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Azazie Available in 6 Countries!

Azazie has gone International! You can now shop for our dresses in your country's language and currency, whether you are in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, or Mexico. Check out which styles are most popular around the world!

United States

azazie kalea, bridesmaid dress, dusty blue Azazie Xena, bridal gowns, wedding dresses, diamond white Azazie Belladonna, mother of the bride dress, dress for mom, wedding guest, dark navy


Azazie Cora, bridesmaid dress, desert rose Azazie Devi, bridal gown, wedding dress, diamond white Azazie Dunja, mother of the bride dress, dress for mom, wedding guest, cabernet

United Kingdom

Azazie Davis, bridesmaid dress, champagne rose Azazie Alta, bridal gown, wedding dress, diamond white Azazie Ryne, mother of the bride dress, dress for mom, wedding guest, dusty rose


Azazie Lexis, bridesmaid dress, stretch satin, agave Azazie Judith, bridal gown, wedding dress, diamond white Azazie Snapdragon, mother of the bride dress, dress for mom, wedding guest, dark green


Azazie Imogène, Demoiselle, dusty rose, ROSE POUDRÉ d'Honneur Azazie Dolores, Les Robes de Mariée, bridal gowns, wedding dresses, IVOIRE Azazie Star, MAMAN ET ROBES DE CÉLÉBRATION, Les Robes de Mère, mother of the bride dress, dress for mom, wedding guest, steel grey, GRIS ACIER


Azazie Daphne, bridesmaid dresses, Vestidos de damas de honor, BORGOÑA, burgundy Azazie Nicola, wedding dresses, bridal gowns, Vestidos de Novia, classic champagne, CHAMPÁN CLÁSICO Azazie Gorrión, dresses for mom, mother of the bride, Vestidos para la mamá de la Novia, uva morado

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Introducing the Pnina Tornai for Azazie Bridesmaid Collection

Pnina Tornai for Azazie Logo with (R)

Pnina TornaiBig News! Azazie has partnered with couture bridal designer, Pnina Tornai, on her stunning debut bridesmaid collection! Pnina Tornai is praised for her modern and innovative designs, and has incorporated premium fabrics including lace, sequins, satin, velvet, and mikado into her new collection. Learn more about the inspiration behind this exclusive collaboration from Pnina herself:

Pnina Tornai Bridesmaid DressesVisit her instagram here: @pninatornai

1. What was your personal inspiration for the collection?

My calling is to inspire and empower women. I already do this with my brides and often with their families, but it was important to me to extend that to the special women in my brides’ lives and to have the opportunity to dress and connect with so many more wonderful women. My brides are my greatest inspiration, and designing bridesmaids dresses is another way for me to support them as well— by creating the perfect bridesmaids dresses to frame my bridal gowns. I have always advised my brides regarding their bridesmaids’ attire, but I wanted to bring something to the market that I felt was missing.

2. Why work with Azazie for this specific collection?

Azazie is a well-established and trusted brand in bridesmaids, and after meeting with the Azazie team I loved that they were full of energy and ready to embrace my vision and couture sensibility. I immediately connected with Azazie from a creative and marketing point of view, almost as if I was working with my own team. With Azazie’s enthusiasm and experience with bridesmaids dresses, I knew they would be able to help me turn my vision into reality. 

3. How does this new collection differ from your previous ones?

I’ve never designed bridesmaids dresses before!  I do come from a background of couture evening gowns, but there is definitely a difference, and I had to adapt myself to this new world of bridesmaids. The biggest difference for me was thinking about the interaction between the different dresses— I want to make sure that I am honoring the individuality of every woman in the bridal party while still creating a unified look that fits the bride’s vision and color scheme for her wedding day.

4. What is your favorite piece from the collection?

I wouldn’t say “favorite piece”, because with bridesmaids it is all about an assortment of variations on a theme. My favorite of those themes is a beautiful corded alençon lace, with which I created a one-shoulder gown and a cropped, off-the-shoulder top that can be paired with a fit-and-flare skirt or wide-leg pant. I love the lace styles because they create a beautiful backdrop for the bride, but also stand on their own as gorgeous dresses that can be worn to any special occasion. 

