress I ordered custom sizes and I'm glad I did. I ordered the bust just a bit too big so I'll have to have it taken in but otherwise everything was just as I wanted it. The top has great support with some ribbing and the edges around the neckline and back are lined with sticky silicone to help the dress stay secure. Before i ordered the dress, I purchased swathes to ensure we got the color right and that helped make the decision a lot easier. I would highly recommend this dress!
Azazie Swatches - Bridesmaids & Wedding Party
By cpomer8 on January 13, 2017 Color: Red
This color is the perfect red I was looking for on my bridesmaid dresses. So much of the red I saw other places was not the right pure bright shade of red I wanted. I loved it so much I got a skirt and dress for myself and chose my bridesmaids dresses in this red. I am so excited to see it all together. The swatches are great so you can see what to expect from each type of material available from Azazie.
Azazie Sylvie
By cpomer8 on January 13, 2017 Dress Color: Red
The material and color are great. The only issue I had was how big it goes out at the hips. I wish it laid down more and flared out. I had to add a belt to make my waist look smaller visually. It was also long for "knee length." I'm 5'7" and wish it were a couple inches shorter. When it arrived the tulle was wrinkled from being mailed, but the wrinkles fell out naturally while I had it hanging up. I wore it for my engagement pictures and plan on wearing it again for my bridal shower. People loved it in the pictures and it photographed well. It twirls and moves well on and static did not become an issue throughout wearing it which was a concern with layers of tulle. It is a lot of material and could easily drown a more petite woman or girl. I actually tucked the ribbon shown as a bow inside the skirt since I wore a thick belt with it instead. The ribbon is very long and there is no way to remove it without cutting it off. I would recommend the dress, but make sure you read the reviews to make sure it suits your needs.
Azazie Julianna
By kraddell on January 13, 2017 Dress Color: Grape
This is a beautiful dress! I think I would have liked it more if it was more form fitting at the waist.
Azazie Reina
By stmaitland18 on January 13, 2017
I ordered 2 dresses they came in 2 different shades of blue. The quality was bad unsatisfied and inhapp6 with this company
Azazie Heidi
By stmaitland18 on January 13, 2017
I ordered 2 dresses. The dresses came in 2 different shades of blue. would not recommend this company
Azazie Ingrid
By Emmilou on January 11, 2017
Tried the sample before making my purchase... It is lovely! Fits great (I was in between the 8 and 10 measurements and went with the 10) and is very well made! I am getting for a bridesmaid dress but could certainly wear for church or other occasions :)
Azazie Cherish
By Ashleigh on January 10, 2017
This was a great store for my bridesmaids to get their dresses from! I let them pick whatever dress they'd be most comfortable in as long as they'd go along with the color scheme which turned out great since they're all different sizes and heights. They looked great and felt confident while standing by my side on my big day and they loved how they looked in these dresses!
Azazie Katie
By haleylford2 on January 09, 2017
I loved the dress!
Azazie Beatrice
By virginiamaephoto on January 08, 2017 Dress Color: Emerald
I purchased the emerald Beatrice as my wedding dress. I felt that I would be more confident in a bold color, as opposed to a white/ivory. I am so glad I went with this dress! I had a seamstress take my measurements, and then placed my order. I never had a sample sent to me to see how it would look... I just saw the dress online, said "that's the one," and placed my order once I had my measurements. I have an idea of what looks best on my body so I just trusted my instinct. The emerald green is a stunning color, and I got so many compliments on it. To this day, people will mention to me how much they loved the dress and the color and how they wish they had gone with a bold color for their wedding dress. I did add a tiny bit of extra room in the bust/hips/waist, so that I would be comfortable and to allow for my bra and such. Even with it being custom made to my measurements , it still came very quickly. I placed the order on August 8, and it arrived September 1. I am so glad I came across Azazie, and I have been referring friends and family to it for when they need dresses. Thank you so much for offering gorgeous, well made dresses at affordable prices! I know my wedding day was enhanced by having a fun, bold dress to wear!
Azazie Sylvie
By ellyirene on January 06, 2017 Dress Color: Flamingo
I love my skirt! I was searching for a tulle skirt to wear for our engagement pictures with no luck. I was on azazie looking for my maids' dresses and when I saw this I was so excited that it was exactly what I was looking for. For $50 you cannot go wrong. The quality is amazing, very full, very soft. I was nervous about what size to order, but was pleased that the back part of the waist band is actually elastic! So there is some give for sure. I'm 5'6", 125lbs and ordered a small and it was perfect. I thought the long bow in the back just added to the elegance. I'm wearing the flamingo pink in the pictures. Also, the customer service was outstanding answering all my questions before I ordered. All of my bridesmaids are ordering from here now too! Photo Credit: Becca Dilley Photography
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