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The Aisle Report by Azazie — 2023 Q2 Consumer Data and Trends

 Azazie, the leading direct-to-consumer bridal and special occasion dress brand, releases The Aisle Report every quarter. It’s a valuable resource that shares consumer information and trends. In their most recent report, Azazie polled over 32,000 customers to gather Q2 consumer data. Unveiled data, collected from April 2023 through June 2023, on brides’ wedding preparations and choices, including the statistics and key highlights revealing:

  • Sustainable Options on the Rise: Data shows that 42% of brides are now considering eco-friendly options for their wedding, showing the importance of environmental responsibility in the wedding industry.
  • Versatility in Bridal Attire: 83% of brides are choosing to wear one dress for both the ceremony and reception, with brides opting for versatile gowns that can seamlessly transition.
  • Timeless Elegance: 86% of brides selected all-white wedding gowns over prints or hints of color.
  • Uniqueness in Gown Selection: Data also showed that 86% of brides chose a wedding gown that they would not re-wear, highlighting the significance of finding a truly special gown.
  • Bachelorette Celebrations in All-White: The survey indicated that 67% of brides opted for all-white looks for their bachelorette parties.
  • Financial Responsibility: 65% of brides chose to pay upfront for services rather than opting for a “Buy Now, Pay Later” option, while a substantial 93% did not take out any loans.
  • Advanced Planning: The data revealed that 53% of brides purchased their wedding gown 11 months or more before their wedding day, and on average, tried on 4-7 dresses before finding “the one”.
  • Wardrobe Spending: 73% of brides spent $100 or less on their engagement announcement outfit, and 49% spent between $100 and $500 on their honeymoon wardrobe.

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View and download the full Q2  results on The Aisle Report here.


Black, Terracotta, and Eucalyptus were the top three most popular colors for Azazie’s bridesmaid dresses

black bridesmaid dressSHOP THE LOOK: AZAZIE BONDI

Terracotta bridesmaid dressSHOP THE LOOK: AZAZIE KIMBER

Eucalyptus bridesmaid dressSHOP THE LOOK: AZAZIE DEANDRA

Green bridesmaid dresses can effortlessly bring forth feelings of harmony and nature on the wedding day. From softer shades of green to dark and elegant emerald green tones, this versatile color is a beautiful choice for weddings year-round.

green bridesmaid dresses


Ruffle details, short reception dresses, and satin fabrics emerged as the most popular bridal trends, demonstrating the contemporary styles that brides are embracing for their special day.

ruffle wedding dressSHOP THE LOOK: AZAZIE AZUL

short reception dressesSHOP THE LOOK: AZAZIE LILLY

satin wedding dressSHOP THE LOOK:AZAZIE ARBOR

View and download the full Q2 results on The Aisle Report here.


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