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Hashtag for Your Wedding-Things to Consider

You know we are in the millennial age when the bride and groom have created their own hashtag for guests to share their wedding pictures via Instagram. And although this doesn’t replace a professional wedding photographer it is still sweet to get a look of your wedding through your guests’ point of view all in one place.

A study conducted by Wedding Paper Divas found that the average number of wedding photos shared by guests is 22. The most popular social media platform to share wedding photos was Facebook followed by Instagram and Twitter. Four in 10 recent wedding guests also reported that social media use was encouraged with a specific wedding hashtag provided.


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If you want in on this growing trend, there are some things to keep in mind about encouraging social media use at your wedding.


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When it comes to creating a wedding hashtag, do some research and search potential hashtags to make sure your wedding hashtag is unique. You don’t want to find your wedding pictures in the same bunch as someone else’s.

It mustn’t be confusing or consist of weird characters – only letters and numbers are allowed. Feel free to get creative while using a wedding related term.

In order to let your guests know of your wedding hashtag, you can get creative and make a sign to encourage photo sharing. If you’re worried not enough people will share, consider creating an easy and fun photo scavenger hunt for your guests.

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While this trend can be all fun and games there are some consequences to be wary of. Be prepared to see some unflattering wedding pictures whether it’s you with your eyes closed, awkward facial expressions or your drunken uncle on the dance floor.

Even though you create a unique hashtag first that doesn’t mean it’s yours. Other people can unknowingly use it which means their posts will be in the same bundle as your wedding pictures. The finders keepers rule doesn’t apply to hashtags.

If you’re a private person this wedding trend might not be for you as some of these pictures will inevitably be shared by a public account. You will have to come to terms with your intimate wedding pictures being accessible to everyone on the internet.

As with many wedding fads there is a countertrend. In the same survey by Wedding Paper Divas, 33% of recent wedding guests were asked not to use a mobile device during the wedding, while 65% guests agree that you should ask the bride and groom for permission before sharing their wedding pictures online. If you’re worried about privacy and social interaction among friends who aren’t so tech savvy asking family and friends to “unplug” is clearly a considerate request.

What do you think of the wedding hashtag trend? Let us know in the comment section below!

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