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Throw a Try At Home Bridesmaid Dress Party

Trying on your bridesmaid dresses doesn’t have to be stressful with our sample dress program. It can be fun, especially if you mix in a bit of Champagne and your best girlfriends.The idea of behind our Sample Dress Program is that it’s supposed to relaxing. But, it can also be fun if you want it to. Here’s the perfect recipe for a simple Sample Dress party with your besties.

Step 1: Order dresses to try on at home.

Step 2: Gather your Bridesmaids! ( We suggest someone pick up champagne ????)

girlfriends-bridesmaidsStep 3: Set up the room with cute decorations and set the mood with girly music.

Put on this Playlist:

Marry You – Bruno Mars

Flawless – Beyonce

I Do – Colbie Calliat

Glamorous – Fergie

You’re the one that I Want – Grease


Play one of these movies:


My Big Fat Greek Wedding

The Wedding Singer

27 Dresses


Step 4: Take turns trying on dresses with your best girls. Put on a pretty pair of heels and put on a mini-fashion show for your girls.

Step 5: Discuss. Be honest with your friends about how you feel about the dress.

Step 6: Congrats on choosing your gorgeous bridesmaid gowns! Get your girls ready to order their dresses, check out our current turnaround time for dress orders!


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