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Azazie Arya

Azazie Arya Robes de demoiselle d'honneur junior


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Le style Azazie Arya par azazie est une robe de demoiselle d'honneur Longueur genou A-ligne/princesse dans un fabuleux Mousseline de soie, Dentelle. La robe élégant présente un décolleté Scoop et un style de dos . Le style Azazie Arya de Que vous l'habilliez avec des bijoux tendance ou avec des chaussures plates et un cardigan, il incarne la beauté intemporelle. azazie est disponible dans les tailles J6 à J16. 

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Révisé le : 28 sept. 2021
Couleur: Noir

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Azazie you've done it again! This was my third dress from you and it was perfect just like the others! Funny thing is, I've never worn any of them in a wedding. They've all been for formal events! Sadly, I haven't gotten to wear this one out yet. I was supposed to wear it to an event in DC, but because of COVID it was moved to virtual...Next year hopefully! I will say, the back is a little bit low and depending on the bra you wear, it might show. I found you can adjust your bra and it will no longer be an issue. Just an FYI. It would be awesome if you could have a bra/support added in to the JBD's. I'm actually too small to fit into Azazie's "regular adult" dresses, so I have to order Jbd's even though I'm developed. just a thought. This is a STUNNING dress and I Can't wait to be able to wear it someplace soon!
Révisé le : 14 août 2021
Couleur: Crépuscule

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So beautiful