Real Azazie Wedding | Jasmine + Emmett

#MeetTheBrowns: Jasmine + Emmett had a glamorous wedding day surrounded by excitement and love! We love the chic colors they chose for their Hollywood glamour wedding. ? We can’t wait for you to see their special day!

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Q: What location did you pick to have your wedding and why did you choose this place?

“We chose to have our wedding in Norfolk, VA. We knew that we wanted it somewhere near the water! So without being right on the beach, during the hottest month of the year, we knew that having it at the Half Moone Cruise & Celebration Center would be a perfect and “cool” backdrop on the Elizabeth River. We wanted to have a perfect venue where we could get married inside but it seem like we were outside. The floor to ceiling windows in the Half Moone Cruise & Celebration Center were breathtaking and  for us. We spent most of our dating lives together in Norfolk because I went to school there, so it was a perfect place to express our love for each other and become one. It also brought back tons of memories for us both, which is always fun!”

Q: Did you have a particular theme or color scheme? Is there a story behind this color theme and why you chose it?

“When planning our wedding we knew that we wanted a color that would look good on ALL of us (as in the wedding party). We chose to have Spa because it reminded us so much of the beautiful ocean and I wanted something close to Tiffany Blue. The accent colors for the wedding were silver and a touch of pink. Our wedding theme was #MeetTheBrowns. Everyone always tells me how “Hollywood like and glamorous” I am so I knew I wanted a movie themed wedding. It made the day that much more fun. We even had a runway that lead into our reception area. It was literally a dream come true.”

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Q: What was the best/most memorable part of the day?

“There is really no one moment about our wedding that I can choose as the “best”. The day was truly “MAGICALLY GLAMOROUS”! We had an amazing day from start to finish. My husband and I even decided to go out after our wedding with our friends because we wanted to keep the celebration going! Everyone still talks about how fun our wedding was and how they have never been to a wedding like that before.”

Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids?

“I chose Azazie because I just “knew” that I wouldn’t be able to find a dress that would fit all of my girls body types. Not only were they anywhere between a size 0 and a size 18 they were all spread out as well from Georgia to Maryland. I knew that we wouldn’t be able to all get together to try on dresses and choose one either. The reviews were excellent from all of those who purchased these dresses before, but the color selection is like no other. I also loved the styles and the fact that they were very well made dresses for a great price.”

real, wedding, blue, turquoise, bridesmaids, bridal, party, inspo

Q: Any tips or advice for anyone getting married soon?

“Have the wedding YOU want! Make the most out of the day without going too over the top. Remember to have fun and focus solely on the love you and your future husband share together! No matter how much you stress about the cake being there 30 minutes late, or the DJ not playing the right song, all that matters is that love you both share at the end of the day.”

Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process? Why or why not?

“I had soooo much fun planning my wedding. I help plan events at my job, so it has always been something I enjoyed. I enjoyed it so much that my mom and I made almost everything for my wedding. From the save the dates, invitations, programs, centerpieces, and even our bouquets and boutonnieres, my mom and I really got a chance to show off our talents through my wedding. It also helped a lot with our budget, which is always a plus! :-)”

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Q: Where did you find/hear about Azazie?

“I found out about Azazie on Pinterest. Interesting enough, I started a Pinterest board for my wedding and then as I started adding to it more and more pins popped up. So one day looking for robes de demoiselle d'honneur the Azazie pin showed up so I scrolled through and saw the exact color I wanted and the perfect dress for any body type!! I knew it was meant to be!”

Q: Describe your wedding in one word.

“FUNTABULOUS -Fun, Fantastic and Fabulous ALL IN ONE! :-)”

real, wedding, blue, turquoise, bridesmaids, bridal, party, inspo

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

“To all of you beautiful future brides, have FUN planning your wedding and then have an even better time enjoying all of your hard work on your wedding day! I do not regret one thing about our special day. Things could not have been more perfect!”

Congratulations to the beautiful couple!! We loved sharing their beautiful day with all of you! Don’t forget, you can be apart of our Real Azazie Weddings too! Submit your special day ici!

All photos courtesy of Keith Cephus Photography.

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