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FABRIC: Chiffon





  • Chiffon, fully lined
  • Hidden back zipper with metal hook and eye
  • Model is 5'9 (175 CM). She is wearing a standard A4 (hollow to hem 59'').
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Hillary is a floor-length dress in an A-line cut made of chic chiffon. The straps feature a romantic twist on top of thicker straps with a v deep neckline and back. Available in full size range (A0-A30) and custom sizing.

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Hillary is a floor-length dress in an A-line cut made of chic chiffon. The straps feature a romantic twist on top of thicker straps with a v deep neckline and back. Available in full size range (A0-A30) and custom sizing.   Ask a question

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Estimated production time 7 - 8 weeks

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Reviewed On: 2017-12-15 10:25:35

Ordered A0 and it was giant. I am 5'2'' on a good day. Lean, not skinny, with an hour glass shape. I would recommend going a size down. Ultimately I ordered a diff. dress.
Reviewed On: 2017-12-14 17:26:43

Color: Cabernet
They got two stars just because the dress is nice and the customer service team that trying to help me out. But seriously, big issue here on sizing and you know I'm not the only one. I've read these reviews and can sum them up to this: if they get your dress right, you will have the most wonderful and beautiful dress. But are you willing to risk a chance of them getting it wrong? And seems like it happens regularly. I ordered the dress in same size and same style with the sample but it came in way too small. I sent them back for the quality check and the production team said there is nothing wrong with it. You know the last person you want to deal with is the one who has no ethics and just lie to you like they did nothing wrong. This is all I want to say, just be honest.
Reviewed On: 2017-11-26 13:08:04

It's a great idea to order a sample dress! I'm 5'6'', 170 lbs with a 40' bust, 33'' waist, 35-36' tummy, 42' hips. This dress fit me snug around the waist like I hoped (I had to have the husband help squeeze me in, but once zippered, there weren't any issues), and didn't reveal/highlight any of my less-thin portions. The bust was large on me, if I had an extra padded bra it probably would have been fine, but since the back is so low, a bra isn't possible. The straps, while gorgeous, were longer than my torso, however. I don't have a short torso by any means, so I think it may have been compensating for bustier ladies. Normally I'd say taking it to a tailor would be the easy fix, but because this dress has twisted fabric over the straps, I'm not sure how easy it would be to fix after it's already made. I ordered a custom fit dress after trying this on, so hopefully they adjust for my smaller bust and height! The photo you can see how low the dress is cut in the front, and the straps. I had pulled them back a bit for a tighter look (and added some bra inserts), but once I moved they slide down my shoulders. I'd say there were about 2 inches of room that could be removed from the straps.
Reviewed On: 2017-09-21 21:51:05

Color: Pool
I did have to get it altered a bit but I loved the outcome. :) I am on the far left.
Reviewed On: 2017-09-20 19:53:41

I was actually surprised how well the dress fit. There were some worries in the bridesmaid group in how the breast area would fit as in the reviews it looked big and worried that it would look unflattering on me as my chest is flat as it is. The color we ordered was taupe and all the bridesmaid were satisfied with the dress choice. I personally like the simplistic style but with an elegant touch. I would recommend this dress!
Gina M Surrette
Reviewed On: 2017-09-18 15:45:05

Color: Daffodil
I initially had problems with this dress not fitting quite right. I am pleased to say that it arrived a full week ahead of the expedited schedule that I had placed, which left time for alterations. The biggest plus I can say about this entire process is the absolutely exceptional customer service that I got from Nicole, one of the stylists. My first review was not a good one! She worked with me on a very personal basis to help me make everything right. I am 5'8", range between 215-220lbs, and on the larger end of a size 16; sometimes I take a 40C, others a 42B (I had to go to a specialty boutique to find a bra for the deep V front/back). I had some health issues that made this a nightmare. My seamstress could not say enough about how well this dress was made and that she had never, in her 31 years of being a seamstress, seen shoulders/straps like these! The dress was gorgeous. One major drawback was not being able to try it on beforehand. The 1st dress I bought was from the company that filed for bankruptcy--so all I could do was to find a dress that seemed to be similarly cut. In the end, it worked out. Because I had to have the dress altered after ordering a custom size, Nicole went above and beyond and covered the cost. Specifically with the fit, the waist had to be let out and the V taken up a bit. It was 'wavy,' and the shoulders just wanted to fall off despite it being too tight in the waist. Nicole said they went hand in hand. The seamstress said that backless dresses always pose issues by virtue of no true support. In the end, it fit well enough to wear for 5 hours. My files are too big to upload a before pic.
Adriane Laine
Reviewed On: 2017-09-05 15:35:59

LOVED using Azazie for our bridal party! All of my girls got their dresses on time, and one girl had to order hers on rush (late add-on) and she STILL got her dress in time! Most of the girls did the custom sizing, and they loved it! Everyone at our wedding loved the girls dresses, and the fact that they were all different helped every girl show off her own personality.
Reviewed On: 2017-08-08 06:37:03

I ordered this to try as a bridesmaid dress before the wedding along with another dress. I was hopeful that my boobs would look fantastic in it, but the bust/shoulders didn't hold them as well as I would have hoped. It felt like I would be pulling on the shoulders throughout the night and trying to re-position the girls to make the low cut bodice work. It just didn't hold me the way it should of and the way the other dress did. Otherwise, the dress was a nice lightweight for the amount of fabric. I wasn't too much of a fan of the Grecian look on the shoulders, but I think the pink made it more obvious than a darker color. Unfortunately, this dress just wasn't for me!
Reviewed On: 2017-07-26 15:58:16

We used Hillary for 2 of our bridesmaids dresses in the color of flamingo and we loved it! It runs a little big in the standard sizes. It looked great in pictures and the material was nice.
Reviewed On: 2017-03-25 06:09:00

I ordered this dress in the Dusty Rose for my sister's wedding. I was very glad that they delivered to Canada as I was having the most difficult time finding a dress for my height (I'm over 6'). Also the fast production and delivery time meant I was able to get my dress in time for my sister's wedding in Jamaica. Azazie had the colours my sister wanted for the wedding and I chose this dress because of the empire waistline (regular waistlines do not necessarily sit where they are supposed to due to my height). I was very satisfied with the dress. It was absolutely beautiful. I did custom fit so that I could give my measurements. I added 3 or 4 extra inches just to be sure it would be long enough (after measuring to the floor). The dress was much too long when it came so now I'm confident if I buy another long dress from here I wont have to add extra length (that's a relief). My only regret was that because they have no way to adjust where they waistline is I was limited in choice to empire waistlines, but that said they had a lot of beautiful empire waistline dresses. I recommend Azazie because (1) the prices are great, (2) custom fit does not cost extra (3) they deliver to Canada, (4) the dress is great quality (5) production and delivery time is quick (6) they have beautiful styles.
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