Real #Azazie Wedding | Liz + Steve

Liz and Steve had a super sweet ceremony filled with friends and loved ones at a beautiful castle-like museum. Despite taking a tumble during photos, Liz and Steve made beautiful memories that she loves to reminisce on whenever she can. Now that’s a tough bride! Check out her real wedding below ❤.

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Q : Vous et votre mari êtes si mignons ! Comment avez-vous su que votre conjoint(e) était celui-là ?

“I knew Steve was the one when he was willing to hang out with me at strange hours of the night. I worked overnights at a news station when we first met, so we’d regularly hang out at like 10:00 pm on a Tuesday.
He also agreed we should get a dog! He’d never had one before so it took some convincing. Sgt. Pepper, a French bulldog, is now two years old and cute as ever. We actually got engaged the night before we picked Sarge up!”

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Q : Qui était le plus nerveux lors de votre grand jour ?

“Probably Steve. Real talk, I had some mimosas so I was fine. I was excited yet surprisingly calm. My bridesmaids and I had an awesome, relaxing morning at the salon.”

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Q : Si vous pouviez revivre n'importe quel moment de votre mariage, lequel serait-ce ?

“Probably our vows. We both wrote our own so they were really special and personal. I’m a sucker for personal vows.”

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Q : Célébrer votre grand jour signifie prendre de nombreuses décisions. Quelle a été votre partie préférée de l'expérience de planification ?

“Definitely cake tasting! We had pumpkin and s’mores cupcakes. I still think about the marshmallow frosting. It was also cool to see all my DIY stuff become cohesive. I spent a ton of time making decorations and things. I love crafts so it didn’t feel like work at all. Seeing everything in its place at our ceremony and reception was so rewarding and awesome.”

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Q : Qu'est-ce qui vous a inspiré pour choisir les couleurs/le thème de votre mariage ?

“Steve and I met at a dive bar. So we were going for ‘elegant dive bar.’ Think of your favorite dive bar and imagine a wedding there. That’s what I was going for. Our reception was in a barn but I wanted to stay away from rustic. I’m naturally drawn to darker colors so I wanted to go with black, then paired it with sunflower yellow and cranberry to make it autumn-y. I loved how it turned out.”

Liz & Steve-376Bridesmaids Dresses: Nina, Haleigh, Lanette, Ginger, Iman, Hillary, Pierrette

Q: We’re so honored that we were a part of your special day! What made you choose Azazie?

“I wanted my bridesmaids to look and feel great. Azazie had so much variety so I let my girls choose whatever black chiffon dress they wanted. They all picked different ones and they looked amazing, yet cohesive. I hope since I chose black they will be able to re-wear their dresses someday!”

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Q : Comment avez-vous choisi le lieu de votre mariage ?

“I actually attended summer camps at our venue. It’s a living history museum. I have such fond memories of dressing up like a pioneer, writing with feather quills and playing games from that era. Our guests were able to walk around the museum before the ceremony so it was a win-win. There were some really great locations for photos on-site.”

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Q : Beaucoup de nos lectrices sont des futures mariées. Avez-vous des conseils pour ces charmantes dames?

“Don’t get hung up on the small details. No one will notice if you don’t have a welcome sign or ceremony programs or whatever. As long as your guests are fed and comfortable, the rest is just a bonus!
Make sure to drink water on your wedding day! Maybe one of your bridesmaids can be on water duty…forcing you to down some water throughout the day.
Take a few minutes, just you and your partner. Take it all in. Steve and I had a few minutes after our ceremony to just enjoy the moment. I highly recommend it!”

Liz & Steve-229Bridesmaids Dresses: Nina, Haleigh, Lanette, Ginger, Iman, Hillary, Pierrette

Q: We loved hearing all about your special day! Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

“Our photographers had us jog down a stone path for our video. They asked me if I thought I could do it in my dress (which had a massive skirt and train) and I enthusiastically said yes. I took off running and completely bit it. Fell hands first onto the path. I got a cut/blister on the top of my foot but I was otherwise unscathed. We both laughed it off and enjoyed the rest of the evening!”

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Photography: Leif Neilson

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