Pnina Tornai Signature Lace

Pnina Nude

"When I started working on my bridesmaid collection, I was so excited to play with all of Azazie's beautiful colors. The one color I felt was missing was my Pnina Nude-- a nude color that I love to wear myself and feel is a perfect, stunning neutral that flatters without drawing too much attention away from the bride. I always include gowns with nude linings under the white or ivory lace in all of my bridal collections, because I love the softness of nude, and I wanted to share that with my bridesmaids as well."

5. What fabrics/embellishments were used?

Coming from the world of couture, I have worked with every beautiful fabric that exists. Since I want my bridesmaids collection to carry the essence and spirit of my couture brand, I chose to create the dresses from beautiful stretch satin, flowy chiffon, elegant mikado, glittering sequins, and floral lace

6. What styles can we expect to see?

In every one of my couture bridal collections, I make sure to design a dress for every woman out there, from the traditional to the bold and daring. I made sure to do the same with my bridesmaids collection, because while the bridesmaids are there to support the bride, they deserve to feel fantastic in their dresses as well. I want my bridesmaids to feel that they’re wearing Pnina! I added my signature silhouettes, techniques, and details into this collection, to give a taste of the Pnina Bride experience to my beautiful bridesmaids… some of whom might be my future brides!

7. What inspired the colors/textures in this collection?

Stepping into the world of color was such an exciting experience for me since I have been living in 50 shades of white for so long! With bridesmaids, the sky is the limit with colors, and Azazie offers an amazing range of colors. I really enjoyed diving in and exploring an endless world of colors and shades. For my first shoot with Azazie, I chose colors like Black, Burgundy, Dark Navy, and Pnina Nude, because I personally feel that they create the most beautiful backdrops for my brides, but I really want to encourage my brides to choose the colors that feel right for them. I also wanted to offer a wide variety of textures and fabrics in similar colors, so that each bridesmaid could choose the fabric, as well as the style, that makes her feel most beautiful.

Pnina Tornai Bridesmaid Dresses

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 swatches, english rose, terracotta, burgundy, velvet, satin, chiffon

Guide to Picking the Perfect Prom Dress

prom dresses, purple and pink prom dresses, long prom dresses, ball gown, feminine prom, floral dresses prom dresses, purple and pink prom dresses, long prom dresses, ball gown, feminine prom prom dresses, long prom dresses, ball gowns, red and green prom dresses

High schoolers everywhere have been dreaming of a magical Prom! With the big night fast approaching, girls across the country are eager to find the perfect dress to make them feel special and beautiful. But with endless styles and colors to choose from, how are you ever going to find The One for you? 

No need to stress. We are here to help!


Color is the best way to express your personality through fashion. For an event like Prom, you want your dress to make an impression to show off the amazing person you are. While lighter, pastel shades may create a delicate, feminine appeal, the darker, bolder colors can give off a sexy, confident vibe. Add a little bit of spice to your look with sequins or patterns as well. No matter how you wish to express yourself, every color in prom fashion tells a different emotional story about an individual’s style and personality.

Here are some colors that are trending among Prom girls this year:

Vibrant Pink: A stunning hot pink like fuchsia or magenta is a sure way to make a glamorous statement on the dance floor. Pink is often associated with feminine, flirtatious personalities.

pink prom dress, A-line dress, off the shoulder dress, fuchsia, magenta pink prom dress, A-line dress, strapless dress, fuchsia, magenta


Enchanting Yellow: Illuminate the room in a sunny yellow. This happy color often expresses vivacity and optimism.

yellow prom dress, ball gown, sleeveless dress, lace, feminine, sunny yellow prom dress, A-line dress, sleeveless dress, lace, feminine, sunny

Royal Blue: This bold color is for the confident and sincere. It is a very popular color among prom girls, primarily because it is flattering on most skin tones and body types.

blue prom dress, royal blue, dark navy, A-line dress, sleeveless dress, long prom dress blue prom dress, royal blue, dark navy, mermaid dress, trumpet dress, sleeveless dress, long prom dress

Captivating Lilac: If you love pastels, lilac is the color of the year! This color is strongly connected to caring and nurturing personalities.

light purple prom dress, lilac, lavender, ball gown, sleeveless dress, long prom dress light purple prom dress, lilac, lavender, A-line dress, sleeveless dress, long prom dress

Dress Length

Another important decision when choosing a Prom dress is whether you want a short party dress or a long evening gown. Whichever you choose, it's most important that you feel both stylish and comfortable from beginning to end of the night.

