The Azazie Dress Fit

At Azazie, we are always working on improving our fit to make sure our dresses help you look your best on the big day. We’ve recently updated our fit and our fit now runs true to size.

Please keep in mind that it’s always better to take in a dress (for alterations) than hope that there’s enough fabric to let out.

Custom Size Dress

With our custom size dresses, there will not be any ease added anywhere in the dress.

For example, let’s say you are in between a size 4 and size 6 and order two samples dresses to see which one fits you better before ordering. Because you want to customize the length of your dress, you plan on ordering a custom dress and use the measurements of the size 6 dress. This will not work because the standard size 6 dress included ease in it and the custom dress measurements you are using will not include that ease.

Therefore, if you’re ordering a custom size dress, take the measurements snug by following our measuring guide. If you like a snug fit, then use those exact measurements. You can add 0.5 inch up to 1 inch for comfort up which is the maximum amount of ease to add. Please be aware adding 1 inch will result in a looser fit.

Standard Size Dress

All standard sizes, will now have added ease, in other words, we’re adding extra space in the dresses to help improve your comfort and movement. Regardless of the style of the dress, 1.5 inch ease will be added to the hips for sizes 16 and below. For sizes 18 and above, we’ll be adding 1.75 inch ease to the hip measurement.

Strapless fit

For our strapless dresses, the fit is snug in order to give you the support you need in the bust area. With strapless dresses, filling out the cups of the dress helps the gown to stay up. Therefore, there is no ease at the bust regardless of size. For sizes 16 and below, a 0.5 inch ease will be added at the waist. For sizes 18 and above, there will be 0.75 inch extra added to the waist. The ease added to these styles is minimal and mainly added for comfort and ease of movement.

Strap/Sleeve fit

For the rest of our styles that have straps or sleeves, the fit is true to size with some extra ease added to the bust. In these gowns for all sizes, the bust has 1 inch ease for comfort and movement. For sizes 16 and below, there will be a 0.5 inch ease at the waist. For sizes 18 and above, there will be 0.75 inch extra added to the waist.

Bra v. No Bra?

We work hard to make sure that you have support in our gowns without wearing a bra! We understand that this fit doesn’t work for everyone and that you may still prefer to wear a bra with your gown. Just be sure to measure yourself with the undergarments that you plan on wearing with the dress! If you prefer to wear your own bra with our dress, the gown will look better without the cups that come with the dress. The cups can be easily taken out by a seamstress or tailor!

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