Real #Azazie Wedding | Sarah + Kendall

petty-bernswedding-151_30357788338_o (1)Brides: Sarah (@Smpberns) & Kendall Berns (@bernstagrams)

Q : Comment vous et votre conjointe vous êtes-vous rencontrés, et comment avez-vous su que c'était lui ?

We met in Nashville, and our first date was at a rock climbing gym followed by pizza. We both knew immediately that we had found someone special!

Q: Comment vous a-t-elle proposé?

We had already discussed marriage in detail, and had started planning. I knew we both wanted to make it “official” so I surprised her with a ring while we were kayaking on our favorite lake.

Q : Qui était la plus nerveuse le grand jour ?

Neither of us were super nervous, just very excited and full of energy to share our love with all of our friends and family!


Q : Si vous pouviez revivre n'importe quel moment de votre mariage, quel serait-il ?

We had a “sweetheart” table at dinner, where we were able to overlook all of our guests enjoying dinner under the stringed lights and a setting sun. Our guests were laughing and having a great time.

Q : Célébrer votre grand jour signifie prendre de nombreuses décisions. Quelle a été votre partie préférée de l'expérience de planification ?

We enjoyed choosing which traditions we kept, and which we made our own. We really felt like our wedding weekend was a reflection of ourselves and exactly what we wanted!

Q : Qu'est-ce qui vous a inspiré pour choisir les couleurs/le thème de votre mariage ?

We chose dusty rose et sage green to match our outdoor summer environment.


Q : Comment avez-vous choisi le lieu de votre mariage ?

Since most guests were traveling from out of town, we wanted to show everyone why we love the Pacific Northwest. We chose an outdoor venue because it was right in town, and sat under huge evergreen trees with a ton of flowers.


Q : Pourquoi avez-vous choisi Azazie pour faire partie de votre journée spéciale ?

After looking endlessly for dresses, d'Azazie ended up having exactly what we needed without a huge price tag!

Q : Quelle a été votre partie préférée de votre expérience avec Azazie ?

Each of our bridesmaids were able to use the custom sizing services from Azazie and they all fit beautifully on the first try! Focus on what makes the two of you happy, and forget the rest.


Photos by Jenny Storment Photography

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