Long dresses are the traditional, formal look for prom, ideal for creating the ever popular fairytale elegance. These dresses come in many styles, whether you are looking for a ball gown, a flowy A-line skirt, or a fitted mermaid silhouette.

light blue prom dress, sky blue, lace, A-line dress, sleeveless dress, long prom dress, floral prom dress

Short dresses have become more popular in recent years, and are easier to move around in when dancing. Since Prom usually occurs in the Spring, you may prefer to wear something to keep you cool in the warm weather. They also are great for showing off your legs!

purple prom dress, sparkly prom dress, sequins, glitter, skirt and halter top, mini dress, halter dress, short prom dress, floral prom dress, modern prom dress, cute prom dress

Flattering Style

Azazie Prom dresses come in all shapes and sizes, so no matter your body type, you can find the best fit for you! Here is a look at some of the variety we offer:

Mermaid Silhouette: If you have a curvy, hourglass-shaped body, the mermaid dress style is especially flattering. The fit-and-flare shape beautifully highlights your natural curves, shows off your gorgeous shoulders, and shows off those amazing arms. 

red prom dress, burgundy, mermaid dress, trumpet dress, sexy prom dress, strapless dress, long prom dress

Ball Gown: Ball gown silhouettes are a flattering look on a pear-shaped body type. The full skirt creates symmetry with broad shoulders, while the fitted bodice beautifully accentuates a small waist.

light blue prom dress, sky blue, lace, ball gown, sleeveless dress, long prom dress, floral prom dress

A-Line: The most popular dress style is the A-line gown, due to its emphasis on your natural waist and its elegant flowing skirt. The empire style is always a flattering silhouette.

colorful prom dress, watercolor dress, arty dress, A-line dress, sleeveless dress, long prom dress, floral prom dress

Open Back: Show some skin! Prom is the perfect opportunity to wear something you might not usually dare to. Highlight your figure with a striking open back that will make everyone turn to look.

sea green prom dress, gradient prom dress, mermaid dress, trumpet dress, sexy prom dress, strapless dress, long prom dress, strappy back dress, open back dress

Closing Words

We are so excited that Prom is coming up soon! From shopping for the flawless dress, to complimenting the look with glamorous jewelry, it's important to be prepared ahead of time. We hope our shopping guide will help you start taking steps toward your ideal Prom Night!

Check out to explore all the beautiful prom styles we have to offer so you can find your dream dress!

Azazie News: July Update

What’s new at Azazie? Here is a roundup of all the latest and most exciting updates from this month!

New Colors

new colors Eucalyptus and Mai Tai

Two new colors just launched in time for fall! These muted, romantic hues can be easily included in some of your favorite color palettes. Be sure to check out Eucalyptus and Mai Tai here.

Azazie’s Partnership with Afterpay


Buy your dress now, and pay for it later thanks to our recent partnership with Afterpay. Split your payments into four installments to help make our gowns even easier to afford! Learn more about it here.

Bridesmaid Mix + Match



Discover our most popular color and style combinations for your bridesmaids! Explore Mix-and-Match wedding ideas here.

IG Takeover with @livefreewarrior


This month, blogger Sara Quiriconi took over our instagram for a day. She shared lots of valuable tips and tricks to help lessen the stress around wedding planning. Check out our blog post and visit her instagram.

A New Bridal Favorite: Trixie

Trixie Wedding Dress, Bridal Gown

One of our newest bridal gowns shot to the top of the charts this month! The classic, A-line style is the perfect look for walking down the aisle. See the Trixie Wedding Dress.

Shapewear Launch


Smooth and enhance your beautiful figure in our recently launched shapewear. From compression bodysuits to backless bras, these undergarments ensure a stunning entrance down the aisle.