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Our Mission 

Azazie is on a mission to provide great quality, well-fit dresses for all body types.


Our Vision

At Azazie, we believe that everyone should own custom-made pieces that are of the highest quality and tailored for a perfect fit-all the while being affordable.

Exceptional Value

We’ve built a channel to surpass traditional retailers in terms of quality and affordability by excluding unnecessary middlemen and outsourcing the expertise of family-owned dressmakers.

Custom Fitted

All of our dresses – whether standard or custom-sized – are made to order, so you’ll know on your special day that the dress was made just for you.


We believe in the timelessness of artisan dressmaking, so we’ve partnered with experienced tailors who embody the beauty of handmade apparel, quality craftsmanship, and attention to detail.


We pride ourselves in being an environmentally and socially conscious brand. We also firmly uphold high industry-level standards for the wages and working conditions of our employees and partners

Our Values


We want our team members to do the right thing at all times and in all circumstances, whether or not anyone is watching.

We ❤ Our Customers

Our customers are the heart of Azazie, we’re all about bringing our customers into the dress design process.  We strive to make their experience the best one yet!


We’re a small and nimble team. If there’s something that needs to change, go forth and tackle it.

At Azazie…


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