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Smart brides know that when it comes to wedding planning, it all starts with a swatch (or five!). Each swatch pack contains a sampling of every fabric that comes in your chosen color, excluding lace and sequined fabric. Word to the wise, not every fabric comes in every color. Shipping via USPS First Class Mail*. Order as many colors as you want – go swatch crazy! All swatch sales are final.

Three Excellent Reasons to Order Swatches:
1. Screen resolution varies: What you see on the screen can differ from what you see in person.
2. You get to see and feel the fabrics in person.
3. Swatches become your resource for matching other wedding items to your color palette.

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Jenna Lowney
Reviewed On: 2017-09-28 05:11:12

Color: Stormy
Love the color (in Chiffon)! A little confusing on how to understand the swatch though, there are 5 fabrics and only 4 descriptions. Also the Satin looks nothing like the other "stormy" colors so if you're going to go with a satin dress, just know that the color is much different. (picture attached, sorry about the quality-site wont allow the nice one to upload; too big)
Reviewed On: 2017-09-21 18:21:14

I may have ordered too many swatches but I'm glad I did. Seeing the colors in person and in different fabrics was great! Hope my photo is helpful for other people. I chose the Peacock (Dark Teal) color for my March spring wedding! :)
Reviewed On: 2017-08-29 08:10:08

Color: Dusty Rose
I received my my Dusty Rose color swatch within 2 weeks of ordering. I received it for free with a promotion but it includes all the materials that come in the color which is extremely helpful when shopping online for bridesmaids dresses, as some materials can be less tolerable than others for some people. I would certainly pay the price for the color swatch if I had to do it again. After all, this is for my wedding and its totally worth seeing the materials and the ACTUAL color before ordering anything! The color is very true to what you see online, but there's still nothing like seeing the color in person! I would highly suggest ordering a color swatch especially if you are between colors and need the final look to decide! Thank you Azazie for the free gift!!
Reviewed On: 2017-08-25 12:25:17

Color: Burgundy
The swatch they send you is great, a nice size and for this one they send you multiple fabrics which is super! It is a pretty color but MUCH brighter/more red in person (the rating is because the color is so much different in person, but the swatch itself is great). I would not classify it as burgundy for most of the swatches I received. The silkier materials were a bit closer to burgundy, but still bright.
Reviewed On: 2017-08-23 10:20:38

Color: Dusty Rose
Much more brown/nude than pictures showed.
Reviewed On: 2017-08-23 10:20:35

Color: Blushing Pink
Too pale for super pale white girls like myself, but a pretty color
Reviewed On: 2017-08-23 10:20:33

Color: Candy Pink
Good for bridesmaids who are too pale for blush.
Reviewed On: 2017-08-23 10:20:30

Color: Flamingo
Much more red than pink.
Reviewed On: 2017-06-07 14:13:47

Color: Dusty Blue
This turned out to be a lighter color than I expected. The attached image shows this swatch compared to a Kennedy Blue dress in Slate Blue.
Reviewed On: 2017-04-14 18:30:16

Color: Fuchsia
This came within a week of ordering and it was perfect for finding tuxedo and bouquet colors to match! I must not have read the description because it is much larger than I had expected, which is not a bad thing.
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