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The Azazie Process: Design to Production to Shipping

You spend hours looking for the perfect bridesmaid dress that fits the required theme, color scheme, and your own personal style for the wedding day! And when you finally find it, you get all excited and can’t wait for it to arrive!

Ever wonder what it takes to get that dress from design to production to when it finally arrives on your doorstep? We’re taking you behind the scenes of the Azazie process!


The Azazie process starts with trend research. “I look at what is currently selling well in our line and try to figure out why I think that is.  I look at couture runway shows for inspiration, to see what recurring themes I can pull out to get a sense of the trends for that season,” said Lindsey, our in-house designer. Other things like customer feedback of current designs and what customers feel like we are lacking are also taken into consideration. These designs are then sketched out. The old-fashioned way; pencil on paper.

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Customer Feedback

At Azazie, we highly value customer feedback. Therefore, after the initial sketches are done, we send out a survey that allows our newsletter subscribers to vote on their favorite styles! If you’re interested in participating, subscribe to our newsletter ici. The top styles are then used to create a “tech pack” which is put together by the designer and includes a sketch of the sample as well a breakdown of the sewing details. This helps our production warehouse turn the sketch into an actual garment.


Once the prototype of the dress gets approved, a first sample is sent for the fitting process. At Azazie, we value a consistent fit. All our dresses are put on live fit models in our design studio. Adjustments are made to the fit of the gown and then a revised sample is requested with the changes made. This process repeats until the fit is perfect and the gown is ready to be put online. Cue the credit card!


Once the dress is online, they’re available for purchase! All our dresses are made-to-order and currently (as of 6/9/2016) take about 3-4 weeks for production. After they’re made in our warehouse in China, they pass certain quality control inspections and are over to our offices in Mountain View where they’re then shipped out to you!

Keep in touch with the latest designs and news by subscribing to our newsletter ici. If you have any questions, about Azazie including dress styles, fit or ordering, please feel free to reach out to our wonderful team of Stylists. They are available Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM PST at (650)-422-2460, live chat, or email at [email protected]!

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