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Azazie Tajera

Azazie Tajera Robes de demoiselle d'honneur


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La robe de demoiselle d'honneur beau Longueur ras du sol de azazie an une A-ligne/princesse coupée dans un exquis Mousseline de soie. Le style Azazie Tajera présente une encolure Col V et est disponible dans une gamme complète de tailles (A0-A30). {Embellissement} 

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Révisé le : 18 sept. 2021
Couleur: Terre Cuite

À droite
Loved this dress!! It fit perfectly and was comfortable.
Andrea Adams
Révisé le : 23 mars 2022
Couleur: Bleu Ciel
Type De Corps: Sablier
Taille commandée: A0

81.3 cm

(32 in)


61 cm

(24 in)

Les hanches

83.8 cm

(33 in)

The cut of this dress would work better in a different material. I like the overall design on the model but the smallest size was too big and so it was hard to tell how flattering it would be if it fit properly. It would be good if Azazie offered another size down. Also a general note about the colors: because of the way they are made I wouldn't recommend getting and of the light colors in chiffon. It makes the seams and the lining really noticable, which makes it obvious the dress is cheap.
Révisé le : 27 janv. 2022
Couleur: Rose Poudré

Taille commandée: A2
À droite
This dress was very flattering and fit well. I'm 5'9, 135 lbs, and ordered the size 2. The slit isn't tacked, so it can expose your underwear unless you pin it, but that's a fairly easy alteration to make. I liked that the straps were adjustable so the top fit really snug. Ultimately I decided to go with another dress, but this was my runner up.